Muslims In 2015 – Lets Bring Change, Lets Inspire, Lets Motivate!



Sisters, in 2015, please do something more than just make up tutorial videos. In 2014, it has been absolutely crazy how many Muslim women just popped up out of no where, showing women how to beautify themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but you are exposing yourself to men then you say, men should lower their gaze. Hard to do when you are looking beautiful. There are so many Muslim women out there who are looking for inspiration, motivation, leaders and Muslim women, not all but some can come up with is make up tutorials? You aren’t born stupid nor are you born followers. You are born leaders from the BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, lineage of women who were leaders in their day, Islamic History proves it. Then you say, how come Muslim women aren’t leading conferences? How come Muslim women have to listen to men only? Why are there brother only giving naseeha (advice)? Well, it seems Muslim brothers are taking roles in inspiring, motivating and helping others further themselves as people and as a society, while Muslim women, once again, SOME, are worried about how to make other women look beautiful. Don’t be the ones to complain and say why are there more men leading conferences, brothers making YouTube videos on how to inspire others Muslims and Non-Muslims. It is pretty much your fault.

Brothers also in 2015, need to take a better approach with the videos they are making. Pranking, making people laugh is cool but there is a time for this and there is a time for that. Instead of concentrating more on pranks, why not teach the younger generation something? Most of the young men are falling into the wrong company, getting influenced by hip hop music and some even come from single mother homes who are looking male role models. Alhumdulilah, there are many that are doing it but those who have a fan base and a following, should take advantage of that. Brothers also need stop kissing Muslim women and hugging them, period. Not in selfies that are publicized, not in anything. If she isn’t your wife, don’t put your lips on her. Imagine if another dude kissed your sister? If that was me, I would more than likely hurt you.

As Muslims in 2015, lets take a better approach to things and lets get out there and help change this world. The media is always going to attack Islam for how beautiful it is and pick out the odd pair who have been misguided due to their own ignorance but you, right now, have a chance to do something about the people you surround yourself with. On social media, in schools, your family, whomever it is, you have a chance to inspire someone, to help them become better. Just because you aren’t where you want to be in life, doesn’t mean you can’t help others be where they want to be. While you help them, you will also help yourself insha’Allah.