What Inspires Me To Be Positive?


To be honest with you I really dislike having a negative state of mind. I always want to push in a direction which is more fitting for the mind, the body and the soul. I’ve also been through things in my life alhumduliah, which has allowed me to be a certain way, to be the person I am.  You know, things happen in your life and you can either stay the way you are, bitter, sad, depressed, worrying about what has gone and was not ever meant to be or you can move on and be with what is meant to be and know that Allah is controller of the affairs. When you become upset about things that aren’t in your control, because in reality, we do have choices in our lives but you also have a choice to progress with what you go through.  Some people don’t do nothing with their experiences, they stay in them believing everything that has happened was to harm them and people are only out to get them. People are not really in that sense. Many come as lessons to teach you about yourself and the character, the person you really are.  Some are there to test your patience, every aspect of it. Some are there to test your eman (faith) and would you be willing to sell yourself to the shaytan and doubt everything Allah has created,  so I never think that way, never negative. Allah has created us as very intelligent individuals and it is sad to see that we don’t see ourselves that way. We always look for others to reassure our skills and abilities. We always look for acceptance. Who is willing to accept me and my ability? My beauty? My car? My job? When all these things have been a gift to you but you have not yet discovered it and I do believe, we as people waste our potential on petty things. When you teach one person, you teach the masses. That person learns from you and teaches someone else, whether they consciously know it or not. It’s like a mother and the children. The mother, the parent, is one and the children are many but so many lessons are being taught from that single form of creation, which Allah has blessed with intelligence and experience. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and it’s has been the best form of expression for me. It has helped me a lot whenever I went through things. What you notice is people look at the results,  the instant results. What can I get instantly? But the long term effects are the results you really need. It’s like having a vegetable garden to feed your family and you want it to grow so quickly as soon as you plant those seeds but through the months or years or whatever it may be, it feeds more than just 1 family cause there are enough in that garden to go around. Those are results that matter. Of course, short term results are satisfying but if you always got them, what would be the point of even working your butt off? What would the point of always trying to challenge yourself? If the results came instantly, we would never see the potential we have. We would never grow or develop a solid experience from the struggles and hardships. I know many people will not agree with everything I’ve written or said whether in this piece or many other pieces. Some people may think I’ve lost my mind and some people will agree but that is the matter of your opinion. I am only here to share ideas, experiences, here to help you to be, as one of the people who inspire me says “the strongest version of yourselves.” This is what inspires me to be positive. Life is short and you’ve always been blessed compared to someone else. Someone below you, so why not be positive? What don’t you have? If you are alive today, reading this, doing many things, then you have no reason to have a negative state of mind no matter what has happened in your life thus far. Im sure the people who are dead, would agree with me because they no longer have a chance to taste, touch, feel, see while you do. Be positive, smile, it fixes the heart and makes it beat a bit slower and slows you down from thinking negatively.


What If Money Were No Object?


I remember when I was coming out of middle school and my 8th grade teacher made me write essays everyday after school for not completing my homework. I was a terrible child. All I did was bully kids and get into fights for no reason. School was the last thing on my mind because when I went home, all those calls home to my mom only entitled me to getting my butt whooped for not completing my assignments and getting into fights. Anything that had to do with school, I didn’t want to be apart of it but one thing that did capture my attention though was writing. After middle school and writing literally hundreds of essays, I loved writing.

You know those questions you get asked constantly either in elementary, middle school or high school, “what do you want to be?” Well in elementary I wanted to be Hulk Hogan. After getting into high school, my passion for writing was huge! I wanted to be a journalist but my life didn’t take that path. I was often told being a journalist, a writer, you wouldn’t make enough money. Or I was told, that is not a field for you because you aren’t fit for it.

Fast forward years later, I created a blog. On Facebook, Im constantly writing notes  or statuses that people enjoy and next thing you know, It has like 20 Likes from people I have never met or seen in my life, asides from the pictures they share. Or Im just giving my opinion, some advice on a page and it gets 77 Likes. My intention is never to write to become popular or to be recognized or praised. My intention and I say this, think this, write this without a second thought in mind is to help others. When I get emails or messages from people telling me that I have inspired them or I have motivated them, it really overwhelms me because I don’t expect these things, I really don’t. I write with my own beliefs in my mind, how I perceive and live my life. What I was taught by reading, experience, learning from others, what Islam says and I write it.

People say, “I hate my job! I hate waking up to this crap everyday of my life, listening to a boss or people who don’t appreciate me.” I guess this is what happens when you chase the money. When money becomes the reason why you do these jobs. No matter how brutal it is, no matter how boring it is, it is accepted because it is cash over sanity. I’ve played Alan Watts “What If Money Were No Object” several times this year and I thought to myself, what if money was no object, what would I really be doing?

I would be doing this. Writing! Inspiring others. Motivating others. I have been told several times that my nickname is “LC” as in “Life Coach” because I do tend to speak to people in an eager, motivating, no sugar coating way. I can easily charge a price for what I put out there but why do that when the reward for helping others and hearing or reading “you’ve motivated me” or “you’ve inspired me” or “you’ve helped me become a better person, I smile more” is much more rewarding than a piece of paper which I’d probably spend on food or video games. A piece of paper means nothing when the best rewards are from Allah SWT.

I used to think writing sucked or what I’d put my talent to, which was rapping was a curse. I remember a rapper said:

We make this chips off this gift

That we curse with

And then my mind drift

Am I defeating the purpose?

Now I realize, this is a blessing and Alhumdulilah (Praise be to Allah) for guiding me away from music and being able to use my talent to inspire, motivate and help others. If money were no object, I’d be a writer, a voice to help others overcome obstacles and self esteem issues. To be and know they are individuals that possess intelligence, gifts that can change the world and change themselves to live a life that Allah SWT did not burden any soul that it cannot bear.

What if money were no object? What would you be? What would you do? Write it in the comment section. Share it.