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As Floyd Mayweather Jr closes his career, which is not likely, due to him being competitive and looking to be remembered as the greatest of all time or he says, The Best Ever (TBE), many casual fans will remember Floyd as the runner but many boxing fans will remember Floyd for his career especially at the lighter weights, when he did stand in front of his opponents, make them miss and light them up with combinations. That was an exciting Floyd Mayweather Jr. As Floyd grew older, he implemented a more conservative style. We didn’t see him throw as many combinations as he did against N’dou, Gatti, Corrales, Hernandez, Manfredy and several others. He perfected the hit and not get style, leaving his opponents baffled on how to close off the ring and actually land a flush punch and even at times, walking down bigger opponents like Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

Many will hate him but that comes with a career he created with the characters Pretty Boy Floyd and Money. Just as Mike Tyson created a persona to sell fights and a character, to entice the fans and casual fans alike, just as Ali was extremely charismatic and sarcastic to have all eyes on him, Floyd created something for himself through watching these fighters. We can hate on him all we like but a person that is disliked can never have millions tuning into watch him once or twice a year and break records cause that is not possible.

Floyd gave his all for 19 years as a fighter, just as all of us give our all everyday in our careers. Was he exciting all the time? No. Was he a smart fighter? That is obvious. But he did something right for those 19 years, to stay undefeated, to be a champion for 18 years. You can say he cherry picked his way to the top but cherry pickers don’t fight top 5 or top 3 fighters in their division.

When Floyd moved up in every division, he ended up fighting the champion in those divisions. He didn’t take tune up fights, he fought the top guy, the big dog and outclassed them. He has done everything all the fighters in the present and in the past wish they did. The amount of money he made. The records he broke. Titles in 5 different weight classes. He is what every fighter wishes they could be. There isn’t anything else to accomplish and we all know, it doesn’t make sense to fight Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, when he himself, wont even move up 1 division to take on Andre Ward, nor accept a fight with Erislandy Lara who is willing to move up to 160lbs.

Floyd puts on masterful performances every time he steps into the ring and only those who understand the sweet science, who appreciate the hit and not get hit style that Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Pernell Whittaker, James Toney, Roy Jones Jr and several others will be remembered for. Floyd will definitely not be remembered as TBE now, perhaps in the future or perhaps never but, Floyd is world class and is definitely the TBE of this era.


12 time world champion
5 division champion
4 division lineal champion

Has a record of 26-0 (10 KOs) in world title fights.
Has a record of 23-0 (9 KOs) in lineal title fights.
Has a record of 24-0 (7 KOs) against former or current world titlists:
Won against Genaro Hernandez, Gregorio Vargas, Diego Corrales, Carlos Hernandez, Jesus Chavez, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), DeMarcus Corley, Arturo Gatti, Sharmba Mitchell, Zab Judah, Carlos Manuel Baldomir, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto, Robert Guerrero, Saul Alvarez, Marcos Rene Maidana (twice), Manny Pacquiao, and Andre Berto.
Has a record of 12-0 (3 KOs) against former or current lineal titlists:
Won against Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), Zab Judah, Carlos Manuel Baldomir, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, and Manny Pacquiao.
Has a record of 2-0 (1 KO) against International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees:
Won against Arturo Gatti and Oscar De La Hoya.

Regional & Minor Titles
IBO Welterweight Title (2006-2007)
IBA Welterweight Title (2006-2007)
WBC Diamond Super Welterweight Title (2012)

World Titles
WBC Super Featherweight Title (1998-2002)
WBC Lightweight Title (2002-2004)
WBC Super Lightweight Title (2005-2006)
IBF Welterweight Title (2006)
(2) WBC Welterweight Title (2006-2008, 2011-present)
(2) WBC Super Welterweight Title (2007, 2013-present)
WBA Super Welterweight Super Title (2012-present)
WBA Welterweight Super Title (2014-present)
WBO Welterweight Title (2015)

The Ring Magazine Titles
World Lightweight Title (2002-2004)
(2) World Welterweight Title (2006-2008, 2013-present)
World Junior Middleweight Title (2013-2015)

Transnational Boxing Rankings Board Titles
World Junior Middleweight Title (2013-present)
World Welterweight Title (2015-present)
Lineal Titles

World Junior Lightweight Title (1998-2002)
World Lightweight Title (2002-2004)
(2) World Welterweight Title (2006-2008, 2010-present)
World Junior Middleweight Title (2013-present)

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