The World Owes You Nothing!

Nobody in this world owes you anything nor are you entitled to a position or place. Everything in this life is a blessing, a gift from Allah. Ask yourself, who are you to say, this world owes you something because of your deeds? Because of your good behaviour? Because of your work ethic? You are nobody. You were just a clot at one time in your mothers womb, helpless, lifeless and Allah granted you life and during those earlier years, you were still helpless reliant on your mothers suckle in order to grow. Reliant on your mother and fathers nurture and love in order to grow. So who said, the world owes you anything? The world owes you absolutely nothing! It is YOU who owes Allah everything, for giving you life. For allowing you to breathe another day. To have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and clothes on your back. Do you not understand how fortunate you are but yet you complain about your life every single day. You complain because life isn’t going smoothly, even after Allah granted your du’aa (supplication).

The world owes you NOTHING! Stop complaining, be grateful for life and everything you have. Life is a beautiful blessing and nothing will ever replace it. It may not be going how you’ve imagined but it’s setting you up for success. Failures need to happen in life, in order to see the fruits of your labour. Success requires failure because without failure, success cannot be tasted. And no problem ever gets solved by complaining, it requires a plan and action. The world owes you NOTHING! Stop complaining and think for a second, now breathe. Feel that? You’ll never get that breath back, it’s gone forever. Cherish your life. Every single minute of your life counts and every single minute you complain, is a minute wasted. Time is a valuable asset and will NEVER return.

The world owes you NOTHING! Everything in life is a blessing and earned through hard work, failure and patience. The next time you tell yourself or believe the world owes you anything, remind yourself, you’ve been given everything as a favour from Allah. A blessing, which can be taken away. You do everything for the sake of Allah, to enter jannah (heaven), in hopes your du’aa (supplication) and good deeds get accepted. This is what you work for, the sake of Allah and nobody else.

The world owes you NOTHING! You owe all thanks to Allah whom has granted you Islam as your religion and made you Muslim. Who has given you another chance to live and succeed. To repent for your sins and do more good deeds.