Divorcees Are Human Too

broken heart


People who are divorced are not some alien type creatures or have a flesh eating disease if you touch them. All too often you hear people say, “don’t marry them! they are divorced!” By far the most ignorant thing for people to say. Some people are divorced because they weren’t as compatible with their spouses as they once thought they were. Some are divorced because they couldn’t bare the physical or verbal abuse they have been receiving. Some are divorced because their spouse has continuously cheated on them so they took a stance and decided to leave. As many of us would leave too if we were under some of those circumstances.

People who are divorced aren’t diseased, animals or monsters. They are humans just like us. We all feel for the need of companionship so we shouldn’t ignore those who are divorced. Even used cars have several good things about them and so do houses that are old. Don’t be ignorant. A persons divorce doesn’t make them less compatible or not fit for a relationship. If that was the case, all failed friendships would only entitle one thing, we are bad friends and we shouldn’t have anymore but that proves to be false. We make new friends and still have friends after losing friends.

So don’t look down upon someone or disregard someone for marriage because they are divorced. There are several qualities in them that you are missing out on because of a title that has been stereotyped by the ignorant and the misguided. Everyone deserves a chance, just as you’ve been chances all your life.