40 Worldly Benefits Of Abandoning Sins

The great scholar, Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) mentioned a great number of benefits that one can enjoy in this life before being honoured with the unending reward of Allaah in the hereafter. He mentioned the following:

  1. Maintaining personal integrity (muroo’ah)
  2. Keeping your name and reputation clean
  3. Protecting your social status
  4. Preserving wealth that Allaah has provided and made as a means to take care of worldly and religious benefits
  5. A wholesome life
  6. A properly rested body
  7. A strong heart
  8. A clean soul
  9. Happiness of the heart
  10. A relaxed chest
  11. Security from the worries that affect the wicked and disobedient (specifically)
  12. Less worry, sadness, and grief (in general)
  13. Inner strength of personal honour, not yielding to disgrace
  14. Safeguarding the light in one’s heart from being extinguished by the darkness of disobedience
  15. A way around (or out of) what confines the wicked and disobedient
  16. Being granted provisions easily from avenues unthought of
  17. General ease being granted in affairs that are difficult upon the people of disobedience
  18. Having acts of obedience made a easy for you to perform
  19. Having knowledge made easy for you to attain
  20. The general speech of the people in your favour
  21. Lots of supplications are made in your favour
  22. The delight that can be seen your face
  23. The respect that is place in the people’s hearts for you
  24. Their support and defense of you when harmed or oppressed
  25. Their defense of you in the presence of those who backbite you
  26. Quick responses to your supplications
  27. The dispelling of unfamiliarity between you and Allaah
  28. The closeness of the angels
  29. Distance from the devils, both the jinn and human of them
  30. The people outdoing each other to serve you and take care of your needs
  31. Their seeking your love and companionship
  32. Not being afraid of death, instead you are happy to meet your Lord and to reach your final abode
  33. The insignificance of this world in your heart
  34. True reverence of the hereafter in your heart
  35. Vigilance regarding the great dominion (of paradise) and the great success that lies within it
  36. Tasting the sweetness of obedience
  37. Attaining the sweetness of faith
  38. The supplications of the angels who bear the throne, and the other angels as well
  39. The joy of the angels who write your deeds and their constant supplications in your favour
  40. An increase in intellect, understanding, faith, and knowledge
  41. Attaining the love of Allaah, His attention, and His happiness with your repentance

And Allaah knows best

Summarized and listed by: Moosa Richardson