Dream Killers


How often in our lives do we come across people who are dream killers? You are over joyed, optimistic, positive about the future, explaining the good things you dream of accomplishing then a person or people say, that’s not possible. Your skills are not good enough. You are not cut out for the work. How could you possibly do it? Then negativity sets in and it sails through the currents that are strong enough to drown your dreams. Eventually, you give up! You throw everything away. Sometimes, even throwing away years of work and progress because someone would rather you be average. A C level player, when you know in your heart, in every breath you take, you are one of a kind, last of a dying breed, who just wants to succeed.

Dream killers come from every aspect of our lives. Sometimes, it is ourselves but many times, it is the people you surround yourself with. Can be your parents, your siblings or your “friends.” Who have aimed low all their life and cannot fathom you ever being able to accomplish your dreams. They’ve never seen such hard work nor have they seen someone who is not able to give up. They lack patience and they would rather results now, instead of them coming to fruition. They wish and I do mean, they wish, they had the same work ethic and drive as you. Soon enough, their envy, their hatred, negativity, failures in life, dreams set so low that it could be stepped over, crush yours.

One thing I’ve learned in life and Islam also teaches is to keep things to yourself. If you have a gift, don’t tell others about it. Don’t speak too highly about it. Keep your success and your goals to yourself. The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) said: “Resort to secrecy for the fulfillment and success of your needs for, verily, everyone who has a blessing is envied.” [Tabaraani]

Not everyone is going to be overjoyed at your success or your dreams. Sadly, some people have two things these days. Sick hearts because they can’t bare the shine of your optimistic drive and positivity. And two, envy, thus leading to your dreams crashing when you don’t know why. The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) warned us about envy and how it could it destroy someone and even kill someone, he said: “Don’t be envious of one another.”[Muslim] in another hadith a companion was afflicted with envy by another companion due to admiration and the companion fell to the floor. He did not know what happened and brought over the Messenger of Allah. In order to revive the man, he was told to do wudhu (ablution) and with that water, pour it over him.  Amir bin Rabi’ah passed by Sahl bin Hunaif when he was having a bath, and said, “I have never seen such a beautiful skin.” Straight away he (Sahl) fell to the ground. He was brought to the Messenger of Allah and it was said, “Sahl has had a fit.” He said, “Whom do you accuse with regard to him?” They said, “Amir bin Rabi’ah.” He said, “Why would anyone of you kill his brother? If he sees something that he likes, then let him pray for blessing for him.” Then he called for water and told Amir to perform ablution, then he washed his face and his arms up to the elbows, his knees and inside his lower garment, then he told him to pour the water over him (Sahl). [Ibn Majah]

It’s best to keep dreams, success and goals to yourself. Share them with only those whom you trust and are very close to you. Those who have been there for you through thick and thin. Who advise you with sincerity and goodness. Who want you to see you further yourself in life and when it is achieved they celebrate and become overjoyed with you and when failure occurs, they become sad with you and encourage you to keep going. This is what a true friend is and this is what someone who is not a dream killer.

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