Malik Shabazz Presents: The Strongest Version Of Yourself E-Book

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Preface, Table Of Contents & Chapter 1 – Accepting Yourself

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Chapter 6 – A Hard Heart

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If you are ever finding yourself lost, confused, not encouraged and not inspired to be the best you can, I have written an amazing book that helps motivate and inspires to help you become the best and “The Strongest Version Of Yourself.” I have also used many authentic hadiths and ayahs (verses) from the Qur’an to help show us that Allah SWT has shown us how to deal with whatever we are going through.

In the book, I cover a variety of different topics. Some of the topics I cover in the book are:

Accepting Your Blessings
The Past
Dealing With Negative People
A Hard Heart

And many other topics that you may be dealing with on a daily basis and may need answers for. I don’t think you’ll regret reading this book because it can be a life changer for you and help you see life in a very different but very positive perspective and help you overcome many things.

2 thoughts on “Malik Shabazz Presents: The Strongest Version Of Yourself E-Book

  1. I remember when this book was free, yet I still ended up paying for it because It was the realistic thing to do. I cant wait to finish it. Inshallah when I do, where do I forward my review?

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