I Love To Cook III

if any of you have liked my Facebook page, then you would know I post pictures of the things I cooked. Since I haven’t done that in a while on my blog, I’m going to share some stuff here. I’ love cooking because it makes me relax and takes my mind away from things. The amount of concentration and effort I put into this food is a lot, as you can see from the presentation in the pictures. Enjoy and don’t drool on your phones or keyboards


Double stuffed apple, banana, cinnamon and honey pancakes.




Stuffed chicken spinach pasta shells with sweet potatoes and asparagus





Cinnamon Crepe with Nutella, bananas and strawberries





Chicken Pineapple Quesadilla with mangos and mixed vegetables





Avocado Chicken Burgers With Sweet Potatoes & Mixed Vegetables





Stuffed chicken breast, Garlic & Alfredo Sauce Pasta & Home made garlic dip…





Mixed Vegetable White Rice & Marinated Chicken Breast



My 4 Keys To Happiness


4. The Gym

The feeling when you step into the gym and see all those weights, it’s probably one of the most beautiful feelings. You go into a whole different mindset when you step in there. Your mindset is onto your goals and everything that was in your head before you came to the gym is gone. Lifting those dumbbells, pressing that bar, squatting that weight as heavy as you can, feels so good! Pushing your body to the limit. To see what you got. Do you have the will to keep going even after that last rep took everything out of you? Are you going to complain, it’s too heavy? NO! You are going to go there and give EVERYTHING YOU GOT! Your heart is pumping, you are sweating, feeling great and everything just connects and clicks. I don’t think there are many things that can replace this feeling. The gym has you feeling great and looking great. Now, I know I have women that follow my blog and women, read carefully. Lifting weights does not make you big, bulky. Lifting weights and then eating a lot of food makes you big. Those muscular women got to that stage because their intake of calories and macronutrients went way over than what they were usually eating. Lets say for example, she ate 1200 calories a day and she increased that, she would obviously put on size. Lifting weights does not make you big. Eating garbage food, sitting on the couch, lifting the remote to change the channel makes you big. Be active!

3. A Healthy Lifestyle

People in my family like to call me grandpa with the discipline I have over what foods go into my body. Im not a junk food person. Im not a cake person. Im not even a person with a sweet tooth, considering my entire family has one. If I told you, I could eat junk food all day and I’d lose weight, you would say you are lying! but that is the truth, it happens to me. While my siblings will eat something sugary, I’ll be eating fruits. While they eat something high in trans fat, I’ll eat something in good fats, like an avocado, eggs or walnuts. The thing about a healthy lifestyle is, what you put into your body, is what you’ll get out of your body. I remember whenever I ate Popeyes, it taste good but the feeling after in your stomach is not worth it. You also have to understand, your body is an amanah (trust) on to you. Your body has rights over you so why not give it, its proper rights and treat it with goodness. If you want to feel good, eat the right foods and trust me, you’ll feel energetic, happy, positive all day long, insha’Allah! Eat that garbage and you are in for high and then a crash! Don’t take me the wrong way, I love burgers but I want my heart to feel great, so I eat it sometimes. My kids in the future, insha’Allah will hate me lol! Im not writing insha’Allah for them hating me, Im writing insha’Allah for having kids when I am married.

2. Tawakul (Trust) & Qadr (Decree)

Trust in who? Allah SWT! Whatever affairs are happening in your life, know it is from Allah SWT who has decreed this for you and believing in the decree without a doubt in your mind, without a thought of negativity puts all your worries to rest. The moment you start thinking of things going bad or negatively, you start to worry, you start to panic and where do those worries come from? The whispers of shaytaan. He makes you worry about your rizq (sustenance), he makes you worry about things out of your control, as it is says in Surah Al-Baqara: “Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality while Allah promises you forgiveness from him and bounty. And Allah is all encompassing and knowing” [2:268]

As long as you continue to make an effort in your life, remember that everything is the decree of Allah SWT. The progress you are making, nothing can go wrong . Only thing you’ll have everyday is a smile on your face because you’ve put your trust in the creator of the heavens and the earth.

1. Salah (Prayer)

This is my number 1 key to happiness. Now, I don’t know how anyone can live their life without salah. The moment you hear Allah-Hu Akbar (God Is The Greatest), no it doesn’t mean, someone is coming to kill you, it means Allah Is The Greatest, that is it. You fold your hands and stand attentively in the salah listening to the beautiful recitation of the Quran. I don’t know how many times I’ve stood in salah and my eyes would start watering, my heart would feel the words of the Quran. As soon as the imam recites something I understand, it’s really hard to hold back tears. Salah is vital organ for a believer. I can’t live without it and you shouldn’t either. No matter how much I may struggle at times, salah is something I will ALWAYS turn to in happiness and in sadness.

These are my 4 keys to happiness. Insha’Allah, you benefited from it and you learned something. JazakAllah khair for reading. Have any questions? Feel free to email me: mshabazz33@gmail.com

I Love Pancakes & Crepes

Im the type of person who never skips breakfast because breakfast is the best start to your day. Your body needs that kick of energy. Sleeping 6-8-10 hours without food and then going on with your day with no food for several more hours is killer. I don’t know about you all but I LOVE to eat. I just love to be in the kitchen trying different things. I especially for breakfast love pancakes, eggs either boiled, scrambled or an omelet and oatmeal. Fruits could be either an apple or banana. Since I do LOVE pancakes/crepes these are some of things I’ve created so far… Just don’t drool on your keyboard or your phone.

#1 Simple chocolate chip & banana pancakes




#2. Banana & Apple Crepe with Nutella & Honey. Scrambled eggs and more apples





#3. Chocolate Pancakes with bananas & nutella




#4 Tropical Pancake – Coconut stuffed pancakes with pomegranate, coconut & bananas




What are your favourite things to eat for breakfast? If you don’t eat breakfast, why do you skip it? You do know ramadan is over. You are ALLOWED to eat. I feel sorry for your stomach. Im always hungry, even now….



Eid Ul Adha Mubarak & I Love To Eat II


I know it is kind of late, probably really late for some but eh, Eid Ul Adha Mubarak to everyone! Whether you celebrated on Tuesday or you celebrated today. On top is a picture of a poser, which is me and lamb which was sacrificed for the sake of Allah SWT and delivered. Insha’Allah, one day, Im able to slaughter a lamb or goat myself. Each and every one of you is invited to my crib to eat this lamb. Come to Toronto and it is for you. Taqabbal Allah Minna wa Minkum! (May Allah accept it from you and us)

Also, one of the things I also enjoy doing is cooking! Im not a master chef or anything, even though it was something that I always wanted to do when i was younger, become a chef. Over the past year or so, I’ve taught myself how to cook. You never know where you’ll end up or who you’ll end up with and you may even end up eating fast food everyday. That’s a heart stopper right there. I do my best to at least eat and cook as healthy as possible. Don’t really have a sweet tooth. Long essay short, here are some of the things I’ve done with salmon. One of my favourite fishes, especially if it is sitting on my plate ready to eat… delicious!!! Actually, anything that is cooked, ready and sitting on my plate I’ll eat.

Dish #1

Marinated my salmon with garlic, lemon and a whole bunch of herbs with melted cheese. Steamed broccoli with mushroom gravy and sweet mashed potatoes


Dish #2

Salmon burgers & Chicken Soup


Dish #3

Baked Salmon with sauted mushrooms, green onions and steamed broccoli with a lemon on the side


Dish #4

Honey baked salmon with mixed vegetable pasta


Oh, you thought there was more? Made you drool? You wish you had some? Oh, I know you did… don’t even deny it now. I’ll tell you, it was DELICIOUS! If you have any of favourite salmon recipes, drop them below and I’ll try them insha’Allah.

I love To Eat!!

So I love to cook! Two places I love to be is in the kitchen and in the gym. Those are my “hobbies” as you can say. Since I love to fuel my body, I love to make things to fuel it. Most of the times whenever I learn something it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS through trial and error. I love to just try different recipes and different ideas. Sometimes, I’ll be like maaaan, this looks boring, let me add some things to it and BAMMMN! I’ll create something I’ve never tried before. So here are a few things I’ve cooked up… Im not the best as it nor am I great. What I am not shy of is TRYING!