Don’t Wait Till You’re Old To Live Your Dreams


Ahmed Mohammed, a 14 year old from Irving, Texas, who loves inventing things in his free time, was arrested because his teacher thought the clock digital clock he created, was a bomb. How sad is that? As a society, we see our youngsters, joining gangs, selling drugs, dropping out of school, while Ahmed Mohammed is taking control of his life and inventing things to benefit society.

I know how hard it is for young individuals to free themselves from negative influences and peer pressure, to be able to develop the skills to be able to invent things, to only be themselves. If you see a young individual or even an older person, aspiring to be more than just a person who works 9-5, support them, encourage them, help them believe in themselves, just as people today, thousands, have supported Ahmed Mohammed. All a person ever needs a little bit of support to know that people care what they aspire to be. They need words of encouragement, so they can believe themselves further, so they can make it where they want to be in life. Help them accomplish their goals, don’t be a hater. Don’t be someone who can’t watch another person become successful.

If you are a person, who plans to invent something. Who plans to accomplish your goals, go ahead and do it. Don’t wait for time to pass or wait till you are old, fragile, unable to take advantage of your health and free time, to do what you loved. Life is short and tomorrow may never come. You may not live till you are 50 to see the rest of this world, so you love to travel, travel. If you love to paint, paint. If you love to write, write a book, write papers, write paragraphs, even if no one supports you in any of this. Do it because you love to do it and do it because you have been given an inspiration, a talent, a vision from Allah subhana wata’ala to pursue these things. If you are looking for results when you start, they may deter you from living out your life, goals and dreams. Everything will eventually fall into place and know, Allah is the best of planners. It is for you to do, make an effort and it is for Allah to give what is to be given in return.

Each and every single one of us has a talent, a gift, a skill that is able to change the world, change the people around us, so don’t wait for a perfect moment because there are no perfect moments. There is only a moment. That moment is now, your current situation, current place, so take advantage of it and just do it.

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