Better Than Anything In The World


This particular matter that I am going to write about is an issue that most of the ummah (nation) think only is a speciality of ramadan. Yet, it’s such an important issue of ibadah (worship) that it will tell you if you love Allah and if Allah loves you. It is the matter of qiyam and tahajud (night prayer), also in ramadan called, taraweeh. It is the school of the richest people. Night prayer, qiyam, tahajud, is the tranquility of the believers. Night prayer and qiyam is the solution to your problems when you have a problem.

Many times you see those who claim to love Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) and Islam. They’ll put it on their websites. They’ll click like on a Facebook. They’ll probably have a bumper sticker. But this will determine if they truly love Allah because Allah in the Quran says: “Is the one who is obedient to Allah, prostrating himself during the night time, fearing the hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord, is he like those who don’t do that? Disbelievers or whoever doesn’t do that. Is he who knows like he doesn’t know?”

Allah is saying basically, don’t ever compare one who makes tahajud and qiyam with one doesn’t. Night prayer and qiyam is the best prayer after the five daily prayers. Night prayer and qiyam is the honour of the believer. Night prayer and qiyam is brightness on the day of judgement. Night prayer and qiyam is the characteristic of a believer, like Allah says in Surah Furqan:” And those who spent the night hours worshipping their Lord, bowing and prostrating to Allah, and standing.” Night prayer is the golden moments of the night time for those who long to be close to Allah to spend that time in privacy with Allah the AlMighty.

In Musnad Ahmad and Abu Dawud, Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) said that, the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) said: “May Allah be pleased with a man who gets up at night and prays and then wakes up his wife, but if she refuses to wake up, he sprinkles water in her face.” And look at the other one. He says:” And may Allah bless a woman who gets up at night and prays, and then wakes up her husband, and if he refuses, she sprinkles water in his face.” Amazing hadith, Such a unique hadith, that encourages a family to worship Allah together and encourages each other. A family, a romantic family. She’s not waking him by forcing him nor is he, their consensus is that we both want to wake up. I dare a husband and a wife who does this consistently and faithfully for the sake of Allah and not have the happiest marriage ever! Prove me wrong and I am going to say, wallahi to it! If you are having marital problems, night prayer is your solution, get up, you and your wife. What affect will it on children in the future? Many times, children go astray even if you raise them well. However, one of the most memorable things a child takes with him, even years later and I can tell you this from my experience in dawah, they’ll say, ahh, wallahi you’re right. I used to always see my mother and father get up at the end of the night in prayer. It’s something that sticks to their mind that usually gets them back on the right track if they go astray.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) said: “If a man gets up at night and prays (even two rakat), they will be amongst the zakireen.” [Abu Dawud]

Who are the zakireen? Flip the pages of the Quran to Surah Ahzab and you are going to see. “And those men who remember Allah and those women who remember Allah, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward (high ranks in paradise).”

How beautiful is it to spend the night with Allah?

There are those who love to spend the nights flipping through the channels on their T.Vs. There are others who like to spend their nights browsing through the internet, hours and hours go by while they’re doing it. Some with girls and others with alcohol. And some with vain matters that are probably not haram or halal. Then there are those of the few of the few of the very few who truly love Allah and choose to spend their nights with Allah, the AlMighty. And rest assured, let me tell you this, the biggest indicator and hint to see if Allah loves you and if he’s pleased with you, see if you consistently pray the night prayer. If you consistently wake up for the night prayers, know you are in good status with Allah. Let me repeat because this is important. The biggest indicator of how pleased Allah is with you, is if you pray consistently the night prayers. It is only the special people who are allowed by Allah to spend those precious moments during the dark nights with Him.

A man told Ibrahim Ibn Adham, he said, “I cannot get up at night to pray. Why? I want to do qiyam (night prayer).” He said, “you commit the sins during the day, you will never be able to get up at night and pray.” Standing before Allah during the night time is an honour sinners are unworthy of. Sufyan At-Thawri (may Allah have mercy upon him) said, “for five months I couldn’t get up for the night prayer because of a sin I committed.” And if you look at the life of Sufyan At-Thawri, what could he have possibly done? A man, who is amazing in his character, in his ibdah, in his knowledge. A man came to Hasan Al-Basri and he said, “I sleep well, I rest well, I have no illness, I prepare the water by my mattress so I can get up for the prayer of qiyam but I never get up for qiyam.” So Hasan Al-Basri said, “your sins have shackled you. Your sins during the day, restrain you during the night time.” The rule is the sins of the day restrain a muslim from the honour of praying during the night time. Abu Jaffar said, “I went to visit Ahmad Ibn Yahya”, so he said, “I went and I’ve seen Ahmed crying.” Abu Jaffar said, “why are you crying?” Ahmed said, “I missed the night prayer.” He said, “that’s okay, Allah wanted you to rest.” Abu Jaffar said, “the more I tell you him and comfort him, the more he cries.” He said no, “it’s because of the sin I committed.”

Qiyam is responding to the call of Allah. How can you not respond to the call of Allah when Allah calls you? It was collected by Bukrahi, that the The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) said: “The Lord descends every night to the lowest point of heaven, when the one third of the night remains. Is there anyone who calls upon me? Anyone who calls upon me so I can answer?” Allah is calling you as if He needs you and you’re the one who needs Allah? The hadith continues with Allah saying, “is there anyone who will ask me that I may give him?” People snore away as Allah is asking them if they need anything. The hadith continues with Allah still saying, “who may seek my forgiveness so that I may forgive him.” Qiyam must be an essential part of your life my brothers and sisters. It must be essential.

When Allah was preparing the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) for the ultimate task ever, the guidance of humanity, what did he prep him with? He prepared him with the task of making tahajud fard (obligatory) upon him. This was fard in the early stages of the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him).

In order to be successful in any job, in any task, in any situation, you need to succeed during the night with your spiritual communication with Allah, that’s why Allah ordered the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) to do that. You give parts of your life to yourself, to your family, to your work, we all give parts of our life, to school, to social events, we give parts of our life to leisure events, we give parts of our life to rest and comfort. Doesn’t Allah AlMighty deserve to be given a part of our life? And he should be given precedent and priority over everything!

Make the decision now. I say make the decision now. Make the oath now, make the pledge. From now on, I am going to pray qiyam to Allah the AlMighty.

Do it now!

By: Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibreel

Food For Thought III


Think good of yourself and receive your trials in life as a blessing and take things you are turned away from as blessings. Be confident in yourself because no one else can be confident for you. For there are many things about yourself that others love, that you hate but they wish and pray they could have. You are an unlimited potential that limits yourself from the confine of your mind, being trapped and afraid of how the world will react to your intelligence, to the skills and abilities Allah SWT has blessed you with. The ugliness inside of you needs work more than the ugliness on your face because it will disappear in a few years but the ugliness inside of you, on your heart will remain for decades or however long you live, which will ruin the person you are.

No heart turns cold or bitter unless you want it to. Your experiences are nothing but lessons to enable you to grasp the reality of this world and what you are really here for. You strive for this world but Allah says: “This world is nothing but play an amusement.” And there after in the same verse, Allah SWT says: “But far better is the house in the hereafter.” [6:32] Your success will begin with your salah and the hardest things to achieve always give the most joy, so begin with Fajr salah and bring ease to your day.

Your capabilities are boundless but you must remain attached to the success bringer and only is He who can give you success. Never be arrogant with what you have nor feel superior to anybody, as what you may be given as a blessing, may turn into a trial due to how you handle it and show others. Your skin is just a colour, a pigment to the eye, just as your face but that is never telling of the person you are, so be good to others no matter the treatment they put you through.

Never chase anybody in this life because those who are meant to stay, will stay regardless of your downfalls and struggles but those who are meant to leave, will leave because they were never meant to be the piece to complete your life’s puzzle. Be as you say you are and do as you say, do your best to keep your word, so you remain a trustworthy individual. Say the truth even if it is against yourself and against those closest to you, as this is what Muslim is supposed to do.

Don’t wish ill for nobody because wishing ill for others will bring ill to your heart and blacken it. Pray for others, wish them good, just as you have been given good. Don’t take advantage of the vulnerable but give them guidance to show them the way. Don’t say nothing about others they don’t like because your good deeds will be needed on the day it matters the most.

Your time is your most valuable asset, so spend it well and only give to those who will receive and treat it well. Love those who show you endless love and do your best to give it equally, as they show you how valuable you are to them. Life is full of worries and stress but one sujood makes it all better, so keep your salah close and tears for the one who can give you an end to your hardships.

Smile as often as possible because each day you wake up is a blessing others have not received. Eat well, treat your body right and see it give you your rights. In the end, you only have one life and 24/hours, do not waste it worrying and complaining cause you have so much to give and live for. Spend it well, goto towards success (salah) and see your life become easier as you are leaving everything to the one who has given you everything.

Men & Educated Women



Men do not have a problem with educated women but they have a problem when women try to over power them, are arrogant, egotistical due to their education. Just because you’ve decided to get your certificate/diploma/degree/masters doesn’t mean you are superior, it means you’ve committed enough time and dedicated yourself to something you’ve wanted to achieve so congratulations!
Now, on the other hand, you do have some men, culturally influenced men who dislikes a woman that is smarter than him, then this man is someone who is not confident in himself, as intelligent individuals should be comfortable around those who are also intelligent as well. It creates intelligent and stimulating conversations, where two people can learn from one another.

No man or woman should feel superior due to what they have achieved in life, instead they should be supportive of one another and not feel threatened by the opposite sex. Your rizq (sustenance) is going to be provided by Allah and what people often at times forget or don’t know, is that sustenance not only deals with money but it deals many others thing and what you’ll earn in life, intelligence, being smart is one of them.

Don’t feel threatened because a sister has decided to get an education. The first person to found a higher learning system was actually a woman, so remember, if it wasn’t for a woman, many of you wouldn’t have a university/college to go to. This also doesn’t mean women should stick their chest out and be egotistical or arrogant because of what they’ve earned because remember, Allah SWT guided you to earning that, so be humble.

Men, be supportive of women and be accepting of a woman who earns more than you, if she decides to work, that earning is from Allah and not from you, it is also her money according to Islam. If she is smart, alhumdulilah because you honestly don’t want a dumb woman who will raise your children one day.

Men and women need be balanced with what they are learning. Learn about worldly matters and things that will benefit your deen (religion), eman (faith) as well. It will make your dunya (world) and akhira (hereafter) easier to attain.

Just be humble and be accepting of one another achievements in life. It will benefit both of you in the end. Be happy, stay humble and never be arrogant of what you have because it can be taken away.

Set Your Kibr (Pride/Arrogance) Aside



I could never comprehend why some people think their culture or race is superior to others? Wouldn’t you think if your race or culture was superior compared to everyone else’s, you wouldn’t have to work a single day in your life and you would just lounge all day because you are the “chosen” people? You wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing because you are superior compared to everyone else because you are the “chosen” people? The reality is, you are not superior to anyone, so why are you so full of pride over your skin colour, race or traditions compared to everyone else’s? Do you not see that you live just like everyone else? That you turn for help to the creator like everyone else? That the creator made you nations and tribes so you may recognize one another? Isn’t that what Allah SWT says in the Surah Al-Hujurat? So where do you get this idea that your race, culture or traditions are better? Does a person’s skin colour matter more than their character? Seems so in people’s minds. Someone could have the worst of character but since their skin colour matches theirs or the language is the same, they seem to be better. How illogical is that? Do you not understand that thinking this way, while living in a diverse society makes you look like a fool? How closed minded can people be? They want you to accept them for their skin colour, traditions or race, while at the same time rejecting yours but when you don’t accept theirs, they scream racism and want to seek “justice” against your doing. Hypocritical!

Im fed up with how society treats minorities, when the same minorities are doing what the majority do to others. I thought we got past all the racism? I guess not. People still pride themselves over their skin colour, when x-rays show our bones are white, facts say, we are really the same. So why are you obsessed over your skin colour? Why are you obsessed with your culture? Why are you obsessed with your traditions? These things do make you different but reality is, we are really the same.

Doesn’t Allah say in Surah Al-Hajj

We created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop, then from a clinging clot, and then from a lump of flesh, formed and unformed – that We may show you. And We settle in the wombs whom We will for a specified term, then We bring you out as a child, and then [We develop you] that you may reach your [time of] maturity.

So please tell me, how you are superior to anyone else when you are formed and created the same? Then when you die, you are shrouded and buried the same.

Let go of your pride over your skin colour, culture and traditions. All it does is hurt you and especially your children the most. You are nothing but a soul in a body with an appointed time on this earth. Live it without pride and live with an open mind. It’ll make your life easier.

The Importance Of Following The Sunnah & Not Blind Following



Many of us growing up, we do as we are told from the way we eat, to how we eat, to the activities in our lives. When it comes to Islam, we think what we are taught either by our parents or  our madressa (school) teachers, we think it is correct. There is no doubts in our minds that these things, what we are learning today, are correct and these people will not mislead us because well, they are people of knowledge. Come on, our parents teaching us the wrong things? That would never happen! Well, it does happen and happens quite often within homes because what they have been taught, they never questioned it, they never openly asked questions, they just kept quiet and just kept following it. They never asked, did the Messenger of Allah do this? How did he and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) do it? Is it true? Is it authentic? We never had the courage to ask that nor did it ever cross our minds because we automatically assumed it was correct. I’ll tell you how I was following which I thought was from Islam, which was not but in fact either innovations or would have led me to shirk because I blindly followed without having a mind of my own.

I was introduced to or taught as a child that wearing a taweez (amulet) would protect you. It was something from Islam and just as a child would believe everything the parents or teachers at madressa taught them, I would follow along. It was only then, a few years ago where my family was introduced to a pious man. You know how pious people look, right? Beard, kufi, thobe and would speak very gently. They told me, he would know whether people had ayn (evil eye) or sihr (magic) done on them. I was amazed. I was like wow, really? So, my family and I went because of how he would find out. He would sit you down in a dark room, attach a screw driver into a hole of a slipper, tell you to put your finger on it and then ask you your name and your mothers name. Next thing you know, the slipper starts spinning. My family and I were shocked, like really? Did that happen? He gave us all a taweez, all taped up and had told me to carry it every where as it would protect me. Ignorant right? I was extremely ignorant.

Months passed by and I some how stumbled across a lecture by Abu Muhammad who performs ruqya in the UK. That lecture was a real eye opener because if you don’t know as of yet, anyone who asks for your mothers name is a magician. Yeah, that’s right, my family was introduced to a magician who claimed to have a cure, when there was nothing wrong with us but alhumdulilah, none of us have been afflicted.

Taweez (amulets) are not what you think they are and they do not benefit you in any single way. People are so misguided these days that they believe there is a cure in everything but wont look to pray their salah or read Qur’an. Last year, I was in the UK visiting a family friend in Leicester. He was having a lot of migraines all day, so his aunt had ordered taweez so they could stop. After researching for months about taweez and how to destroy them and reality of it, I had asked his mom for them, since she had put them away. I had asked her, what are these for? What did the individual tell you to do with them? She said, a few of these pieces of paper in water, then drink them and the other, he has to burn and inhale them. I had informed her, if he had done that, his situation would have gone worse and he could have had magic done to him. He could have been possessed by a jinn. I gathered all of them and destroyed them in front of her, educating her family about the dangers of it.

Once again, taweez are not what you think. Anyone who does ruqya or even does a bit of research on them, you would get scared as to what these sick magicians in disguise of pious people do to you. They are not there to protect you, they will actually harm you. The only protection is from Allah and believing in taweez as a form of protection is shirk. They are not permissible in Islam. So don’t go wearing one or asking for one to cure your problems. You need to have tawakul in Allah, pray your salah, read the Qur’an and read the morning and evening adkhars (supplications) everyday.

Another thing I was introduced and just blindly followed along because my family participated in it, was khatums. If any of you don’t know what a khatum is, it is when a family member dies, people gather in your home for literally weeks and recite Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Yaseen and each individual will read 1 juz of the Qur’an and give the rewards to the dead. I didn’t know what I was doing, all I knew was that this is what my family members do and this is what is taught in the community as well, so it must be right, right?

Nope! That all changed one night when Dr Bilal Philips had come to Toronto. He was an imam for several months at one of the masjids. I had attended one of his lectures or I believe he was recording a video for his Islamic Online University class. After the class was over, he had asked us if we had questions, so I asked a bunch of them and one of them of revolved around the virtues of Surah Yaseen that they teach you about as a youngster. If you ever open a Surah Yaseen book, you’ll find all these virtues about it and you are like wow! That is amazing for such a surah!

He clearly told me, that every single hadith about Surah Yaseen and its virtues are all weak or fabricated. I wasn’t in disbelief to hear that because I had looked it up on Islamqa for months trying to comprehend whether it was true or not, I just needed a confirmation. Same thing with khatums, they are not apart of Islam but since everyone has done them for so many years, probably decades, no one took time to find out whether it was permissible or not so they just blindly followed everyone.

Once again, all the virtues of surah yaseen are either based on weak hadiths or fabricated. Also, khatums are not from Islam and was introduced by sufism. Qur’an is for the living and not the dead. We are upon the way of the Salaf and if they had not practiced it, we should not either as these things will not be accepted. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) sad: “Every newly-invented thing is a bid’ah (innovation), every bid’ah is a going astray, and every going astray will be in the Fire.” [Reported by al-Nisaa’i]

Now, you would think that leaving these things that are not from Islam or based on weak or fabricated hadiths would be easy for me, right? That leaving how you were taught to pray salah since you were child and then praying it according to the Sunnah would be easy, right? You would think, the people who also practiced these things would listen with an open mind and also follow that way too. Everyone doing things according to the sunnah and not blindly following what has been taught since a young age. Wonderful world, isn’t it?

Nope! Only thing I have run into has been backlash. I either get called a salafi, which we all are. We are upon the way of the salaf or I either get called a wahabi. Some how, these ignorant people listened to others and thought, these two words are “bad.” When they are not. Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab (may Allah have mercy upon him) did not create his own sect. The term Wahabi was created by the British in the 1900’s. I get called hard headed, a lost cause, someone whom is misguided and so much more.

I’ve learned that no matter how much proof you gather against others to show them the right way, if they are inclined to follow their desires, their way, the way of their forefathers, nothing will change that unless they change that within themselves and by the will of Allah.

The straight path is covered in things that are beautified by shaytaan and by other misguided sects, whom practice things out of the norm, while making it look beautiful and amazing, trying to trap you in. As a Muslim, it is your obligation to be aware of these things that look beautiful to you, while they are nothing but misguidance. Following the straight path is not an easy one and not many individuals will follow you. Many will question you, as to why you’ve decided to leave what the majority are doing.

Allah SWT says in Surah Al’Anam: “If you follow the majority of people on the earth, they will lead you astray.”

I am not writing these things to confuse you, I am here telling you about what I went through and continue to go through, leaving the misguidance I was introduced to, to now following the way of the salaf, to the best of my ability. I am not perfect. I probably have sins more than you nor am I pious. I am just normal. I have many shortcomings you don’t see. There may be many things you are practicing that you think it is from Islam but it is not. You’ve questioned these things as well but many times you’ve got the same answer that it is but proof shows otherwise.

You have a mind, an intelligent mind, so use it to guide yourself to the best of your ability towards the straight path. It will not be easy and you will be questioned and you may not be accepted. People may call you names, people may abandon you and people will go against you but all that doesn’t matter if what they are doing or what you were doing is not pleasing to Allah.

Make duaa and ask Allah SWT to guide you to the straight, actually all of us.

You Can Be So Much More


I want you all to help me understand something. This current trend that is happening around the world today. I just simply can’t understand why people are taking this route? Do people want to be remembered simply because of this?

I am talking about the current trend of women, particularly Muslim women either aspiring to be hijab fashion experts or make up artists. I never understood why there seems to be a growing trend of this? Don’t you women want to be remembered for more than just that? I understand, women love beauty and want look beautiful either for themselves or their husband but ask yourself what are you really teaching these women or young women on the other side watching your videos?

If all they are are seeing is a glamoured up woman or soon to be through out the video, what message are you sending them? They are not learning anything that benefits the soul. Tomorrow when they decide to follow your instructions, all they have fixed is the flaws in the physical, while the eternal is still broken. They have not learned how to fix their self esteem. They have not learned anything about the deen (religion) except to wear the hijab in a more trendy way. They have not learned how to accept the person they are. All they have learned is how to look beautiful and how to fit in with the trendy hijab fashions.

Ask yourself, years from now do you want to be remembered just for that? A woman on youtube along with millions of others on there showing other women how to look beautiful? What about wanting others how to feel beautiful? Is that too much to ask? What about teaching women about their deen (religion)? You do know that Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) one of the prophets wives taught many of the shahabas (companions) about the deen? You can be so much more! I know you can be but for some odd reason you choose to only show women how to be beautiful or how to tie your hijab in a different way.

Ladies. My sisters in Islam, I have nothing against you. I only write this because I am worried of this growing trend, which does not benefit the soul. It does not shape or a mould a positive image. A positive image is not one who looks beautiful but one who accepts themselves and feels beautiful regardless whether they wear make up or not. Teach these women to accept themselves. Teach these women about the Qur’an and Sunnah. Teach these women how to be leaders and not followers. Teach these women how not to fall into the traps of men who just want to dog them. Teach these women how to aspire to be more than just what others tell them to be. Teach them they are capable of anything they put their mind to. Teach them negativity destroys the soul. Teach them that make up will not solve your issues no matter how much of it you put on. Teach them how to find a good husband. Teach them how to be a good wife. Teach them how to be better Muslims. Teach them something that will affect and change their lives forever. Not something that will change the colour of their lips, eyelids and cheeks. All this is temporary because you know once that is washed off, they are still broken eternally and have not learned not to accept themselves.

I know, I’ll get hate for this. I don’t care. You can write hateful comments to me. You can call me a hater. You can call me ugly. You can say, brother, why do you care what women do, lower your gaze. Say it, write it, it comes with the territory I’m walking into. I just wanted to speak my mind about this topic and this growing trend that seems to affect a lot of people but does not change the condition of their souls. Benefit society at the same time. Benefit others at the same time and still show women how to look beautiful. Share a positive message with others, not just how to look beautiful and how to wear the hijab. You can be so much more and you can teach so much more. I know you can. You come from the best lineage of women and you can be amongst and remembered for one of the best of women. Affect the soul, mind and heart because after beauty fades, that is the only thing that will remain.

How Can You Expect Them To Stay Quiet?



Before you come to defend Israel, please do it from a logically thinking perspective and put yourself in the shoes of Palestinians. The land of Palestine has been illegally occupied since the 1940’s and here are these people that are supposed to be calm and just accept that everything they’ve ever owned is being taken away, from the land to their children? Their homes being destroyed all because they, the Zionist think the land belongs to them, so they destroy it and build illegal settlements.

You think the Natives were quiet when their land was taken by the British and Americans? You think the Africans were quiet when their land was taken and they were taken as slaves back to America? None of them were quiet and neither are the Palestinians. The Saharis are not quiet either and their land has been taken by the King of Morocco, they still fight for it till this day. And I’m certain, if your land, home or whatever it is you owned and strived for was taken away, you would not keep quiet. If your family was murdered, you would not keep quiet and neither would I or anyone else in the world. We would fight them with our lives on the line but sadly, the IDF has brutally been massacring the people for decades and taking land bit by bit, as much as they can, so they, the Zionist Israeli Regime can claim it as their own.

The Muslims and Jews can live in peace and it has been done centuries ago and it’s happening around the world. So please, bring a discussion that will actually make sense because what the IDF is doing cannot be defended and will never be defended. Killing innocent people, destroying their homes, arresting innocent people, all for what? These aren’t humans, these are animals with no morals and no beliefs because if they did, they would know what they are doing is wrong.

While You Cheer – They Cry



While you cheer and scream for your favourite team

There is a family screaming and crying losing their child who was their dream

While you raise a countries flag in support

The other country is fighting for existence and support

You cheer and celebrate a victory

While they cry and bury their memories

Innocent lives lost

While your team lives another day after a loss

One is eliminated but still exists

The other is being wiped out, removed with military assistance

True genocide being inflicted

Millions tune in to either celebrate or mourn a loss of their countries prides

While a mother or father cries holding in their arms their dead joy and pride

Genocide since 1946 and not a victory scored

A sport funded to keep you confused

You occupy your television sets

While the other is being occupied or instant death

Millions earned for entertainment value

Millions evicted and death for land value

No moral victory, just tears and misery

4 years till another world cup where your country tries again and may reign supreme

While a country hopes for peace and prays rockets don’t rain and ruin their dreams

They Sell You….



They sell you “sexy” so you lose your modesty, have self esteem issues but they never sell you or tell you how to accept yourself.

They sell you the “truth” but never without lies and propaganda. They have you believing the oppressors are the oppressed.

They sell you a “lifestyle” you cannot afford to fit in with the rest. Only for them to not accept you and debt leaving you without any rest.

They create, they sell, you buy, only for you to realize neither is the truth. Only for your happiness to be compromised.

“Sexy” got you pregnant and hating yourself.

The “truth” was an investment but never for your benefit.

And the “lifestyle” was never meant to be yours but sold it to you anyway.

In the end, you walk away with scars, confusion, lies, anger and hating yourself.

You are nothing but a test, to keep you confused as to what you really are here for. To keep you blind from the truth and keep you working and spending, watching and pretending.

“And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement” – Surah Al’ An’am [6:32]

Only for you to die never accepting yourself. Believing the lies as truth and attempting to achieve a lifestyle that you could never keep up with.

Punishments Into A Blessing


Through out my life, I was never a school person. I honestly hated school, every minute of it. If you ask me what was my best memory of elementary? Probably beating up kids and then coming home to getting whooped by my mother. Anything school related, I hated! I would goto school only to cause trouble because I idolized Hulk Hogan who was being an “American hero” by giving atomic leg drops to his opponents while I was being a Cornell Jr Public school terror beating up kids.

I don’t recall a single time where a day would go by and my mother would answer the phone and my teachers telling her, “your son has not completed his homework or any of his assignments please speak to him.” Only for my mother to tell me “wait till you come, I am going to fix you!” only for me to come home pouting, ready to get another whooping because I was worried about when the day I would be able to play nintendo again and that would only be during school holidays instead of concentrating in school. My parents did the best they could in reminding my siblings and I, raising us that school was important but to me, school was just another miserable day, where recess was the best part of those 6 hours there. I never got suspended but got close to being suspended and even then, my mother whooped me.

I was a pretty bad kid. I was always up to no good. Either fighting at home or fighting at school but now-a-days, if that happens, they most likely give your child medication to calm him down. Pretty sad how big pharma will do anything to make an “honest” dollar to “cure” your child when all they needed was to grow. Homework was the last thing on my mind. I can’t recall how many times I had to stay in after school just to catch up, only for me to go home when I was lucky enough to not have a detention because the teachers got tired of me staying in and I would rush home to tune into Power Rangers at 3:30PM and other cartoons. I didn’t care about school, all I was about was having fun and I think that’s what most kids want to do anyway, right?

Eventually, middle school came around, I passed elementary, was never held back, Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) for that, passed the 7th grade and in the 8th grade, my teacher was Mr. Sweeney. The things you would hear about him in the 7th grade made you fear him. He was like the boogeyman in all of Tecumseh. If you were put into his class, you were more than likely going to be put into a miserable state through out the whole year.

Once again, the 8th grade consisted of me not completing assignments. Not doing projects. Not doing homework, which led to more calls to my mother and more whoopings when I came home. You would think, didn’t this guy ever learn? Not doing homework = butt whooped? My mother never got tired of it, I hope she did cause they hurt a lot and me, I just took them because I had no choice and if I fought back, IF is the big word, which I never did. I would get a whooping that would be even too graphic for the WWF, tag team style by my mother and father.

The process would repeat and this time, it was not me catching up after school but it was me writing pages and pages of essays as to why I never finished my homework or assignments and why I should do them. Did I learn for spending several days, almost the entire school year after school? Nope! But in those pages and pages and pages of essays, probably over hundreds was something I could never dream of.

It was a talent, a skill, being created that I never knew existed. Sometimes, we take the punishments, well, as punishments and not as blessings. Really, who takes them as blessings in the beginning? It’s “hurting” you or making you miserable but here I am today, several years later writing about topics that I could never think of touching. Over 60,000 people and growing in little over a year have read what I’ve written. Been featured on muslim websites and was interviewed by a radio station in South Africa. Hundreds of people have come to me for advice on how I could help them with their problems, simply because they’ve read something I’ve written and in those pieces are and will forever be pieces of me. Dozens of people have emailed me thanking me for helping them through a problem, which still boggles my mind today because I don’t think I did anything. I just helped you see you for who you really are, basically, your own potential that you missed.

Do I regret not paying attention more in school? Not a bit because If I did regret it, then this wouldn’t be the person I am today. This talent would never exist because I would be too busy whining, complaining, worrying about elementary and middle school where I took more butt whoopings than wolves pulling its master on the sled. I still remember, the day I wanted to be a journalist and someone said to me, “you can’t do it.” Wish they knew what they were doing when they said that because in those words, they sparked a mind that would be reaching thousands of people all over the world, over 160 countries, helping them and changing their lives for the better. I did not become a journalist but I have become someone who I have always wanted to become, that is a writer and that is who I am. From rap, to poetry, to motivational and moving words that changes a persons life one day at a time, alhumdulilah.

This is how I found my passion for writing. My love of my life. Well, not really but still a love. It helps me express myself in many ways and also teach lessons to people without them even knowing they are reading a part of my life that I went through or my thoughts that help them become the strongest version of themselves. It is not a brag article but an article that lets you know anything is possible, that sometimes or many times there are blessings in the “punishments” you receive and if anyone tells you anything negative, don’t ever believe it but grow to destroy that negativity as it should be motivation for you to achieve what they failed to believe in you. Don’t ever believe because you have a beard, wear a hijab, niqab, handicap or whatever it may be, that you can’t do something and your talent cannot help others. With the intelligence, brilliance you have been blessed with, do something with it. Change people’s lives. Change the world. It is within you and Allah has blessed with you with it so go for it and be who you always wanted to become.