Allah SWT Is Guiding You To Better


I think a lot of us get caught up when an individual does not remain in our life. No matter how hard we try to convince them. No matter how good we are to them. No matter what we do for them, things never seem to workout. But we fail to realize that Allah SWT has set us up with the people we need in our life, that will help us become successful, that will help us become better people and also help us learn lessons in our lives. We continuously think to ourselves, how come? Why not? Why me? But it is Allah SWT protecting you from a greater evil and doing His best to guide you away from it. Your heart may be inclined to decline the on going things but each situation has painted a clear image that shows that situation is just not what you hoped it to be and what you once dreamed of as there are better things to come forth in your life to replace it. You may not understand what is going on but not everything is clear in the beginning and eventually, you understand that this situation that is happening now, years later, was actually better for me. Life will never be one straight road. There will bumps, there will be holes and there will twist and turns to protect you from several things that are for the greater good of your soul, mind and heart. To guide you a better life and to make you the strongest version of yourself. Do your best not to hold on to what was never meant to be but look forward to all the things that have been meant to be and all the things that will be in the future. Be optimistic and smile. You only have one life and you only have 24 hours in a day. Don’t waste it thinking of what was never meant to be but spend in thinking positive of your situation and how it is protecting you and leading you to better things.