In the book, I cover a variety of different topics. Some of the topics I cover in the book are:

Accepting Your Blessings
The Past
Dealing With Negative People
A Hard Heart
Choosing The Right Spouse

And many other topics that you may be dealing with on a daily basis and may need answers for. I don’t think you’ll regret reading this book because it can be a life changer for you and help you see life in a very different but very positive perspective and help you overcome many things.


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Book Review

After reading ‘The strongest version of yourself’ I realized that I could be doing much more to reach my full potential. I think it’s a really good book for anyone who is looking for motivation of any kind, particularly those of us who are limiting ourselves. It definitely made me think further about the things I could do to help achieve my goals, and definitely made me appreciate the life that Allah has bestowed upon me. I also appreciate the fact that the author took verses out of the Quran and elaborated on them to suit the chapter and assist in getting the point across.

Derya Keles – Melbourne, Australia


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5 Things Weightlifting/BodyBuilding Has Taught Me



1. Everything takes times.
No matter how bad you want something in life, no matter the type of shortcuts you decide to take, your life is going to take time to show your fruits of success. A flower does not sprout in a day and your body, no matter how much you eat, no matter how much protein you absorb, your muscles are going to take time to grow.

2. You must be determined and focused on your goal.
You will have days where you will feel lazy, where you don’t even want to get out of bed. You may be going through something horrible and just want to give up but if this is what you want and you want it as bad as you want to breathe, you will always make an effort and make no excuses to get that goal completed.

3. You must be disciplined.
There is no slacking off! There are no days where you give only 50%. Everyday, you must invest 100% of yourself into the gym, into life to be where you want to be. Paint a picture in your mind. Write your goal down and develop yourself into accepting and accomplishing it by sticking to it by any means necessary. If you are not disciplined, you will not get what you want because you have to keep working at it.

4. I am different from others.
I may see many people being successful with their physique, with their lifts, with their gains but this does not mean they are better than me, this means, they’ve just put in more time and dedication. I cannot make any excuses as to where I am today, instead, I need to put in the time and effort, just as they have. Some are blessed with good genetics and some aren’t but this doesn’t mean, I blame my genetics, I just have to work hard to be where I want to be. We all grow and develop differently.

5. No matter how tough your life can be, never give up!
Just as you struggle to push that 1-3 rep max, you must consistently work your life with the same effort and energy. There will be pressure and there will be so many times where your life becomes difficult, just as it is difficult to push that weight. Just as you are able to push through it, you will be able to push through life’s toughest moments! Everything in life, when it gets tough, is just like that bar, that weight you are trying your hardest to raise above you, to push out of the way. Take life for what it is, continue pushing and have the never give up attitude. Don’t ever let it crush you!

Set Your Kibr (Pride/Arrogance) Aside



I could never comprehend why some people think their culture or race is superior to others? Wouldn’t you think if your race or culture was superior compared to everyone else’s, you wouldn’t have to work a single day in your life and you would just lounge all day because you are the “chosen” people? You wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing because you are superior compared to everyone else because you are the “chosen” people? The reality is, you are not superior to anyone, so why are you so full of pride over your skin colour, race or traditions compared to everyone else’s? Do you not see that you live just like everyone else? That you turn for help to the creator like everyone else? That the creator made you nations and tribes so you may recognize one another? Isn’t that what Allah SWT says in the Surah Al-Hujurat? So where do you get this idea that your race, culture or traditions are better? Does a person’s skin colour matter more than their character? Seems so in people’s minds. Someone could have the worst of character but since their skin colour matches theirs or the language is the same, they seem to be better. How illogical is that? Do you not understand that thinking this way, while living in a diverse society makes you look like a fool? How closed minded can people be? They want you to accept them for their skin colour, traditions or race, while at the same time rejecting yours but when you don’t accept theirs, they scream racism and want to seek “justice” against your doing. Hypocritical!

Im fed up with how society treats minorities, when the same minorities are doing what the majority do to others. I thought we got past all the racism? I guess not. People still pride themselves over their skin colour, when x-rays show our bones are white, facts say, we are really the same. So why are you obsessed over your skin colour? Why are you obsessed with your culture? Why are you obsessed with your traditions? These things do make you different but reality is, we are really the same.

Doesn’t Allah say in Surah Al-Hajj

We created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop, then from a clinging clot, and then from a lump of flesh, formed and unformed – that We may show you. And We settle in the wombs whom We will for a specified term, then We bring you out as a child, and then [We develop you] that you may reach your [time of] maturity.

So please tell me, how you are superior to anyone else when you are formed and created the same? Then when you die, you are shrouded and buried the same.

Let go of your pride over your skin colour, culture and traditions. All it does is hurt you and especially your children the most. You are nothing but a soul in a body with an appointed time on this earth. Live it without pride and live with an open mind. It’ll make your life easier.

Why Are We Struggling To Get Married?



Why are we struggling to get married?

First, our parents put too many expectations on your spouse to be. They expect that individual to be of your origin and from your village. Then, the degree, wealth and career choice. It’s not common for parents to worry about deen because some how it isn’t important.

Second, our expectations. Beautiful, handsome, ethnicity, what type of degree and career choice. Sometimes I absolutely hear really stupid things. like “If they don’t have a degree, how can they have an intellectual conversation?” C’mon, bruh, really? Once again, It’s not common for us to worry about deen.

Want to make getting married easier? Make sure that individual is at least practicing Islam to the best of their ability. Anyone can wear a hijab. Anyone can grow a beard but it is the actions of the limbs and tongue that matter most. If they have that, then look at them. Are they attractive to you? Do you see what you like? OK good, if they do. Next, make sure you are compatible. You two get along. Can make each other laugh and smile. That individual is open minded and understanding. They have goals. Long term and short term.

Money? It is needed but not an excessive amount. Degrees? Cool if you have, cool if you don’t. If that individual doesn’t have deen, then you as a Muslim, they aren’t right for you. Deen is what will run the family and raise the kids. Without it, you are lost. You need that individual to be upon the Quran and Sunnah, not upon misguidance and innovations.

Easy as written? I wish! let’s make it easy then. As parents and spouses to be.

Don’t Be Discouraged


Feeling discouraged about your blog?


Well, stop!


If you are a writer on wordpress, tumblr, blogspot and whatever else exists, please don’t stop writing if a lot of people aren’t visiting your page or liking what you have written. It’s not about likes or a lot of visits but it is how many people are reading your stuff and how it is changing their lives and what they have learned. You have the power to change people’s lives through the words you have written on these pages. Your writing will evolve, people will come, read and learn. Don’t be discouraged because it’s not happening as fast as you want it to. Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth is in control of who actually comes to your page. People come because it is Allah that led them towards you. Just as people come into your life as lessons or blessings, people are coming to your page for the same reasons. Because you are a blessing for their struggles and a lesson for their struggles or whatever it may be.

Everything takes time and if it this is what you love to do, that is writing, keep going and write as often as you can. I suffer from writers block too, quite often actually but that has never stopped me from sitting here or walking around and then hours later i’ll come up with a topic. I’ll sit here, write something and delete it several times before I actually come up with something. A lot of times, I won’t even enjoy what I’ve written because I am my toughest critique but I still publish it either on WordPress or Facebook.

You are of benefit to others whether you know it or not. That 1 visitor that has read a certain topic on your blog has benefited from it, whether you know it or not. It has left an impression on their mind, their struggle, whatever it is they’ve come looking for. Just because they haven’t told you doesn’t mean you haven’t made an impact. Keep striving and keep writing.

You are changing someone’s life one day at a time. One visit at a time. Once again, it’s not about the amount of visits or likes your posts/entries receive but it is about how that post/entry has changed the person that has read it, in a positive way. Not everyone will agree with what you have written but don’t let that be a reason for you to stop or get intimidated by someone’s opinion. This blog is your world, so control it and write freely, passionately and with tons of positive energy. Even if you are writing something that has taken you years to speak about, write it but don’t expose your sins. Leave impressions on people in a positive way. Also, one important tip, use words everyone can understand. Anyone can use “big”, “fancy” words but if the reader does not understand them, then they are missing the essence. It’s not because they are dumber than you but it is because your words, your work, should reach as many people as possible, so use words that are common. Also, tag your work according to what you have written. Tagging is extremely crucial in reaching out to the viewers you actually want to reach out to.

Now, you’ve made your mark in the blogging world, continue with it. You’ve done what others aren’t courageous enough to do, that is to express themselves in a world where expression seems to be caged behind entertainment and being occupied with less resourceful things. Just tie your camel and leave the rest to Allah. Meaning, you’ve made the effort, now leave the rest to the creator of the heavens and the earth.

I hope this helps and encourages anyone that has not made their mark in the blogging world because they are afraid of what others think. Who cares what others think. Take control of your freedom and express yourself. Change someones life. Change your life by expressing what you’ve hidden inside for so long, that is a beautiful talent, a gift, a rizq (sustenance) Allah SWT has given to you.

Judging Those Striving For The Deen (Religion)



Before you judge others about how they are striving for the deen (religion) remember, you were at one point where they were too. You know the struggle, you know the effort every single day and your eman (faith) got better each and every single time. Instead of judging others how they are striving, look to give them a hand and support. You didn’t become pious over night, while you were spending most of your nights else where. You didn’t become pious through the day, while you were spending your day else where. Everyone starts some where, just as you did. Make it easy for others as you know how hard it was for you. Give sincere advice, not judgemental criticism. Encouraging them to strive, instead of saying, “It’s only a temporary thing” because those same words were probably uttered to you, while they didn’t know your intention and it hurt you bad. We are all one ummah (nation) so lets help each other get closer to the deen, instead of dragging them away from it, by being judgemental and negative. Just because your actions are pious, doesn’t mean your heart isn’t black with the things you say and think about others.

While You Cheer – They Cry



While you cheer and scream for your favourite team

There is a family screaming and crying losing their child who was their dream

While you raise a countries flag in support

The other country is fighting for existence and support

You cheer and celebrate a victory

While they cry and bury their memories

Innocent lives lost

While your team lives another day after a loss

One is eliminated but still exists

The other is being wiped out, removed with military assistance

True genocide being inflicted

Millions tune in to either celebrate or mourn a loss of their countries prides

While a mother or father cries holding in their arms their dead joy and pride

Genocide since 1946 and not a victory scored

A sport funded to keep you confused

You occupy your television sets

While the other is being occupied or instant death

Millions earned for entertainment value

Millions evicted and death for land value

No moral victory, just tears and misery

4 years till another world cup where your country tries again and may reign supreme

While a country hopes for peace and prays rockets don’t rain and ruin their dreams

Pawns Pretending To Be Kings



Your leaders are nothing but pawns on a chess board pretending to be kings
While the master players sits ruling over them all, moving as they say
Each move is for an investment and gain
Nothing more, nothing less
Blood is worthless
Death is worthless
While the dollar, gold, oil is all profitable
We are just an audience seeing tragedies happen daily
Attempting to speak to the pawns
The pawns get paid
While we cry for help and aid
Our entrance fee (taxes) is used to steal, murder and kidnap
Speak as loud as you like
Cry as much as you can
Intervention will only happen when an investment is gained
Until then, pay your entrance fee, watch as the show unfolds
Injury, death and blood for a land that was always free

Punishments Into A Blessing


Through out my life, I was never a school person. I honestly hated school, every minute of it. If you ask me what was my best memory of elementary? Probably beating up kids and then coming home to getting whooped by my mother. Anything school related, I hated! I would goto school only to cause trouble because I idolized Hulk Hogan who was being an “American hero” by giving atomic leg drops to his opponents while I was being a Cornell Jr Public school terror beating up kids.

I don’t recall a single time where a day would go by and my mother would answer the phone and my teachers telling her, “your son has not completed his homework or any of his assignments please speak to him.” Only for my mother to tell me “wait till you come, I am going to fix you!” only for me to come home pouting, ready to get another whooping because I was worried about when the day I would be able to play nintendo again and that would only be during school holidays instead of concentrating in school. My parents did the best they could in reminding my siblings and I, raising us that school was important but to me, school was just another miserable day, where recess was the best part of those 6 hours there. I never got suspended but got close to being suspended and even then, my mother whooped me.

I was a pretty bad kid. I was always up to no good. Either fighting at home or fighting at school but now-a-days, if that happens, they most likely give your child medication to calm him down. Pretty sad how big pharma will do anything to make an “honest” dollar to “cure” your child when all they needed was to grow. Homework was the last thing on my mind. I can’t recall how many times I had to stay in after school just to catch up, only for me to go home when I was lucky enough to not have a detention because the teachers got tired of me staying in and I would rush home to tune into Power Rangers at 3:30PM and other cartoons. I didn’t care about school, all I was about was having fun and I think that’s what most kids want to do anyway, right?

Eventually, middle school came around, I passed elementary, was never held back, Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) for that, passed the 7th grade and in the 8th grade, my teacher was Mr. Sweeney. The things you would hear about him in the 7th grade made you fear him. He was like the boogeyman in all of Tecumseh. If you were put into his class, you were more than likely going to be put into a miserable state through out the whole year.

Once again, the 8th grade consisted of me not completing assignments. Not doing projects. Not doing homework, which led to more calls to my mother and more whoopings when I came home. You would think, didn’t this guy ever learn? Not doing homework = butt whooped? My mother never got tired of it, I hope she did cause they hurt a lot and me, I just took them because I had no choice and if I fought back, IF is the big word, which I never did. I would get a whooping that would be even too graphic for the WWF, tag team style by my mother and father.

The process would repeat and this time, it was not me catching up after school but it was me writing pages and pages of essays as to why I never finished my homework or assignments and why I should do them. Did I learn for spending several days, almost the entire school year after school? Nope! But in those pages and pages and pages of essays, probably over hundreds was something I could never dream of.

It was a talent, a skill, being created that I never knew existed. Sometimes, we take the punishments, well, as punishments and not as blessings. Really, who takes them as blessings in the beginning? It’s “hurting” you or making you miserable but here I am today, several years later writing about topics that I could never think of touching. Over 60,000 people and growing in little over a year have read what I’ve written. Been featured on muslim websites and was interviewed by a radio station in South Africa. Hundreds of people have come to me for advice on how I could help them with their problems, simply because they’ve read something I’ve written and in those pieces are and will forever be pieces of me. Dozens of people have emailed me thanking me for helping them through a problem, which still boggles my mind today because I don’t think I did anything. I just helped you see you for who you really are, basically, your own potential that you missed.

Do I regret not paying attention more in school? Not a bit because If I did regret it, then this wouldn’t be the person I am today. This talent would never exist because I would be too busy whining, complaining, worrying about elementary and middle school where I took more butt whoopings than wolves pulling its master on the sled. I still remember, the day I wanted to be a journalist and someone said to me, “you can’t do it.” Wish they knew what they were doing when they said that because in those words, they sparked a mind that would be reaching thousands of people all over the world, over 160 countries, helping them and changing their lives for the better. I did not become a journalist but I have become someone who I have always wanted to become, that is a writer and that is who I am. From rap, to poetry, to motivational and moving words that changes a persons life one day at a time, alhumdulilah.

This is how I found my passion for writing. My love of my life. Well, not really but still a love. It helps me express myself in many ways and also teach lessons to people without them even knowing they are reading a part of my life that I went through or my thoughts that help them become the strongest version of themselves. It is not a brag article but an article that lets you know anything is possible, that sometimes or many times there are blessings in the “punishments” you receive and if anyone tells you anything negative, don’t ever believe it but grow to destroy that negativity as it should be motivation for you to achieve what they failed to believe in you. Don’t ever believe because you have a beard, wear a hijab, niqab, handicap or whatever it may be, that you can’t do something and your talent cannot help others. With the intelligence, brilliance you have been blessed with, do something with it. Change people’s lives. Change the world. It is within you and Allah has blessed with you with it so go for it and be who you always wanted to become.