Struggling To Find A Job?



Struggling to find a job? Don’t worry me too. For the past 2 years, I haven’t had a steady job. The current place I work for is on call and those calls are random and very few at times. I’ve tried every possible avenue. I’ve changed my resume three times, had people apply to different positions for me and even recommend me at their workplace but nothing. It seems, my full time job right now is to look for work and apply to various positions which i think I’d qualify for. My resume is filled with experience, from customer service and even managing and marketing a place for three years. You would think, a man who writes excellently on his statuses and blog posts would be employed and have such an easy time finding something. Not my case. I’ve applied to entry level jobs, basic customer service telemarketing jobs, retail jobs, warehouse jobs, you name it, I’ve probably applied for. As I take a deep breathe and try to relax, I just become overwhelmed with stress and do my best not to grieve over things that are not in my control.

No matter who I explain my situation to, they’ll offer me advice and some will even put me down and pin the blame on me, as if I haven’t made any effort and I am not doing anything to change my situation, even though that sounds extremely ridiculous. Like someone really doesn’t want to work, to earn a living, to provide for a future wife and give things to their kids that they never had, right? Sounds stupid, doesn’t?

Allah subhana wata’ala does say in the Qur’an:

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient.” [Surah Al Baqara – 2:155]

In this time, all I can be is patient, continue to make an effort and Insha’Allah (if Allah wills) my situation will change. If you are someone like me who is currently going through the same thing, be patient and know that Allah subhana wata’ala will not put you in a position in your life which you cannot handle. Be strong, become a better Muslim in this time, ask for forgiveness, give sadaqa (charity) from the little wealth you have and don’t give up. I know how hard it is and I know how much you just want to give up and not do it anymore but something is very close and it’ll come to you. Know that in this time of difficulty, Allah subhana wata’ala only tests those whom He loves and know, you are loved by the creator of the heavens and the earth.

Bad times don’t lasts forever and whatever you are going through, no matter the difficulty, the situation, it’ll be over soon. Only ask Allah subhana wata’ala to overcome and get through this situation and nobody else. The one in control of everything, will insha’Allah, give you everything when it is good for you and when the time is right.

Is This A Scam?

I remember waking up, September 11th, 2013. I rolled over to the side of my bed, picked up my phone and checked my email as I usually do every morning. That morning, I will never forget. I had received an email from a radio station in South Africa, named, “Voice Of The Cape.” I was thinking to myself, this is a scam. This is probably one of those people who send people the same thing, hoping to scam them and sucker them out of thousands of dollars. Out of curiosity, I read the entire email carefully and to my surprise, they wanted to interview me about an article that went viral on social media. I was still in disbelief and in shock that someone wants to give me a radio interview because of something I wrote. I couldn’t fathom that. It flew over my head. I was going back and forth thinking to myself, this can’t be possible. Is my article that good? Did people really like it that much, that someone from half way across the world, in Cape Town, South Africa out of all the places in the world, wants to interview me? I eventually settled down, emailed them back and agreed to it. It made my day and it still makes me happy till this day, Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah).

The point of writing this, is to let you know that your blessings come from the most unlikeliest places in the world. All you have to do is keep working hard, be genuine with what you do and never give up. Your opportunity will eventually come around. Greatness is destined based your determination and effort. You will fail a lot of times and you will succeed too but those who never give up, will claw and grind for what they believe in and will eventually reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

Watch the interview here:

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Perception, Confidence: Ugly Or Beautiful


Many times I come across people telling me, they think they are ugly. They aren’t beautiful or handsome enough to get married. No one in this world has the right whether to tell you if you are ugly or beautiful. If others tell you, you are ugly, know it is an opinion but if you tell yourself you are ugly, you end up believing it, then it becomes a fact to no one other than you.

This world is filled with beautiful individuals and even the most “ugliest” people are really beautiful, shining like stars because they have something you are missing and have been missing for a very, very, very, long time, which is confidence. Whenever an individual tells them they are ugly, they brush it off because they know an opinion will do nothing for them and a person’s perception of me, are just merely words, not facts. They go on with their day, full of confidence, believing in themselves, believing they’ve been created beautifully by the creator of the heavens and the earth. They never have a lack of belief because they believe confidently in themselves that Allah subhana wata’ala did not create an ugly person in this world. They wake up feeling beautiful and accepted by their own acceptance and they don’t long for the acceptance of others, as it will vanish, while accepting thyself is by far the most important thing.

What people who feel are ugly do, they long for the acceptance of others. They live off the compliments, making them feel beautiful. While those who have already accepted themselves, appreciate the person in the mirror and are not looking for compliments from others, asking to be accepted and being told, they are beautiful or handsome.

What people who feel are ugly need to do, is have firm belief that Allah subhana wata’ala created them beautifully and there has not been in error in their physical selves. They should not compare their beauty to someone else’s because little do they know, they may want something you have. Instead of longing for acceptance and being told they are beautiful, they need to tell themselves, they are beautiful. It is not egotistical, it is not being a narcissistic or stuck up, it is called confidence. You need to wake up and tell yourself, you are beautiful or handsome and that an opinion from someone else, especially negative, saying Im ugly, are just words that don’t reflect who I am as a person.

Beauty is not only in the physical but it is also about the person you are. So a person that may look beautiful or handsome from the outside, may actually be ugly on the inside, this may in fact, rot their appearance when they speak because of the lack of manners they carry. Instead of constantly working on your physical self, work on the inner part, so when you do become old, wrinkled, your personality will speak for you, which will emanate beauty from your soul and the words you speak.

Being beautiful or handsome is all about perception and the only persons perception that matters, is yours, so make sure it is a good one filled with confidence. You can paint your face on, get a plastic surgery, buy compliments and likes but if you don’t feel beautiful or handsome within yourself, those are only temporary feelings which will disappear. While accepting yourself, believing in yourself and being confident in how you were created will never disappear. It will only strengthen as you get old. Learn to accept yourself and be confident, it will change the world around you and help you feel better every single day, insha’Allah (if Allah wills).

A Personal Choice



Sometimes, you need to make a personal choice in order for your life to get better. You can hope, wish, dream, write things down but everything in life requires an effort from you in order to get things moving. You think you need permission from an individual in order to get your life straight. You think you need permission from an individual in order to chase your goals. You don’t need permission from anyone, you just need confidence and firm belief in Allah subhana wata’ala with a positive mind set that things can change.

We all aspire for change in our lives but it will always begin with a choice and an effort. Don’t allow others to make a choice that you will regret living with but make choices that will benefit you and never, ever, follow the crowd. Learn to stand out on your own. It’s mind boggling that people aspire to be like others when Allah subhana wata’ala created only one of you. The way I see it is, people influence you and you take what they’ve shared and turn into something. You don’t become like them and create more and more clones. Originality is so rare today, that when we come across someone who is original, they are labeled as weird and sometimes, people are weirdo’s.

Stop allowing others to dictate your life, your work place, your train of thought and be something of your own. Be who you want to be, as long as is within the limits and boundaries of Al-Islaam. Break barriers, don’t stay within them. You’ve been given intelligence that you don’t put to use because you are so afraid of the after effects that don’t even exist, then you wake up disgruntled with how life is going, only for you to do the same thing you hate to do everyday. What kind of life is that?

This is why, whatever you decide to do in life, make sure it is a choice you are willing to live with and if you can’t, then you’ll end up waking up with no purpose and no where to go. Be driven by passion, plan your day around your salah (prayers) and insha’Allah (if Allah wills) you will be successful. Success begins with a personal choice, so make sure it is you who is making the choices in your life and not someone who doesn’t care about you or wants you to work like a robot and be only driven by money. Money will always be there even after you are gone but you wont be, so do your best to live a memorable life. Do things that you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself. Take risks and most important of all, put Allah subhana wata’ala first then do whatever it is you’ve set out to do. Have a purpose, live out your vision and don’t let anyone stop you.

Pretending To Be Interested


A lot of us are looking to find the right spouse through the internet, from friends or even family members. We want to be set up with someone who will help us become better in every single way but many times, the people who we think are sincere and serious about marriage are really not and end up wasting our time, playing with our emotions and feelings. It becomes heart breaking, it leads to depression and it can potentially ruin things for someone who may come in the future with the right intentions because your impression left a scar on that individual, who doesn’t want to trust others.

If you are not serious about getting wanting to marry someone, stop wasting your time and their time. Your life may be boring, you may want to have an interesting conversation with someone to “see” where it goes but this may not be the intention of the person on the other end. People interpret things differently. So you may see a conversation going one way, while the other person see’s it another way. Your approach maybe friendly and mean something else but to them, your approach is everything they’ve ever wanted and is finally coming true.

We are at fault for expecting things that are not set in stone but you are also at fault for giving false hopes of talking about getting married and talking about a bright future. Your intentions may have been in the right place, Allah knows best but to seek someone just for your own enjoyment, to cure your boredom is evil and directly impacts a person negatively, while they hold onto these hopes of things becoming true, while you string them along and only want their comfort and entertainment.

Your actions lead people into depression which can be for a long time depending on how much they actually “loved you” and how much they believed it could be true. It is also true, everything is the decree of Allah subhana wata’ala but we are also responsible for our actions and how we display them to others. We are responsible for our speech whether it be true or false and responsible for the promises we make. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “Religion is sincerity.” [Muslim] So let us do our best to be sincere when we speak to others and not deceive them to cure our boredom, to enjoy ourselves while they continuously work to make things work. While they do ishtikhara (guidance salah) and you do not and you delay it, while they patiently wait for you to do it. If a person wants to do ishtikhara and is serious about you, there will be no excuses or “ill do it another day or when I have time”, it’ll happen A.S.A.P. because they cannot wait to see what Allah has written for them.

Many of us are grown adults and many of us want to wear the shoes of adults and get married but if you cannot be sincere or act mature and stand up for what you feel and believe, how could you possibly take care of someone else and fulfill the rights given to each other by Allah subhana wata’ala? We have to be careful because these are people’s feelings we are dealing with and what we say may or may not intend to do, can leave scars, so be careful as you would not like what you are doing to others done to you, your siblings or your children in the future.

It is impossible to be sincere all the time because we all make errors but we must check our intention before following that compass that may lead you to the right path. If you are seriously considering that person for marriage, take the right approach and speak to their wali (guardian) to make things halal (permissible.) If not, let them go so they can find someone right for them and if you are not serious about marriage, then don’t bother others who are seriously considering sharing their life with someone.


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Do I Write For Money? To Be Famous? To Be Praised?


Several times in my life, I’ve heard many people say that I write for money, to become famous, to pick up chicks or to be praised. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing for money because people pay for talent and skills but on the other hand, being praised for my writing cannot be done because it doesn’t come from me. Allah subhana wata’ala has blessed me with this talent so the person that should be praised in this is Allah subhana wata’ala.

I don’t write for recognition nor do I write to become famous. Im passionate about spreading positivity and helping others. I’ve written over 300 articles in less than 2 years on this blog and not once did I ask for a penny from someone. I’ve given away over 100 copies of my book. When someone emails me for advice, I picture myself in their position and how I’d handle it. Money is not my motivation. Recognition, being famous or being praised is not my motivation. I do this because I want good for others just as I want good for myself.

Money is infinite, while time is limited so I put an effort towards benefiting others. When you are in service to others and helping them, it is the most valuable currency there is because the feeling is irreplaceable, while money is replaceable. Im committed to wanting better for others despite someone thinking Im getting nothing in return. I know Allah’s rewards are greater than anything in this world so Im happy with that. I look towards the future and hope to change more people’s lives InshaAllah.

I will never stop because there is more work to be done. An expression, a smile, a positive change in attitude, confidence is something money cannot buy and it is Alhumdulilah what my talent offers the world. Im not a superhero, Im just a regular person who believes good can be accomplished with the talent we are blessed with. I don’t mean bad for others, I just hold a vision and view life is more than just what money can buy and how rich you can get. You can be rich but can’t buy happiness, while happiness can be taught and appreciated with the life, lessons and the people you’ve been given. Im for a better world, a better tomorrow so I hold onto positivity and am optimistic about absolutely everything.People say I get excited too quickly but I’d rather that then to be sad and disappointed quickly.

Life is the most beautiful thing we have been blessed with so why not smile more and appreciate life? We all are chasing the so called bigger things. Mansions, luxury cars, jewelry but these are actually the smaller things in life. The bigger things in life, we forget and that is ourselves. We become occupied with what the world will think of us and how they will praise us when we earn materialistic things while we are never happy. Im happy with my simple life and white t-shirts and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Im one of the most approachable people you’ll ever come across. Im sarcastic and my nephews and my entire family think Im weird but that is who I am. I’d rather offer people a memory of a smile and a laugh, instead of something bought off the shelves. The shelves are not filled with unique items but you, yourself are and what you offer others is something no individual can build and sell. Im just a regular person who has battled depression, overcame negativity and turns it all into gold, a lesson to make people’s lives better, Alhumdulilah. I could never thank Allah subhana wata’ala enough for everything He has given me. Everything the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) has taught us is the best of blueprints to living a happy and simple life.

No matter what happens in life, I don’t let things deter me away from my goals and spreading positivity because I know what it feels like to hear the negative things and how much it broke me down over the years. I used to write to escape a world that would hurt me but now I write for people like me or those who need a voice to remind them to keep going in life, that nothing is impossible and everything is within your capabilities as long as you believe in yourself. Allah subhana wata’ala will always help you find a way, as long as you help yourself while turning to Him. Im not an idle Muslim, I am just a Muslim living to the best of my abilities and tapping within my skills and abilities to help others in life. It may come with nothing like money, praise, awards, but it comes with happiness, relief and escape for others reading my work.

My name is Malik Shabazz. Well………. not really I keep my identity hidden like Batman but this is what I’m about and why I do what I do. This is for the sake of Allah subhana wata’ala and for you.

Should I Quit Being A Practicing Muslim?



People who are practicing see others who aren’t practicing Muslims but have everything going for them, so they consider not practicing. They have a secure job, wealth and seem to be happy while those who are practicing, seem to be struggling on a day-to-day basis, just trying to get by. If we look at Pharaoh and Musa (peace be upon him), you can see the status of two individuals. Musa (Peace be upon him) who worshipped Allah subhana wata’ala, called to tawheed (oneness of Allah) but didn’t have an abundance of wealth. While Pharaoh called to worshipping himself, challenged Allah subhana wata’ala and had an abundance of wealth. It goes to show, that wealth isn’t everything and just because you are wealthy doesn’t mean you are given a high rank in life. Perhaps Allah subhana wata’ala is testing you with your wealth. And just because you aren’t wealthy, doesn’t mean Allah subhana wata’ala doesn’t love you and your rank is much higher, while you worship Allah and turn to Him. No matter what your circumstance in life is, do your best to practice and don’t allow shaytaan to turn you away from the rememberance of Allah. A person with riches that doesn’t practice, is not rich due to the low level of eman (faith) but a person who practices and isn’t rich, is actually rich with eman (faith) which will weigh heavily on the scales on the day of judgement.

“They Are Just Haters, Always Judging Others”


It is easy to sit there and say “we are judging one another”,” you are a hater”, “only God can judge them”, “who are you to judge”, while people transgress in sin. Im not a perfect individual, I commit sins all the time, everyone in the world does but this isn’t to say, we shouldn’t stop one another from committing them. Instead, today, what we have are people that defend people who commit sins openly, they cheer them on, encourage them and tell them, people are “haters”. Why would an individual who understands the deen (religion) hate on another person who is committing minor or major sins which are being written down and then being taken in account for on the day of qiyama (judgment) in front of Allah subhana wata’ala?

We are actually not hating on you or being sheikhs, we actually care enough to tell you such and such is a sin and it is better if you leave it. Why would we waste our time, “hating” on something that is going to cause you harm? As Muslims, that doesn’t make sense, does it? Of course, there are real haters out there, who will want to bring you down, want to destroy what you’ve built but if a person is a true Muslim, they wouldn’t want that to happen. They will actually want you to succeed in this life and in the hereafter.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “Love for your brothers what you love for yourself.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

Then Muslims look at one another and then say, they are extremist Muslims because they carry these beliefs . Then we have people who say, they are modern Muslims because they carry these beliefs. We are just Muslims, under one banner, one unity. We want goodness for each other.

There will always be those who are harsh with their advice, lacking etiquette’s and understanding on how to advise, who will say, “it is better you take off your hijab if you dress like that.” or “it is better if you stop praying if you act like that” and even those who make takfeer, calling other Muslims disbelievers. This is not right the way to advise and approach a Muslim, rather we should advise as if we are in that position, advise for the sake of Allah subhana wata’ala and not wanting to score brownie points with women or men and being gentle with our tongues.

If an individual takes time out of their day to advise you, listen and don’t automatically think, they are “haters” when they are probably trying to prevent a sin from happening continuously, which you thought was permissible. Know your deen (religion) so it prevents you from acting out in certain ways, where you don’t have the thought “they are judging me.” We aren’t perfect believers and we never will be but through correcting one another through kindness, care and sincerity we can attain a bond and say, this individual is my brother or sister in Islam.

Will Marriage Solve My Problems?


Most people now-a-days are eager to married and begin their lives with their spouse to be. They imagine all the fun things they’ll do together, plan on having kids and going on vacations. How their spouse will encourage them to be better Muslims and even help them wake up for fajr salah, as it seems it is the most difficult to do for people. While in other cases, people are looking to get married for all the wrong reasons, hoping it “cures” them.

People often message me or email for advice and most instances, it is about wanting to get married to an individual (read When Do I know When I Am Ready To Get Married?). Most of the emails or messages pertain to them not being emotionally and mentally ready but are persistent on wanting to begin their lives with another individual. They believe, whatever on going problems they have, getting married will automatically solve all their problems and they will live happily ever after. Often, this is not the case as it turns for the worse and I usually get emails or messages like this:

“Brother, I made a huge mistake, they aren’t the right person for me. I thought getting married would solve all my problems but it didn’t, it made things worse. WHAT DO I DO??!?! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?”


“Brother, I was emotionally attached to someone else and I was unable to get married to them, so I decided to marry someone else but a few months after marriage, I don’t think they are right for me because I still have feelings for someone. I thought, being with them would make me forget about them but it hasn’t. I don’t love this person. I don’t have feelings either.”

Too many times, people plan on getting married because their lives are miserable, they have nothing going for them, they are lazy or because they see someone else getting married and desire it too. Only for them to be put in a position where it does not benefit them, doesn’t solve their problems but only worsens their situation, which escalates into something much bigger. People think, marriage is like the wave of a hand and everything that used to exist in their life will disappear. Your past, your pain, your emotionally distress, your depression and everything else. It is like taking a tylenol and your pain disappears within hours.

Do people not understand that marriage is a life time commitment? It involves someone else giving their life, their time, their feelings, all towards you because they want to love you and spend the rest of their life with you. They come to you with honest and sincere feelings, while you, come with a baggage full of your past, hope to dump it on them, only for you to pack your baggage again and move else where because unpacking wasn’t the right idea.

You have to understand, marriage involves you being more mentally ready, rather than being physically. Everyone is physically ready because we are all attracted to one another in different ways but if you are not mentally ready, dealing with so many things in your life, you will not be ready for marriage. You hope and think, this individual will “cure” you, will understand your problems, will solve them but they don’t, then what? You want to get up, walk away because it hasn’t solved a thing, rather made you feel worse because you weren’t mentally prepared. On the other side, the individual you married loves you, thought you were prepared to share your lives together, only to find out, you were there for other reasons, rather than just loving each other for the sake of Allah subhana wata’ala.

Before you ever decide to get married make sure you are mentally prepared and ready. You’ve learned to let go of your past and you are not depressed. There isn’t baggage coming with you. You hope this individual doesn’t solve your life’s troubles and problems. You aren’t doing this because you want to forget about someone you had feelings for. People work on their physically selves tirelessly, putting on make up, working out, being healthy but don’t work on letting go of their past. They don’t work on being better version of themselves, hoping their knight in shining armour or princess comes to rescue them of their woes and worries.

Remember, when you get married, it is not about you anymore, it is about the both of you. Sharing feelings and memories. Growing together and loving each other. Do so with the right intentions. Marrying for the sake of Allah subhana wata’ala and not marrying hoping someone will take your misery away, when they may not and only make you more miserable.

5 Types Of People You Need In Your Life


In my previous article, I discussed three types of people who can drain your life away and these types of people are unnecessary for your life. They will drag you away into a bottomless pit and leave you there. If you haven’t read it, insha’Allah (if Allah wills), you can read it here it:

In life, we look to surround ourselves with a supporting cast of people but not everyone is going to be supportive of you, your goals and your dreams. They would rather let you drift away from everything and not let you achieve nothing because they are more than likely under achievers who doubt the potential Allah subhana wata’ala has blessed them with.

We don’t know how long we are going to live and life can be short, so why not have these five types of people in your life? Wouldn’t you want them? So now, you are curious, aren’t you? Of course you are. Insha’Allah, I will list five types of people you need in your life. These people are essential and more important than flintstones vitamins in the 90’s.

1. Positive & Optimistic

It is absolutely essential, I mean important to have positive and optimistic people in your life. When you feel down about something or your day isn’t going how you thought, these individuals will bring you up, rather than tare you down. You will constantly see them with a smile on their face and importantly, they will remind you of the blessings you have been given in your life. If they are going through something, they will always say or more than likely say, “Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) everything is good.” They rarely complain about their life because they know whatever good happens is by the will of Allah subhana wata’ala and they see it as a blessing and whatever bad transpires in their life, they say Alhumdulilah and are patient.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “Amazing is the affair of the believer, verily all of his affairs are good and this is not for no one except the believer. If something of good or happiness befalls him he is grateful and that is good for him. If something of harm befalls him he is patient and that is good for him” [Shahih Muslim]

The believer, a Muslim is optimistic and is positive about things to come in their life and no matter how their day goes, they know good and bad is from Allah subhana wata’ala and nobody else.

2. Honest & Truthful

How many of us have had people lie to us only for us to get hurt or not see what we are able to achieve? Im sure, many of us have. They tell us all the nice things, fearing they will hurt us but they only hurt us even more because they couldn’t open up and tell us the truth. Honesty is important in a friendship or marriage because without it, you will not grow and the friendship or marriage will not grow.

Having honest individuals in your life is definitely a must have. Without honest people you will not grow to be the strongest version of yourself. These people no matter how close you are to them, they will tell you the truth because they want good for you. People who don’t want good for you a lot of times, will lie to you in your face, only for you to fall flat on your face. Hearing nice things about you is great, being praised sounds nice but if it doesn’t come with honesty, it isn’t the truth. Sometimes it’ll hurt, actually a lot of times it’ll hurt because we don’t believe what they are saying, thinking they are just “hating” but if we actually sit down and think about what they have said or advised, it made a lot of sense. A true friend will never lie to you if you ask for advice and a true friend will never lie to you, if they want you to grow. Being honest and truthful is apart of Al-Islam.

Allah subhanan wata’ala says in the Qur’an

“O you who believe! Be afraid of Allah, and be with those who are true (in word and deeds).” [al-Tawbah 9:119]

And also, The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “You must be truthful, for truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man will keep speaking the truth and striving to speak the truth until he will be recorded with Allah as a siddeeq (speaker of the truth). Beware of telling lies, for lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to Hellfire. A man will keep telling lies and striving to tell lies until he is recorded with Allah as a liar.” [Muslim]

Having truthful and honest people will keep you on the right track, while having someone lie to you will stunt your growth and will only enable you to see half or even maybe a quarter of your potential in life.

3. People Who See Potential In You

I am going to be honest here, not many people want you to achieve or accomplish your goals. They would rather see you fail or even take your spotlight with all the hard work you’ve put in. If you look through out history, it has happened to many people and the biggest lie you’ve ever been told is that, Thomas Edison invented many things, when in fact, he didn’t. He actually used people to invent things for him and then stole, then patent their inventions and then took credit for it.

People who love you for the sake of Allah subhana wata’ala, will tell you they see potential in you, rather than steal your inventions or ideas. They will encourage you that you are not a waste of life nor is your talent worthless but it will actually help the world. These individuals are not selfish (not many around) because it doesn’t benefit them in anyway. Of course, they could become rich off your ideas but how guilty would they feel? Not only that, they also fear Allah subhana wata’ala as they will have to answer to him.

When you help others in anything or even help them see their potential, you are being rewarded it.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “The people most beloved to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy, or to remove one of his troubles, or to forgive his debt, or to feed his hunger.” (Mu’jam Al-Awsat)

Being told you have potential and someone showing you your potential is one of the best feelings in the world.

4. Those Who Remind You Of Achieving Jannah (Heaven)

It is easy to be taken away from the remembrance Of Allah subhana wata’ala as we are occupied with many things through out the day. If it is not work, it is school, if it is not school, then it is video games, if it is not video games, then it is social media or something else.  No matter what, there is something going on in our lives that will take us away from the remembrance of Allah subhana wata’ala. Next thing you know, we end up missing all our salah (prayers) and end up regretting it.

Having someone around, whether a friend or a spouse reminding you how it is important to get close to Allah subhana wata’ala is by far the most important thing you’ll need in your life. While we are out chasing making ends meet, our spouse or friend is reminding us, we need to turn to the one who created you five times a day, in order to make your ends meet. They will encourage you to get closer to Allah subhana wata’ala, in order for you to be successful both in this life and in the hereafter. Having a spouse who does that will make you a winner because essentially, your spouse will become your best friend whether you want to believe it or not.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “A woman is married for four things: her wealth, her noble ancestry, her beauty and her religion. So win the religious woman; (otherwise) you will be a loser.” [Bukhari]

Your husband, who will be your best friend should also be of religious character because the ultimate goal is eventually jannah (heaven), so get there with them and marry someone like them or even have a friend that will remind you of it.

5. Those Who Respect You, Your Time & Love You

We all want to be respected, appreciated and loved for who we are. It is one of the best feelings in the world but how often do we get taken advantage of and get taken for grated? Quite often.

An individual who respects you, values your time and shows you that they love you, no matter what has occurred in your life will accept you as you are. They will not waste your time nor will they be afraid or shy to show you that they mean a lot to you and love you. Whether it is your brother in Al-Islam or sister in Al-Islam or even your wives in Al-Islam. They see you are apart of this beautiful ummah (nation) and we are all as one. We don’t oppress one another nor do we hate or rip off one another.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor. Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs; whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Resurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allah will screen him on the Day of Resurrection . ” [Bukhari]

He also said: “A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts enforce each other.” The Prophet then clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced (while saying that).” [Bukhari]

This particular individual, will always value you, your efforts and just see you as you are, a human. Skin tone nor disability separates one of us as we are all one ummah and will always be. It is what makes the religion of Al-Islam beautiful.

Now that you know what you need in your life and what you don’t need in your life, this will help you become the strongest version of yourself, insha’Allah (if Allah wills). I have also written a self-help ebook which covers many negative and positive topics like many articles on my page which will help you insha’Allah. It can be purchased here and you can read full reviews on the site.

Also, thank you – jazakAllah khair to everyone who shared their ideas with me, to make this article happen.

JazakAllah khair for reading and share it with others.