You Can Walk Away


Learn to let go of negative people in your life. If the individual isn’t bringing you up but constantly putting you down, then they shouldn’t be apart of your life. Why be around people or be with someone who doesn’t help you grow but keep you depressed? Why be with someone who constantly takes advantage of you? Do you enjoy being a doormat? It doesn’t take much courage to walk away, it just takes you knowing you deserve better than what you are receiving now.

You may think, there isn’t someone better but the truth is, there is ALWAYS better. Stop thinking you don’t deserve it when you know, you do. Walk away, let go of misery and depression that comes packaged in a person. You weren’t created to be abused and misused but you were created to be loved for the sake ofAllah subhanahu wa ta’ala and grow with those individuals to be successful, to grow in eman (faith) and to insha’Allah, enter jannah.

I’ve learned to let go of those who put me down because they were doing me no good. Everyday, surrounded with people who would suck the energy out of me. Would call me worthless or would call me a bum. I knew, I was neither of those and I knew, they weren’t deserving of me. I’ve learned to go towards what I deserve in life. Everything is the decree of Allah but you have a choice whether you want to endure pain and hardship from people. People you choose to keep in your life. This is something you CAN make better, so don’t settle for the abuse nor settle for hearing cultural backlash. You are allowed to walk away despite what your culture thinks or what your parents think. They aren’t enduring abuse, you are.

Learn to walk away. There is never too late, there is just now. You are the now.

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Not Interested



If someone is not interested in you, please don’t continuously approach them using different reasons for them to like you. If they liked you, you wouldn’t have to explain who you are, they would just accept you. Every time you go ahead and make up different reasons or explaining why they should be with you, you look desperate every time.

There is no point investing your time, your heart, your sleepless nights wondering why they don’t want to be with you. You are worth more than explanations, reasons and justifications. If they abuse you, move on. If they broke your heart, move on. Stop leaving yourself open for them to take advantage of you because believe me, they will and you will allow them to because you are vulnerable thinking, they will finally love you, which they wont.

Now, if you want to continue going back to that individual, then that is your choice. You can get all the advice in the world and each person will tell you, “Stop doing that! Move on!” And you will more than likely agree but will continue to pursue that individual, this is desperation and you are not desperate for them. You can say it is difficult, I want to so bad but you keep deciding not to. You have given them too much power over you. You need to get a hold of yourself and find yourself going in the direction YOU WANT, which is BEST FOR YOU!

Protect your heart and find someone who is heavily interested in you, as you are to them. That way, you aren’t wasting your time nor are they wasting their time. Marriage can be established this way insha’Allah and you two can be together as often as you like.

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Letting Your Trapped Emotions Go


Sometimes an individual just wants you to listen to them, just so they can relieve the burden on their shoulders but at times, it is very difficult to do due to the way they have been raised and the way people around them have reacted to them when they did want someone to listen.

It can be said that you simply don’t know how to speak your mind but that is not the truth. It is just that you’ve been scared all your life because of the way your parents, siblings, uncles, family and friends have reacted in those moments, so you keep everything behind closed doors. You bottle it inside of you, letting it become a pain psychologically. Every time you get hurt, you keep it to yourself and it only builds through out the years of your life.

What happens when pain is not given its proper treatment? It only becomes intense and this is what happens every time you choose not to let your emotions go. It continuously builds over time and when it is let go, you are finally cured and your pain is gone.

Find someone or something to let these emotions, these feelings go. First place should always be in sujood (prostration) because the one who created you knows you better than those around you, so Allah subhana watallah should be first. Let your heart and soul go in that sujood. It’ll make you feel 100xs better than anything in your life. Then, if you wish, find someone who you are close to, who doesn’t judge you and will just listen to you.

Don’t be afraid to voice yourself. Voices trapped do nothing but hurt you, but a free voice can change the world and can change you.

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