Only Yourself To Blame


You will go through a lot of things in your life that wont go your way. Some days, you’ll feel like giving up. People will talk bad about you, even though its not true. People who you thought were friends, use you but all this is a part of you life and an experience for you to become better. Sometimes, people don’t learn much from these things and end up going through depression, isolating themselves and end up blaming others that they never progressed in life because of them. Truth is, no one held you back except yourself. If you only took the lessons embedded in these hardships, embedded in the betrayals, you’ll come to recognize that they were created in such a way, that it was only supposed to make you stronger, not weaker. You can only place so much blame on another person because of your failures but there comes a time, when you have to look at yourself. Deeply reflect on who actually held you back. You’ll come to end up pointing the finger back at yourself. A lot of things in life are Allah’s decree, there is no doubt about that but sometimes our decisions, our actions in these hardships, situations in life, are a choice we make that pave a way for us to live. You can either give up, sit in a corner, play the blame game or continue moving forward in life. Only you prevent yourself from progressing in life. Allah opens up many doors for us, many opportunities for us to seize and take advantage of but due to our bitterness, due to us not letting go of our past, we never progress and instead, stay in a bitter state. Leave your heart clean. Keep it in a pure state. Let things go, don’t hold grudges and learn from every good and bad experience in your life. Take them as lessons and not as something harmful. It can only harm you if you allow it to. Also, let negative people go and if they are family, keep them at a distance because it is haram (forbidden) to cut off ties of kinship. Make decisions that are best for you. You will experience life differently from everyone in this world and not everything happened to them, will happen to you. Know who to keep around and who to let go. Life can be easy or it can be hard but it depends on you and the decisions you make after hardships, trials and tribulations.

One thought on “Only Yourself To Blame

  1. Such inspiring words mashallah.
    3 years after having gone through the worst thing ever, I realized my worst thing was done in such a way that I can evolve for the better from.

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