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As I Get Older –


As I get older, I realize my time is ticking away and all the things I’ve always planned on doing is either never going to happen or I have to start putting my plans into action. Sometimes, I tell you, Im afraid of what others think or how others will react because Im a person who speaks my mind without any hesitation. But as I get older, I worry about that less because 20 or 30 years from now, I may not be capable of doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I may not be able to speak how I wanted to speak. I may not able to write how I wanted to write, so I stopped being afraid of what others will say. I stopped being afraid of how others will look at me.

I am not a follower of any man or woman, I just get inspired by their work ethic and I tell myself, I am just as capable as all of them. If they can do it, I can do it. In 20 or 30 years, my legs may not be under me, my eyes will not be able be as good, my brain may stop functioning and eventually, I may regret my life. That’s why, I’m more motivated to get my life to where it needs to be, rather than where others want me to be. Others are always trying to invest their own plans into you, so they live it through you, while they do nothing and you end up hating your life. Im done with all that. Im done hearing how others want me to do things, now it is my time. I may not have long to live but I know for a fact, that this is my life and I am a leader!

I know, I can help change the world and help change people’s lives because Allah Subhana wa t’ala, has blessed me with the ability to help others. I don’t care about a fancy car, I don’t care about lots of money, I don’t care about fame nor being celebrated or praised. I just want to help inspire people. Help change their lives. Help them understand that you are wasting away your life doing things you don’t really want to do. You are wasting away your life chasing money when it doesn’t bring true happiness. If you enjoy doing that, then by all means, you have the freedom to do so. 

I only have one life, so Im going to live it to the best of my abilities and do as I please and do what makes me happy, while doing my best to follow the Qur’an & Sunnah. Im going to take risk and I’m prepared for whatever failures will come with it because that’s life. Nothing is going to be how you planned but how you learn from those failures and continue going will lead you to being successful in whatever it may be. There is no delaying something until next year or next month, there is only time for now because tomorrow is not promised. Each moment is a new moment for me and you to create something that wasn’t there before, by the permission of Allah Subhana wa t’ala. This is my life and I believe my purpose is to help inspire, motivate and change people’s lives. Not because there is something in it for me but because there is so much in you that you fail to see and I want to help you all see that.




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Life Lessons II


I’d rather someone show me they love me through their actions, instead of the things they buy for me. I cannot be bought.

If you don’t pray your salah, your life will only become more difficult. In order to ease the pain and for your worries to go away, make your sujoods long, ask Allah SWT, give sadaqa and be patient. Allah is testing you because He loves you, so don’t become impatient with the answers for your duaas.

Teach people to value themselves instead of the value of things. Encourage them and motivate them to see the potential in themselves.

A beautiful face cannot make up for an ugly personality. If your personality is rotten, ugly, then you overall are ugly because it is your personality that will improve, while your face will not.

A lot of friends aren’t important nor are they better for you. Loyalty and truth is what matters in the end. You may have a lot but they only keep you company, never being there when you need. They are not your friends.

Lessons in your life should improve your character, mindset and only allow you to be the strongest version of yourself. If they do not, then you are not learning from the lessons in your life.

You can have everything in your life, you can make people laugh but if you are not happy, then you are a candle that lights others but extinguishes itself.

“Only in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” [Surah Ar-Ra’d]

Money is not everything nor having the best of everything. If you are happy with yourself and what you have, you’ll be the happiest person ever.

People don’t know your battles, won’t fight battles but are quick to judge your life and your efforts.

Everything is the will of Allah. No matter how bad you want something, no matter how much duaa you make, if it is not your time, it is not your time and Allah will only give it to you, when that time has arrived. This does not mean you stop making duaa but you are persistent with your actions and daily with your good deeds and your salah.

Be as you would like your future spouse to be, don’t expect them to be something you are not.

And lastly, be happy no matter what is going on in your life. Someone has it worse than you but can still wake up and appreciate what they have and smile, you can too.

Punishments Into A Blessing


Through out my life, I was never a school person. I honestly hated school, every minute of it. If you ask me what was my best memory of elementary? Probably beating up kids and then coming home to getting whooped by my mother. Anything school related, I hated! I would goto school only to cause trouble because I idolized Hulk Hogan who was being an “American hero” by giving atomic leg drops to his opponents while I was being a Cornell Jr Public school terror beating up kids.

I don’t recall a single time where a day would go by and my mother would answer the phone and my teachers telling her, “your son has not completed his homework or any of his assignments please speak to him.” Only for my mother to tell me “wait till you come, I am going to fix you!” only for me to come home pouting, ready to get another whooping because I was worried about when the day I would be able to play nintendo again and that would only be during school holidays instead of concentrating in school. My parents did the best they could in reminding my siblings and I, raising us that school was important but to me, school was just another miserable day, where recess was the best part of those 6 hours there. I never got suspended but got close to being suspended and even then, my mother whooped me.

I was a pretty bad kid. I was always up to no good. Either fighting at home or fighting at school but now-a-days, if that happens, they most likely give your child medication to calm him down. Pretty sad how big pharma will do anything to make an “honest” dollar to “cure” your child when all they needed was to grow. Homework was the last thing on my mind. I can’t recall how many times I had to stay in after school just to catch up, only for me to go home when I was lucky enough to not have a detention because the teachers got tired of me staying in and I would rush home to tune into Power Rangers at 3:30PM and other cartoons. I didn’t care about school, all I was about was having fun and I think that’s what most kids want to do anyway, right?

Eventually, middle school came around, I passed elementary, was never held back, Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) for that, passed the 7th grade and in the 8th grade, my teacher was Mr. Sweeney. The things you would hear about him in the 7th grade made you fear him. He was like the boogeyman in all of Tecumseh. If you were put into his class, you were more than likely going to be put into a miserable state through out the whole year.

Once again, the 8th grade consisted of me not completing assignments. Not doing projects. Not doing homework, which led to more calls to my mother and more whoopings when I came home. You would think, didn’t this guy ever learn? Not doing homework = butt whooped? My mother never got tired of it, I hope she did cause they hurt a lot and me, I just took them because I had no choice and if I fought back, IF is the big word, which I never did. I would get a whooping that would be even too graphic for the WWF, tag team style by my mother and father.

The process would repeat and this time, it was not me catching up after school but it was me writing pages and pages of essays as to why I never finished my homework or assignments and why I should do them. Did I learn for spending several days, almost the entire school year after school? Nope! But in those pages and pages and pages of essays, probably over hundreds was something I could never dream of.

It was a talent, a skill, being created that I never knew existed. Sometimes, we take the punishments, well, as punishments and not as blessings. Really, who takes them as blessings in the beginning? It’s “hurting” you or making you miserable but here I am today, several years later writing about topics that I could never think of touching. Over 60,000 people and growing in little over a year have read what I’ve written. Been featured on muslim websites and was interviewed by a radio station in South Africa. Hundreds of people have come to me for advice on how I could help them with their problems, simply because they’ve read something I’ve written and in those pieces are and will forever be pieces of me. Dozens of people have emailed me thanking me for helping them through a problem, which still boggles my mind today because I don’t think I did anything. I just helped you see you for who you really are, basically, your own potential that you missed.

Do I regret not paying attention more in school? Not a bit because If I did regret it, then this wouldn’t be the person I am today. This talent would never exist because I would be too busy whining, complaining, worrying about elementary and middle school where I took more butt whoopings than wolves pulling its master on the sled. I still remember, the day I wanted to be a journalist and someone said to me, “you can’t do it.” Wish they knew what they were doing when they said that because in those words, they sparked a mind that would be reaching thousands of people all over the world, over 160 countries, helping them and changing their lives for the better. I did not become a journalist but I have become someone who I have always wanted to become, that is a writer and that is who I am. From rap, to poetry, to motivational and moving words that changes a persons life one day at a time, alhumdulilah.

This is how I found my passion for writing. My love of my life. Well, not really but still a love. It helps me express myself in many ways and also teach lessons to people without them even knowing they are reading a part of my life that I went through or my thoughts that help them become the strongest version of themselves. It is not a brag article but an article that lets you know anything is possible, that sometimes or many times there are blessings in the “punishments” you receive and if anyone tells you anything negative, don’t ever believe it but grow to destroy that negativity as it should be motivation for you to achieve what they failed to believe in you. Don’t ever believe because you have a beard, wear a hijab, niqab, handicap or whatever it may be, that you can’t do something and your talent cannot help others. With the intelligence, brilliance you have been blessed with, do something with it. Change people’s lives. Change the world. It is within you and Allah has blessed with you with it so go for it and be who you always wanted to become.

The Power Of –


Many times after helping someone, weeks or months later I’ll receive an email or a message stating how much I’ve helped them overcome something in their life. I just sit back and think, did I really do anything? When I think of what I actually did, I just simply made you believe in yourself which is something you’ stopped doing for a very, very long time. All you needed was reassurance of who you are, what you can become and what you are capable of doing. I didn’t do anything except make you tap into your God given abilities that were hidden all along. I didn’t make you strong. I didn’t make you happy. I didn’t fight your fears. All I did was give you a few or hundreds of words of reassurance and you followed your heart with a strong belief all along. I am not capable of making you do anything. You are capable of all this yourself, with a little push of course.

A lot of times, we forget to look ourselves in the mirror. We often do look in it but we don’t look inside ourselves and see who we really are. Under all of this anger, depression, fear, heartbreak, lust, desires, there is a great person in there all along that has hidden themselves because you’ve allowed another individual to hold power over you. Behind those eyes and the tears falling, there is a strong individual that has allowed another individual to have power over you. You are what you think of yourself. If you think you are a scared individual, that is who you are. If you think you are not a strong individual, that is who you are. If you think you can never move on from your past, that is who you are. Don’t allow yourself to have a negative thought process that begins with a memory of something of the past, which has gone, just like the clothes that you outgrew. Each of those memories, especially a negative one prevents you from tapping into your God given abilities to be who you are supposed to become.

You, especially YOU, prevent yourself from moving on to seeing this potential. From revealing this beautiful gift, this soul, this life to the world and the people around you. That is YOU. I often say, so many people rely on you for happiness and how you make their day but you concentrate on those who suck your life dry, trying to make them happy and make their day, while they destroy your life. People appreciate you but you want to appreciate the one that will never appreciate you. Allah has given you everything in your life, the ability to think, reflect, intelligence, talent, skills, characteristics and so much more that others don’t have but you often forget those, while concentrating on another persons blessings which will never be yours.

You are the person who can make difference in your life by seeing what you have before you. By appreciating those around you and forgiving and moving on from those who hurt you. Who despise you. Who want to destroy your life. It takes strength to do it but believe, it is something you’ve been built with. Don’t say, I don’t have it in me. Don’t think you don’t have it in you but BELIEVE you have it in you. You are indeed a special individual who… no matter what you are going through today, you are going to blossom, grow out of this cocoon that you see yourself trapped in and become even more stronger, more beautiful than you’ve ever been just like that butterfly.

I cannot do anything for you, neither can others. We can only show you who you are, what you are capable of and what your abilities are, after that, it is your choice and a choice is powerful. So make the right one by believing all of this, especially this blessing you call life. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t regret it by allowing another individual to live it for you. You only have one, so protect it, value it, control it as much as possible and let Allah take care of the rest, smile, live, love and most important of all, love who you are and love who you will become. You are capable of anything you put your mind to, so don’t put your mind to those who pay you no mind and will never want to see you succeed. Allah will continue to bless you so accept this blessing called life and live it happily by identifying the person inside and knowing it is the person inside that counts and will measure up with time, while time will erase your looks. Be who you are supposed to become, don’t question it. Just follow your heart, do what you love to do every day of your life and become it. Break out of those cuffs that have you tied up and be free. You are capable of all this. Never stop believing and never stop believing in yourself. It’ll take you along way. Believe in yourself, be confident and let Allah do the rest for you.

Begin, today.

Be In Control



Never allow any individual to have power over you. Unless they created you and they move your limbs for you, they do not have power over you. Every individual is limited to how much power they have over you and that limit increases by how much power you give them by placing them significantly in your life. The more you rely on them for things, the more power you give them. The less you rely on them, the less power they have. Never become too reliant on people, so they are powerless on your ability to be happy or sad. Never place your happiness or sadness inside of people but keep the ability within yourself. If they are able to control your happiness or sadness, they have too much power over you, which you have given them.

You possess the strength, you possess the power. They do not. You are in control of who you are, they are not. You are in control of your daily actions, they are not. They do not move any part of your body for you, except when you agree to it, so know who is in control of the physical being, the reflection in the mirror and make sure it is you that is standing alone in the mirror without a reflection of any other individual.

Allah SWT has given us choices, so make power moves to move the insignificant figures in your life who seem to control every aspect of it by draining the life out of you and wanting to destroy it. Learn the power of distance and the learn the power of being the smaller individual in their eyes by taking the first step in forgiveness and distance, which will make you the bigger individual who has put ego aside. Be in control of the situations that have no power over you, when you in fact have the power to make the right decisions, that will lead you to a better place and having total control of the most important person. That is YOU!

Never Stop Believing In Your Dreams



No matter what it is you do in life, never stop believing in your dreams, EVER! Constantly stay optimistic for them to come true. Constantly pursue them. Wake up everyday and say to yourself, you will achieve it. Be dedicated and show commitment. If you are not committed to what you want to achieve, you’ll never in your life reach your goals. Dreams come true because of commitment. Dreams come true because of dedication. Dreams come true because you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. There will be days you want to give up. There will be days where the progress you made aren’t making the fruits of your labor. Everything takes time and everything happens at the right time, not because you think it is the right time. You need to put the time in in order for time to reveal your progress, which is leading towards your success, your dreams, your goals coming true. Don’t ever give up hope and no matter what people tell you, they don’t live your life, walk in your shoes and deal with the issues you deal with it. They are like window shoppers observing an item and critiquing. Hope, optimism, patience, commitment and dedication will lead to your dreams coming true. Don’t ever stop believing in them and yourself.

Random Thoughts – Pt 2



Know the value of yourself and never let anyone ever put a value on you. Never let anyone put a value on your success or how you succeed because they are just individuals who are looking in from the outside. They never know what it has taken to be successful and what it’ll take to be successful. You never have anything to prove to anyone except yourself. The competition that you seem to be in, is a competition with yourself. There are no competitors in this race except the mind which you’ll need to overcome when you doubt your ability and where you are going.

It is not about the instant results because they are less satisfying but the results that come from continuous work, a struggle, a hardship, will make you satisfied and proud. Know a hardship is building an efficient, strong minded individual who has endured an experience that has left the mind to grow and mature.

Anything given easy, anything that you didn’t work for, that was just handed to you, will make you lazy, comfortable and will leave you no desire to progress, except to be given more. Comfort is the destroyer of change, so never get too comfortable where you are and always look to where you want to be. The past is building blocks for the present situation you are in and the present itself, will build a future for you, the future you want as long as the belief that whatever comes your way is never perceived as negative to bring you down. To take you away from what you thought was yours.

Always work towards what you want and look to excel in it, no matter what it is. A positive mind, makes for a healthy body and a negative mind will slowly destroy your health and yourself, it will also never let you progress to where you should be in life. Always think positive, no matter the shortcomings in life, no matter the hardships in life. You are being led in a direction that will benefit your life in the near future but you must constantly remind yourself to be positive about what has missed you cause it was going to miss you regardless and what is meant for you, was always going to make its course towards you. This doesn’t mean, you live lifeless with no functions at all but be functional and be functional in a direction of change that you would want in your life. For a life that you will want for the betterment of not only for yourself but for your family as well.

What you think of yourself, is how other will receive you, so think good, be confident and insha’Allah you’ll be received well. Complain less and be thankful more. It’ll take stress off the mind and help you receive the blessings with the fullness they should be received in.

This is just some random thoughts for this evening which I’d thought I’d share with you. Thanks for reading. Insha’Allah, it helps.