Hold Onto the Rope Of Allah & Remain Positive



There comes a point in your life where being positive is no longer an option. Where being positive, hoping for the best turns only to doubts. It’s only natural for someone to be doubtful after being patient for so long. All the things you’ve worked towards. All the things you were patient towards turns to doubts and nothing but doubts. Being positive for whatever it is no longer a part of you.

Then when you read Surah Yusuf, Prophet Yaqoob (Peace Be Upon Him) was tested for years when he had lost his son Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) due to his sons jealousy of Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him). He cried and cried but was strong and patient. He never lost hope that he would see his son one day. He continued to be patient and said as Allah subhana wata’ala reveals in the Qur’an: “patience is most fitting. And Allah is the one sought for help against that which you describe.” [12:19]

He also only complained about the loss of Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) to Allah subhana wata’ala only. He said: “I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah, and I know from Allah that which you do not know.” [12:86]

A point had come where the sons of Yaqoob (Peace Be Upon Him) had met their brother Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) and Yusuf said: ” Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father; he will become seeing.” [12:93]

When the brothers had brought it back to their father, he was happy because patience had prevailed. He had never lost hope and remained positive that Allah subhana wata’ala knows best. He said: ” Did I not tell you that I know from Allah that which you do not know?” [12:96]

In Surah Yusuf, we learn that through hardship comes ease and to always have faith in Allah subhana wata’ala, to hold onto the rope of Allah and never let go, no matter how hard things may get for you. When we are going through anything in our lives, we should turn to the Qur’an and sunnah and we should reflect on the verses when going through trials and hardships in our lives. One of the things Surah Yusuf tells us that a father remained patient and never lost faith in Allah subhana wata’ala, no matter how long it took for him to see his son.

Allah subhana wata’ala says about the Qur’an: “This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.” Surah Sad [38:29]


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The Coolness Of The Morning



I would like to share something personal with you all. I’ve been dwelling on this topic for a few days now and I’ve been going back and forth with it in my head. I didn’t want to write it because, I don’t want to seem as if I am a better Muslim than you all or I am showing off but I am writing this because after that morning, something inside of me has told me to write about my experience. Maybe it is the shaytaan that has prevented me from penning, well penning is not the right word but typing my feelings out. It’s still heavy on my chest and on my mind, kind of weighing me down and has only made me want to share my feelings or to say, experience. Here it is…..

I cried like a baby a few days ago. You are probably thinking, that’s it? You cried? You do know, just because you are a man doesn’t mean you can’t cry. Yes, I know but that’s not the reason why Im sharing this with you. Let me tell you…

I had finished my suhoor a few days ago and I was waiting for fajr salah to begin with the congregation at my local masjid. I made my way there through the coolness of the morning, walking quickly hoping I don’t miss a unit of prayer. Joining a brother of African American descent beside me, made me feel great as a Muslim because it shows unity and Islam is not only a religion for Arabs but Islam is a religion for all of mankind. Through out the salah, I kept saying to myself for some odd reason, his recitation is very beautiful how come I won’t cry? But every time he recited certain words which I understood, I got goosebumps and it would instantly hit me.

He had begun the second unit of prayer and Im still standing there, listening to the beautiful recitation of the Quran. As we came out of rukoo, stood up, the imam had started making duaa, as this is the qunoot which is sometimes recited at the times of affliction when the Muslim ummah is affected by a calamity. It was then my heart just shook, my body felt weak and the tears were falling from my eyes. As I write this, tears are forming in my eyes. I don’t speak arabic but a lot of the duaas which were recited, I knew the meanings of them, so it shook me even more. It made me cry even more. The tears were just forming, dripping down my face, while the brother beside me was crying too.

All that i’ve been through in my life. All that I have seen these past couple of weeks with the people of Palestine being afflicted hit me like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The tears just kept on coming down my face. Nothing could have prepared me for crying in front of a crowd of people but it wasn’t a crowd of people that I was crying in front of but it was Allah SWT, the creator of the heavens and the earth. Never in my life had I cried the way I had cried during the duaa in fajr salah. Everything in my life, which Allah SWT had tried me with I accepted knowing it was best for me but it hurt a lot. Sometimes, you can accept the things in your life that keep happening or the tragedies in the world, knowing it is the decree of Allah but deep down, you are hurt from everything.

After the salah had finished, I quickly wiped the last couple of tears off my face, recited Ayatul Kursi and walked out the masjid. A great deal of weight that was on my heart and my mind was removed. I felt so relieved but I was questioning myself as to why I cried? I still ask myself, why did I cry that morning in fajr salah? The only logical reason I could come up with is because Allah had softened my heart in order for me to cry. In order for His words from the Quran to soften my heart. A lot of us have hard hearts and no matter what we do, how we live our lives, we cannot cry but crying, especially in front of your creator, when making duaa or listening to the Quran or reciting it is a mercy from Allah because His words are supposed to change your life, make you a better person.

May Allah SWT softens all our hearts and does not harden our hearts through out our lives and when they are softened, they remain that way.


Appreciating The Qur’an & Du’aas (Supplications)


Ramadan is literally around the corner, depending where you are in the world. For some it is Saturday and for some Sunday. Many are anticipating a new month which introduces us to our version of “ The Hunger Games.” (Well, not really because you get killed in that movie/book from what I heard.) For several Ramadans, well for several years, my mother would always nag me to complete as many Qur’ans as possible. She would say “If you would finish it this many times this Ramadan I will give you double the money I give you on Eid.” I never finished it during Ramadan but my mother would still reward me and my siblings any way because of our efforts through out the month. As I got older and started recite the Qur’an in English, everything just made sense to me. It just flowed naturally and I understood every single word being read. I appreciated how Allah SWT spoke to me. As the scholars say or I believe I have heard someone say; “If you want to speak to Allah, make du’aa and if you want Allah to speak to you, read the Qur’an.” How true were those words? Anytime we wanted to speak to Allah, all you had to was supplicate and no matter how many times we sinned or slacked on our salah, Allah was granting our du’aas whether we knew it or not. Sometimes we would want our du’aas to be answered instantly and when Allah delayed them for a time being because He knows best, we would only increase in our du’aas and try to be even better Muslims. There is wisdom and knowledge in what He does, so we get closer to Him and that is our ultimate goal.

Whenever we are in sujood, making supplications, we should take our time. Don’t rush it, thinking I have things to do, I better go here and there. No, take your time in sujood and supplicate as long as possible. This is our time to speak to Allah directly. Use the duaas of the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them All) as these were the duaas that have been granted and used by our Messengers, then after, make duaa in our own language if you want, to pin point the details. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “The closest that a servant is to his Lord is when he is in prostration, so say a great deal of duaa then.” [Muslim] This is a time when your duaa is accepted so don’t hold back!

I’ve also noticed that when we read the Qur’an, if you’ve ever experienced this, you probably have. You open it reciting and within a few verses whatever problem you were going through that day or the day before, it is revealed right there in the verses. How beautiful is that? It just instantly grants you relief. You think to yourself, wow! I was just thinking of this or went through this yesterday and here it is in the Qur’an explaining to me how to handle that situation. Whether you know or it not, there is a reason why we stop at certain verses, close the Qur’an and read it the next day only to be relieved of a certain thought or problem we are going through.

This Ramadan, make du’aas and read your Qur’an patiently. Don’t rush through it. It isn’t a competition where you recite it and finish it as many times as you can to earn a reward from your parents or anyone else. Appreciate the words, every verse and do your best to understand them. If you have to read the English translation or whatever the language you speak to understand it, read it. It reveals the Qur’an in a completely different light and at times, bringing tears to your eyes, giving you goosebumps and relieving your worries. Anytime you’ve rushed through something in your life, you always felt weird about it after, especially a test. You reflect back on it a few minutes later saying, I should have spent more time on it, gave it more understanding and re-reading my answers. The Qur’an needs the same  application and appreciation. It may not be a test but is the answers for the tests in your life. Take your time to read it and go through it, doing your best to understand what you are reading. You’ll end up loving it and it will most likely become your favourite book in the world.

My 4 Keys To Happiness


4. The Gym

The feeling when you step into the gym and see all those weights, it’s probably one of the most beautiful feelings. You go into a whole different mindset when you step in there. Your mindset is onto your goals and everything that was in your head before you came to the gym is gone. Lifting those dumbbells, pressing that bar, squatting that weight as heavy as you can, feels so good! Pushing your body to the limit. To see what you got. Do you have the will to keep going even after that last rep took everything out of you? Are you going to complain, it’s too heavy? NO! You are going to go there and give EVERYTHING YOU GOT! Your heart is pumping, you are sweating, feeling great and everything just connects and clicks. I don’t think there are many things that can replace this feeling. The gym has you feeling great and looking great. Now, I know I have women that follow my blog and women, read carefully. Lifting weights does not make you big, bulky. Lifting weights and then eating a lot of food makes you big. Those muscular women got to that stage because their intake of calories and macronutrients went way over than what they were usually eating. Lets say for example, she ate 1200 calories a day and she increased that, she would obviously put on size. Lifting weights does not make you big. Eating garbage food, sitting on the couch, lifting the remote to change the channel makes you big. Be active!

3. A Healthy Lifestyle

People in my family like to call me grandpa with the discipline I have over what foods go into my body. Im not a junk food person. Im not a cake person. Im not even a person with a sweet tooth, considering my entire family has one. If I told you, I could eat junk food all day and I’d lose weight, you would say you are lying! but that is the truth, it happens to me. While my siblings will eat something sugary, I’ll be eating fruits. While they eat something high in trans fat, I’ll eat something in good fats, like an avocado, eggs or walnuts. The thing about a healthy lifestyle is, what you put into your body, is what you’ll get out of your body. I remember whenever I ate Popeyes, it taste good but the feeling after in your stomach is not worth it. You also have to understand, your body is an amanah (trust) on to you. Your body has rights over you so why not give it, its proper rights and treat it with goodness. If you want to feel good, eat the right foods and trust me, you’ll feel energetic, happy, positive all day long, insha’Allah! Eat that garbage and you are in for high and then a crash! Don’t take me the wrong way, I love burgers but I want my heart to feel great, so I eat it sometimes. My kids in the future, insha’Allah will hate me lol! Im not writing insha’Allah for them hating me, Im writing insha’Allah for having kids when I am married.

2. Tawakul (Trust) & Qadr (Decree)

Trust in who? Allah SWT! Whatever affairs are happening in your life, know it is from Allah SWT who has decreed this for you and believing in the decree without a doubt in your mind, without a thought of negativity puts all your worries to rest. The moment you start thinking of things going bad or negatively, you start to worry, you start to panic and where do those worries come from? The whispers of shaytaan. He makes you worry about your rizq (sustenance), he makes you worry about things out of your control, as it is says in Surah Al-Baqara: “Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality while Allah promises you forgiveness from him and bounty. And Allah is all encompassing and knowing” [2:268]

As long as you continue to make an effort in your life, remember that everything is the decree of Allah SWT. The progress you are making, nothing can go wrong . Only thing you’ll have everyday is a smile on your face because you’ve put your trust in the creator of the heavens and the earth.

1. Salah (Prayer)

This is my number 1 key to happiness. Now, I don’t know how anyone can live their life without salah. The moment you hear Allah-Hu Akbar (God Is The Greatest), no it doesn’t mean, someone is coming to kill you, it means Allah Is The Greatest, that is it. You fold your hands and stand attentively in the salah listening to the beautiful recitation of the Quran. I don’t know how many times I’ve stood in salah and my eyes would start watering, my heart would feel the words of the Quran. As soon as the imam recites something I understand, it’s really hard to hold back tears. Salah is vital organ for a believer. I can’t live without it and you shouldn’t either. No matter how much I may struggle at times, salah is something I will ALWAYS turn to in happiness and in sadness.

These are my 4 keys to happiness. Insha’Allah, you benefited from it and you learned something. JazakAllah khair for reading. Have any questions? Feel free to email me: mshabazz33@gmail.com

The Cure Is With Allah & How To Destroy A Taweez (Amulet)


*image of a broken cup, not a taweez lol I just needed an image of something broken, destroyed

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh (May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you)

Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim (In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful)

I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately with people once again looking for taweez (amulets) looking to do certain things for them. One of the craziest ones i’ve read so far was “how to write taweez at home to make a man love me and marry me.” The sad part is, these things do happen in our society. From what I know, it is often at times their own family members who are afflicting other family members or the extended part of the family with sihr (magic). This due to jealousy or hatred amongst one another. It could be that you’ve married someone and your parents are not happy with that individual so they go and seek the aid of a magician to break the marriage up. It could also be you’ve been rejected by someone who does not want to marry you, so someone finds a way to afflict them with sihr and making them fall in love with them by force. This is truly, indeed the reality of it. If you look into my Ruqya, Sihr, Ayn category, there is information in there for its cure. I don’t have the cure for what you are going through. Another person does not have the cure either. The cure is with Allah SWT. This is what you call tawakkul, putting your trust in no other than the Creator of the heavens and the earth. You could go to as many people as you like for a cure but it must begin with you trusting Allah SWT. It must begin with you praying your salah. It must begin with you reading the Quran. It must begin with you knowing the supplications. It must begin with you minimizing your sins. The most hottest and most popular trend today amongst the teens, youth, is hookah, shisha, flavoured smoking. As they’ve come to the popular belief it is not harmful to your body so it is not haram. You are causing your body harm, so you are causing yourself to pile up sins. Your body is an amanah (trust) to you from Allah SWT, it is also has rights over you as well so give it, its rights.

Fatwa on shisha


No matter how many people come to defend taweez or disregard all the things I’ve posted in the category, there will be people who will not be able to accept the decree of Allah SWT, qadr. So they’ll look for ways to go around it by going to magicians. If they would come to find out the types of things these magicians have done in order to attain this power, they themselves would be disgusted, especially as Muslims. They disregard the Quran, throw Qurans in the toilets. Tare out pages from the Quran and write their own spells in it. They sleep in garbage and worship idols. These are the things which the shaytaan wants in return. In return, you also do not get jannah (heaven). These are the types of people you are going to see to “cure” your issues. Would you goto a doctor who is as filthy as this? No, you wouldn’t because you would know straight from going in, this doctor doesn’t seem right. His practices seem incorrect but people are so quick to jump on cures, they’ll take anything. Again, the CURE is from Allah SWT. Even when you take medicine, the cure is from Allah SWT, not the medicine. The foods you eat to keep you healthy is also from Allah SWT. Tomorrow you could be sick and this is also from Allah SWT. If you are afflicted with sihr it is extremely important you pray your salah. Do not neglect your salah. Yeah, we become lazy at times but do not neglect your salah, hold on to it. Read the Quran. Honey is a shifa from Allah SWT. He mentions honey as a cure in the Quran.

“And your Lord inspired the bees, saying: “Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect. (68) “Then, eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you).” There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying colour wherein is healing for men. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for people who think” [Surah al-Nahl 16:68-69]

Black seeds are also a cure. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “In the black seed is healing for every disease except death.”  [Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5364; Muslim, 2215.] Ajwa dates are also another cure, as this is narrated in a hadith. Olive oil is another cure, as this is a blessed tree, this is also in the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upoon Him) said: “He who eats seven Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.” (Sahih Bukhari: Vol 7, Book 65, Number 356)

Khalid Bin Saad narrates: “I came to Madina with Ghalib Bin Al Jabr. Ghalib became ill during the journey. Ibn Abi Ateeq came to see him and told a narration from Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) that the Prophet (pbuh) told about the cure in the black seed. We crushed a few black seeds and mixed it with olive oil and dropped in both nostrils, after which Ghalib became healthy.” (Ibn Maja, Bukhari)

The Quran and hadith show so many ways to cure your issues but you are looking for a quick fix. It is like going to the dollar store, attempting to buy a high end product but in a week or two it breaks because the quality of the item is not great. This is like the Quran. The Quran is the highest quality possible but you go for a quick fix only to hurt yourself and throw your money into the garbage.

I just needed to relay this information and as much as possible, insha’Allah. I do hope, a lot of people have gotten the idea of my long introduction on how to destroy a taweez. Once again, If someone asks for your MOTHERS NAME, they are a magician. If they ask for an article of clothing, hair or anything weird, they are a magician. The cure is in the Quran & Sunnah and nothing else. Words from the Quran, the recitation of the Quran.

Here are two videos which show you how to destroy it. If you did not read the information above and came quickly for the “cure” you are missing out on information that could help you or help someone else that may come to you with a problem or prevent someone from going to a magician. Insha’Allah, this helps. I’ve destroyed taweezs with these methods in these videos. Once again, put your trust in Allah SWT.



Dealing With Issues With Beautiful Patience


Whenever you are dealing with issues in your life, you never want to just push aside problems in life as if they don’t exist. That is being careless about your situation and those who are involved as well. There should always be as I’ve stated many times in my previous articles a proactive approach in bettering the current situation(s) you are in. Of course, some people have situations in their lives that they unsure of or they ask themselves, what could I have possibly done to be in a situation like this? Did I deserve it? That is one the underlining problems within ourselves that is doubting the decree, qadr of Allah SWT. When we constantly doubt the decree, when we perceive things as negative, whether it has to do with loss of health, loss of a job, death of a family member or friend, we surround ourselves not physically but mentally with these thoughts of negativity. Assuming the end of things but rather, it should be a reminder of the continuous blessings we have in our lives, in this current moment, the blessings we’ve had for all those years and the blessings still yet to come. It’s beautiful when you think of how Allah SWT revealed the story of Prophet Ayyub (Job) Peace Be Upon Him and his life was full of blessings. Had wealth, had kids, he had everything. This was on going for 80 years of his life and then eventually, his health started to decline. He had lost all of his wealth. He had lost his kids but he would say to himself how could I possibly be in a state of sadness, depression when it has only been 7 years of my life but I’ve received blessings of wealth, good health and children for 80 years. Sometimes we don’t concentrate on the blessings we had or have and still to come but instead, we look at the things we are currently losing or lost and just dwell on them when everything else we have or had has been beautiful. It’s beautiful patience, acceptance of life as it comes, while being proactive and being thankful for everything given and still to come.

Life will not always go in a direction you want but life is being in those critical moments being directed to a life that is better for you. We must constantly remind ourselves instead of putting ourselves in the state of mind where everything just seems so out of place. You ever tried working on a puzzle and each piece you’ve picked up in the beginning would simply not go in the right place? But as you kept trying, as you kept progressing, as you were correcting your errors, the pieces started to fall in the right place. Things are never easy in the beginning but it requires patience. It requires belief in Allah SWT and in yourself to overcome these obstacles in your way. We would ALL like life to pan out the way we’ve imagined or planned but it simply does not workout that way. Progress, consistency, accepting the decree and being patient through the issues in your life will make them easier to accept and will insha’Allah allow you to be happy with what is going on. Will help you comprehend that what is happening is better for me, rather than what I thought was better for me. Allah SWT will continue to guide you to better things as long as you remind yourself that Allah SWT has revealed in Surah Al-Baqara: “O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.

Be patient and smile. It doesn’t hurt to crack a smile. Work at what you want but know what it is you need is being planned and has been planned before you were born. Allah SWT IS the BEST of planners, so nothing that will come your way is because He wants your destruction. Rather He wants you to come closer to Him and succeed.

How To Fight Your Battles: Press Play



We constantly battle ourselves everyday of our simple or busy lives. Our battles lie within several tunnels within our mind, within our heart and our subconscious. At times it eats us away with every little bite taken, sucking out every bit of life out of you. The ones we deal with, we seem to think, it is irregular or because I am not normal because I think this way or feel this way. We constantly think of ourselves to be not of the norm. The problems we are facing in our lives seems to be only our problems and nobody can understand them. At times we say to ourselves, “nobody knows how I feel!” We let out a big sigh and we just want to escape this world through a matrix or live in a dream.

Our battles stem beyond a predisposition which in fact, we’ve injected into our own mind, allowing us to believe our problems will never go away. The battles we face are just terrifying or things we will never overcome never matter the advice given. No matter who is listening and no matter who is giving the advice. The sad fact is, we seem to be comfortable staying there as we’ve constantly embedded this thought of these battles never ending. Whether it has to do with our appearance, the jobs we have, the relationship issues we face with our family or our spouse. The battles seem terrifying to let go, so as the days, months, years go on, we are still in the same predicament. When I mean let go, I do not mean, end these relationships or get plastic surgery.

Rather I mean, be proactive in your battles. Face them head on and don’t look back. Our mind flutters with nervousness, with things that we have not even faced. We are so consumed with the future, that our present is road blocks after road blocks after road blocks preventing the future from happening. I like to say, life does not pause for you so press play on life.

You see, when we have these battles, nothing in our lives remains the same. You know this and I know this. Our smile turns into this big ugly frown. The bags under our eyes have formed because of the tears and the lack of sleep. The relationship between you and your spouse has become distant, even with your parents.

If we were to really think about all this. All the problems we are going through. We would obviously like to put the blame on others. It makes us feel less guilty about the situations we are in. He did this, they did that, I explained, they won’t listen and it goes until the list never ends. When one blame gets countered, we come up with another just so we feel less guilty. This in fact is true. Regardless of the situations you are in or have been in, lets face it, the blame game is the most easiest one to play because it makes us feel as if we are the victims. You may be in fact the victim but you have played a role in becoming the victim in the first place. Knowingly or unknowingly we’ve put ourselves there because of either a lack of communication between family members, between your spouse. When it comes to appearance we constantly compare ourselves to others and this brings down our self-esteem. We are not content with the way we look. We are not content with how our lips, nose, eyes, hands or something we have been blessed with, while it has been taken away from another, we are unhappy with.

The first step in facing our battles is facing them every single day our lives. No matter what it takes. No matter what is in your way. No matter even if takes you to lift up a car as if you are the Incredible Hulk and toss it, you have to be proactive in overcoming your battles. Life is about being proactive. It just doesn’t simply happen. Allah SWT says in the Quran and this should be a reminder for all of us. In Surah Ar’Rad, Allah SWT says: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” How true is this verse in the Quran? We all have applied this verse every single day our of lives. You may ask, how? I don’t understand, how? When you and I are feeling hungry, what do we do? We change the condition of our hunger. When we are sleepy, what do we do? We change the condition our tired bodies and rest them. You may say, this is all too simple because it is applied through repetition, as it has become the norm for us.

You see, the solution to your battles is all so simple. You’ve probably answered; it is simple because I do it everyday. Did you read and hear yourself correctly? I do it everyday. It is because you’ve made the effort of attempting to change the condition of hunger, so you eat. It is because you’ve made the effort of attempting change the condition of your tired body, so you sleep. You now understand, it is all about application, for your brain to process what it needs to understand that YOU are in control. You cannot hesitate as you did not hesitate to eat or sleep, even though it is simple and it has become the norm.

In order to face your battles everyday, you must apply a solution and be proactive in finding if that solution will work. With your appearance, you must accept everything about you and also remember, there is someone else with less of the blessings you have but have accepted them and are happy. You can obviously change your weight but you must do it for the correct reasons and not be extreme in it either. You can become fit or whatever it is you want to be. Even the battles you have with your spouse or your family members, your parents, face them. Readily accept them, face them and address them. Most issues in life don’t get addressed because we are afraid to address them, which only sinks our ship of communication which we are supposed to use. We use it with our friends, our co-workers and even with strangers but we are afraid to voice ourselves to people we love. How odd is that?

Today, whatever the battles you face. You must apply a method, a solution, a plan in order to conquer them. The battles need to be addressed, they don’t need to pile up and then it is an odd battle but you have to outnumber them within your mind. Within your voice. Within your understanding that these battles are unnecessary and have only caused a great deal of stress in my life, which has put a short coming to me being successful in my marriage. With me being happy about my appearance. With me having a better relationship with my parents. With me just being happy with myself, no matter the circumstances in my life. You must begin this proactive life in order for you to live a life with happiness. With contentment, with an understanding that these battles are no longer a priority in your life. YOU are the priority in your life. Your happiness is the priority. Learn to accept yourself and everything around you, while being proactive in changing the conditions with a smile on your face. No, really, with a smile on your face. Acceptance is the first step, communicating is second, being proactive is the third and being happy completes it. Do your part, tie your camel and then leave the rest to Allah SWT.

Don’t doubt yourself because your ability is superior to what you’ve assumed about yourself all this time. There are only 3 words you need to know. I can, I will, I must. Apply these words and walk forward, through those doors and accomplish, break down what you’ve always feared, which are your battles in life. You’ve been capable all this time and you know you are capable. So go ahead, do it. Press play on life.

Age Is Just A Number


Today, another year of my life has passed me by. Some people would ask me, are you happy with your life? I would say yeah, I am alhumdulilah. Why wouldn’t I be? Life is so interesting. You plan towards so many things. You dream of so much in your life and where you want to be headed but you can plan and dream all you like, if Allah SWT has not decreed that for you, it will not happen.

In this now 26 years of my life, I’ve realized age is just a number. I’ve actually realized that quite a while ago. No matter how old people can be, it doesn’t define who they are and it never will. I say this quite a lot but it is your experiences that write your story, not your age. It is how hard you’ve fallen and come back, that define your character. People will attempt to define your life in so many ways but they only know a quarter of it while they look at it from the outside. They don’t know the battles you face on the daily. They don’t know the types of struggles you’ve encountered but are so quick to judge everything without looking deep inside of you.

Life can pass you by so quick and just as life passes by, people do to. Not everyone that you’ve hoped would stick around in your life to appreciate who you are, would be there. The people that do, something inevitable happens and they are gone to. Life works in a mysterious way and no matter how many books we read, no matter how many people we examine, we will never be able to figure out people and their intentions. A lot of times we come to ask why people come into our lives and what is their purpose? There is a deeper meaning to this and I’ve come to understand that Allah SWT has sent them there for a reason. Some are there to test your patience. Break that armour, that softness you have inside of you. Some are there so you can better their life, teach them lessons which you’ve learned and some are there for a purpose which we do not understand as of yet.

When people leave, in many cases, a part of you leaves with them. Human attachment on several different levels and the closer you are to them, the more it hurts to know it is time to let go. You can never prepare for these moments because your heart has become so soft towards this individual that you just yearn for them back in your life. When they do come back, it is as if everything that you’ve worked towards is finally here but I remind myself that Allah SWT is the best of planners. Sometimes it is best to let people go, rather than keeping them there without a purpose. There is so much wisdom as to why people come and go in our lives but we are so blind to see because we grown so attached. As the years go on, we come to realize this person was not the right individual for us. Sometimes you give so much of yourself to that person and no matter what, there is a lack of appreciation. There is a lack of confidence. There is a lack of trust. There is a lack of faith in Allah SWT.

I’ve noticed that shaytaan makes us fearful of what we have not even encountered yet. We come from so many different angles in our thoughts, it confuses us as to what we really want with our lives. The fear that is placed inside of us, especially of our rizq (sustenance) is the one we fear most. We’ve become so engrossed with wealth. We’ve become so engrossed in predicting everything that concerns with wealth that we often at times forget that Allah SWT has already decreed our wealth. Instead, we allow shaytaan to over power us and never go forward with life. For some people it is about degrees. For some people it is about culture and for some people it’s because their life never went a certain way, so others shouldn’t deserve the same. Fear will never allow you to live. Fear will never allow you to move. Fear will never allow you attain what may be intended for you. Why? Because you’ve allowed every doubt to turn into an excessive doubt, only for it to become your reality that you’ve accepted.

Life can be so easily lived but so hard to understand. Then when you come to think of all the “hard” things you’ve encountered, you’ve noticed you’ve become such a better person that is if you’ve allowed yourself to live to be better from the hardships. I often remind myself of the verses of the Quran whenever any hardship comes my way as it eases the difficulties which at times can be hard to comprehend.

With everything that has happened this year, I’ve accepted it all no matter the difficulty. No matter the trials in my life. These obstacles this year have only made me smile. Have only made me come closer to Allah SWT because in the end, when you leave everything behind. When the dust settles, nothing and nobody is coming with you except your deeds and the relationship you’ve created with Allah SWT. I’ve learned that with the experiences in my life, I only want to share with other people in hopes that these things don’t happen to others. My life is not rainbows. My life is not an everyday sunshine but Im proud of who I’ve become. Not an arrogant proud but a humble proud. I write so you can grasp an understanding of my life. The difficulties I’ve been through. You may read things and not find a single difficulty which I’ve written but I’ve lived it, so I write it. These writings are my experiences in life. It makes me who I am today.

Age is just a number. It is who you become that defines your life. Don’t let your age define who you are but let your experiences, your battles, your smile, define who you are. Age will never define a persons maturity or wisdom but how they’ve lived their life from those experiences, battles, will define it. Don’t only write your story but live to tell it for the betterment of others. Experiences are to be shared. Life is to be shared, which is why we get married and have kids.

At the end of this note, I can only smile with tears in my eyes and say, Alhumdulilah for everything that has happened.