Be The Director Of Your Movie, Your life


One of the biggest mistakes of my life has been realized too late. I do believe, I’ve taken a very long time to realize this. It’s been 28 years where I’ve only wanted people to rejoice in my happiness with me. To jump for joy with me when things went right and when things went wrong, I wanted them to share a shoulder. As we all know, life isn’t this way. People you think are close to you, wont rejoice in your happiness with you and those who you think would give you a shoulder when things went wrong are only bringing you down. That is far too unrealistic in this time, especially these days. It shows how far we are from Al-Islam and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him).

When you get people too involved in your personal life and matters, they feel the need to have a say in everything. They feel they have to direct your life according to their imagination. It is not their beliefs but imagination because they are not living as you. They end up draining life out of you because somethings you do are just not enough. As a matter of a fact, nothing you do will be enough. We all think certain individuals are there to bring us up, encourage us, and help us be grateful with the good things that come forth in our lives. But that doesn’t always happen. They always find a hole where they can hammer their nail of negativity in and kill your happiness, as this is from the whispers of shaytaan, and lack of faith and trust in Allah subhanawata’ala.

This is why, I keep my circle of friends, family, very small. Even then, people who are really close to you, if you notice, are destroying the goodness in your life. When a calamity happens, they worsen the situation by adding their own negativity to it. It’s very important to keep your personal matters and life to only those who you truly trust. Those individuals who emulate the lives of the companions of the Messenger of Allah. They are there for you in the time of need and bring positivity when something good happens for you and help you celebrate it. Not everyone needs to know the goodness that is happening in your life and what trial you are going through today. Keep your circle as small as possible. The smaller it is, the easier it is to toss out the ones that drag your life into a hole. The better your life remains and the happier you are. It will allow you to be the director of your movie, your life, instead of others attempting to direct it for you, only for them to potentially screw it up.

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Boxing Corner II: The Fight Of The Century & More


The Fight Of The Century has just passed and not everyone was pleased with the results. Most people… well, a majority of people have solely blamed Floyd Mayweather for the lack of action in the fight. What a lot of people fail to understand is that, Manny Pacquiao, was hyped to dethrone Floyd Mayweather. He was going to knock him out and as Manny said at the weigh-in: “My Lord will deliver him to me.”

What we seen on Saturday night was the same Floyd Mayweather we’ve been accustomed to for several years. The defensive genius of this era and the most accurate puncher of this era. Now, many people will dispute me and say, Floyd had cherry picked his way to the top and he never challenged himself but what happened Saturday night? The only challenge the public had been clamouring for was given a boxing lesson and Floyd walked away with probably the most easiest $200 million dollar payday of his career. All this accomplished in 36 minutes of boxing, which looked extremely easy to the viewers. Floyd had Manny missing and as I expected, Manny would lunge in and walk straight into straight right hands and check left hooks. It was not only Floyd’s ability to make Manny miss but it was also due to Manny’s inability to adapt and correct his mistakes which have been over shadowed by smoke and mirrors, Bob Arum’s ability to match his fighter perfectly against stationary fighters and Freddie Roach being glorified in the media as a top trainer.

Now, I wont take nothing away from Freddie Roach nor Manny Pacquiao but they expected Floyd to lose specific abilities that made him great. What they don’t realize is, Floyd has been boxing since a very young age and he didn’t rely solely on his athleticism like Roy Jones Jr did but he relied on his intelligence and how to out think his opponents. Floyd may not be as quick or as sharp as he once was but, it was his mind that kept him in the game for so long that kept him from taking minimal punishment from his opponents.

Casual fans called it running. Casual fans called it hugging and so did Pacquiao fans but die hard, hardcore boxing fans, who know the sweet science, who know it takes more than just one punch power to win the fight, called it brilliant and a lesson that was being taught to the 4 to 4.5 million projected to watching the fight on PPV. We appreciate the sport of boxing and know, it takes more than one punch and speed to win fights, that’s why we enjoyed watching the fight Saturday night.

With Floyd’s legacy pretty much sealed, soon to be hall of famer and likely ranked with the greatest boxers of all time, there is only one fight left in Floyd’s illustrious career. Fans can nitpick at his resume, say he cherry picked his way to the top, call him a chicken or coward but they’ll never see a fighter that is as brilliant and accurate as Floyd Mayweather Jr again. You may not like him due to personal reasons, due to his image in the media but myself, I watch the boxer inside the ring to show and prove what he is about and Floyd has proven time and time again, why he is the best pound for pound boxer in this era.

Other Mentions:

Leo Santa Cruz once again fought an unknown fighter, who sells insurance for a living. Anyone surprised? Will this set him up against Abner Mares?

Amir Khan Vs Chris Algeri. Yet again, Khan expects a golden ticket to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr by fighting opponents who are either coming off losses, moving up in weight or just simply don’t belong in the ring as a warm up fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Another dull fight for Amir Khan since his knockout loss to Danny Garcia in 2010. When will Khan step up?

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Vs James Kirkland. If casual fans were bored with the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight, they need to tune in this Saturday on HBO to watch fighters who will likely emulate the Rocky movie.

Timothy Bradley Vs Jessie Vargas is set for June 27th. This is definitely going to set fireworks because Bradley and Vargas like to stand toe to toe and exchange punches.

Miguel Cotto Vs Daniel Geale. If you are expecting Cotto to ever fight Gennady Golovkin, don’t hold your breath because it isn’t ever happening. After Cotto beats, yes, beats Geale, expect Saul Alvarez Vs Miguel Cotto to happen.

Thank you for reading and see you next time in The Boxing Corner.

Why People Walk All Over You


We’ve all several times in our lives had people walk all over us and we think, what gives? What did we do wrong? So we sit there and think over things we possibly did wrong and cannot come up with a single thing, which obviously leaves us very confused. We are extremely nice, generous, sincere and then people take advantage of us, just wipe their feet all over us as if, we are a mat for the dirt on their shoes.

I’ll tell you why people walk all over you. It’s because you have given them each and every single opportunity to so they do it as often as possible. You are afraid of what they might say when you stand up for yourself. You are afraid of how they may react when you say no, so you never say a single thing, instead you follow their lead like a robot hoping to please them, when they’ll never be pleased by what you’ve done for them.

Don’t you think, if they were happy with you, they would appreciate what you’ve done, instead of taking advantage of you? Of course but that’s not how life and some people work. No matter what you could do for some individuals, they’ll only take as much as they can from you and leave you in the dirt, especially in times when you need them.

You need to stand up for yourself. You need to speak your mind and you need to say no when it is most fitting. When you say yes every single time, they know this person is easy, let me do whatever I want to them, so you end up getting hurt, putting yourself aside for their needs. You have to understand, you are also important and trying to please everyone in this whole world will never be possible and some people can never be pleased no matter how much effort and kindness shown to them.

Want to stop people from walking all over you? Learn to say no. Stand your ground. Speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to lose people like this because they do not add value to your life. Walk away when you have to and don’t be a candle that lights others but extinguishes yourself.

Struggling To Find A Job?



Struggling to find a job? Don’t worry me too. For the past 2 years, I haven’t had a steady job. The current place I work for is on call and those calls are random and very few at times. I’ve tried every possible avenue. I’ve changed my resume three times, had people apply to different positions for me and even recommend me at their workplace but nothing. It seems, my full time job right now is to look for work and apply to various positions which i think I’d qualify for. My resume is filled with experience, from customer service and even managing and marketing a place for three years. You would think, a man who writes excellently on his statuses and blog posts would be employed and have such an easy time finding something. Not my case. I’ve applied to entry level jobs, basic customer service telemarketing jobs, retail jobs, warehouse jobs, you name it, I’ve probably applied for. As I take a deep breathe and try to relax, I just become overwhelmed with stress and do my best not to grieve over things that are not in my control.

No matter who I explain my situation to, they’ll offer me advice and some will even put me down and pin the blame on me, as if I haven’t made any effort and I am not doing anything to change my situation, even though that sounds extremely ridiculous. Like someone really doesn’t want to work, to earn a living, to provide for a future wife and give things to their kids that they never had, right? Sounds stupid, doesn’t?

Allah subhana wata’ala does say in the Qur’an:

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient.” [Surah Al Baqara – 2:155]

In this time, all I can be is patient, continue to make an effort and Insha’Allah (if Allah wills) my situation will change. If you are someone like me who is currently going through the same thing, be patient and know that Allah subhana wata’ala will not put you in a position in your life which you cannot handle. Be strong, become a better Muslim in this time, ask for forgiveness, give sadaqa (charity) from the little wealth you have and don’t give up. I know how hard it is and I know how much you just want to give up and not do it anymore but something is very close and it’ll come to you. Know that in this time of difficulty, Allah subhana wata’ala only tests those whom He loves and know, you are loved by the creator of the heavens and the earth.

Bad times don’t lasts forever and whatever you are going through, no matter the difficulty, the situation, it’ll be over soon. Only ask Allah subhana wata’ala to overcome and get through this situation and nobody else. The one in control of everything, will insha’Allah, give you everything when it is good for you and when the time is right.

Do Something You Are Passionate About



Go do something you are passionate about. Who cares what others say. If you do things because you want to be accepted, people may never accept you for the rest of your life. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. In the end, it is about how you feel and what you think of yourself and not what others think of you. Your own happiness and self acceptance is more important than anything in this world. The world can turn you away all they want but if you accept yourself, know nothing else matters and nothing ever will. Just have tawakul (trust) in Allah and follow your heart.

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Is This A Scam?

I remember waking up, September 11th, 2013. I rolled over to the side of my bed, picked up my phone and checked my email as I usually do every morning. That morning, I will never forget. I had received an email from a radio station in South Africa, named, “Voice Of The Cape.” I was thinking to myself, this is a scam. This is probably one of those people who send people the same thing, hoping to scam them and sucker them out of thousands of dollars. Out of curiosity, I read the entire email carefully and to my surprise, they wanted to interview me about an article that went viral on social media. I was still in disbelief and in shock that someone wants to give me a radio interview because of something I wrote. I couldn’t fathom that. It flew over my head. I was going back and forth thinking to myself, this can’t be possible. Is my article that good? Did people really like it that much, that someone from half way across the world, in Cape Town, South Africa out of all the places in the world, wants to interview me? I eventually settled down, emailed them back and agreed to it. It made my day and it still makes me happy till this day, Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah).

The point of writing this, is to let you know that your blessings come from the most unlikeliest places in the world. All you have to do is keep working hard, be genuine with what you do and never give up. Your opportunity will eventually come around. Greatness is destined based your determination and effort. You will fail a lot of times and you will succeed too but those who never give up, will claw and grind for what they believe in and will eventually reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

Watch the interview here:

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Perception, Confidence: Ugly Or Beautiful


Many times I come across people telling me, they think they are ugly. They aren’t beautiful or handsome enough to get married. No one in this world has the right whether to tell you if you are ugly or beautiful. If others tell you, you are ugly, know it is an opinion but if you tell yourself you are ugly, you end up believing it, then it becomes a fact to no one other than you.

This world is filled with beautiful individuals and even the most “ugliest” people are really beautiful, shining like stars because they have something you are missing and have been missing for a very, very, very, long time, which is confidence. Whenever an individual tells them they are ugly, they brush it off because they know an opinion will do nothing for them and a person’s perception of me, are just merely words, not facts. They go on with their day, full of confidence, believing in themselves, believing they’ve been created beautifully by the creator of the heavens and the earth. They never have a lack of belief because they believe confidently in themselves that Allah subhana wata’ala did not create an ugly person in this world. They wake up feeling beautiful and accepted by their own acceptance and they don’t long for the acceptance of others, as it will vanish, while accepting thyself is by far the most important thing.

What people who feel are ugly do, they long for the acceptance of others. They live off the compliments, making them feel beautiful. While those who have already accepted themselves, appreciate the person in the mirror and are not looking for compliments from others, asking to be accepted and being told, they are beautiful or handsome.

What people who feel are ugly need to do, is have firm belief that Allah subhana wata’ala created them beautifully and there has not been in error in their physical selves. They should not compare their beauty to someone else’s because little do they know, they may want something you have. Instead of longing for acceptance and being told they are beautiful, they need to tell themselves, they are beautiful. It is not egotistical, it is not being a narcissistic or stuck up, it is called confidence. You need to wake up and tell yourself, you are beautiful or handsome and that an opinion from someone else, especially negative, saying Im ugly, are just words that don’t reflect who I am as a person.

Beauty is not only in the physical but it is also about the person you are. So a person that may look beautiful or handsome from the outside, may actually be ugly on the inside, this may in fact, rot their appearance when they speak because of the lack of manners they carry. Instead of constantly working on your physical self, work on the inner part, so when you do become old, wrinkled, your personality will speak for you, which will emanate beauty from your soul and the words you speak.

Being beautiful or handsome is all about perception and the only persons perception that matters, is yours, so make sure it is a good one filled with confidence. You can paint your face on, get a plastic surgery, buy compliments and likes but if you don’t feel beautiful or handsome within yourself, those are only temporary feelings which will disappear. While accepting yourself, believing in yourself and being confident in how you were created will never disappear. It will only strengthen as you get old. Learn to accept yourself and be confident, it will change the world around you and help you feel better every single day, insha’Allah (if Allah wills).

A Personal Choice



Sometimes, you need to make a personal choice in order for your life to get better. You can hope, wish, dream, write things down but everything in life requires an effort from you in order to get things moving. You think you need permission from an individual in order to get your life straight. You think you need permission from an individual in order to chase your goals. You don’t need permission from anyone, you just need confidence and firm belief in Allah subhana wata’ala with a positive mind set that things can change.

We all aspire for change in our lives but it will always begin with a choice and an effort. Don’t allow others to make a choice that you will regret living with but make choices that will benefit you and never, ever, follow the crowd. Learn to stand out on your own. It’s mind boggling that people aspire to be like others when Allah subhana wata’ala created only one of you. The way I see it is, people influence you and you take what they’ve shared and turn into something. You don’t become like them and create more and more clones. Originality is so rare today, that when we come across someone who is original, they are labeled as weird and sometimes, people are weirdo’s.

Stop allowing others to dictate your life, your work place, your train of thought and be something of your own. Be who you want to be, as long as is within the limits and boundaries of Al-Islaam. Break barriers, don’t stay within them. You’ve been given intelligence that you don’t put to use because you are so afraid of the after effects that don’t even exist, then you wake up disgruntled with how life is going, only for you to do the same thing you hate to do everyday. What kind of life is that?

This is why, whatever you decide to do in life, make sure it is a choice you are willing to live with and if you can’t, then you’ll end up waking up with no purpose and no where to go. Be driven by passion, plan your day around your salah (prayers) and insha’Allah (if Allah wills) you will be successful. Success begins with a personal choice, so make sure it is you who is making the choices in your life and not someone who doesn’t care about you or wants you to work like a robot and be only driven by money. Money will always be there even after you are gone but you wont be, so do your best to live a memorable life. Do things that you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself. Take risks and most important of all, put Allah subhana wata’ala first then do whatever it is you’ve set out to do. Have a purpose, live out your vision and don’t let anyone stop you.