If people advise you, they are not the “haram police.” We only do it to help you from the day you stand in front of Allah, where you wish someone would have advised you against what you have done. A day where your supporters will only support themselves and want nothing to do with you. This little bit of social media fame is nothing but a test. We as Muslims are supposed to enjoin good and forbid evil, instead we have Muslims advising against good and enjoining the evil. As Muslims we are brothers and sisters in islam and what we would like for ourselves we would like for others, especially in goodness, in meeting Allah with goodness. So why do we mock those we enjoin good and forbid evil? Why are they called “haram police?” If people warn against alcohol, are they the “haram police?” Should we over look it and say, lets leave it alone, we don’t want to be the “haram police.” No, because we know alcohol is haram. There is no such thing as “haram police.” We are only doing what the companions were doing. Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. If what are you doing displeases Allah how will you be guaranteed success in this life and the hereafter? Ask yourself, what matters more? The success in this life, where you are displeasing Allah or the success in the hereafter? If what you are doing displeases Allah, goes against what the Qur’an and Sunnah has taught, you will not be successful in front of Allah, its the honest trust. We are not perfect individuals. All of us through out lives will commit sins but those that commit sins, turn to Allah and try to change their lives, Allah will find a way out for them. Islam, the ummah (the nation) will not be united upon bidah (innovation) and shirk (joining parters with Allah). So if many of you are saying we should keep quiet to be united, wallahi, we will not. We will continously enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Warn against innovations. Warn against people who seek partners with Allah. Warn against nasheed artists and warn against anyone who seeks to misguide the ummah. We only will and should fear Allah. May Allah guide us all upon the straight path.