I Just Want To Give Up


I know you want to give up on everything because it has been a long and difficult road. All the time you’ve put into what you wanted to accomplish, has not shown the fruits of your labour. All the hours invested. All the sleepless nights. All the advice given and running around, has gotten you no where. You feel, life is being unfair to you, while everyone else around you has everything laid out. You go the extra mile in absolutely everything you do and here you are, empty handed. Down to your last your dollar. The world is weighing you down, digging you into a hole where you see no ladder or arm that will allow you escape. People that you thought would assist you, only criticize you, leaving you full of doubts, while not seeing the hard work being put forth. It has been a long process and no doors have opened fully. There have been cracks and creaks but they instantly close once you get near. The moment you feel is yours, is instantly taken away, leaving you hopeless, beat up, thinking, this is the end. You think to yourself, how cruel is this world? All I want is an opportunity to show and prove who I am. What I am capable of but no one offers you that opportunity. Everyday just seems like you are just mauling along, hoping, being optimistic something, anything comes your way. Your phone rings, you get excited, only to hear a voice on the other end try to sell you a product or to enlist you into a program that offers little to no reward.

I’ve been where you are. Im actually there now, just as I’ve described but ask yourself, if you were to give up now, on everything in life because some things or a few things never went your way, how would you know what is to come? I know what you are thinking, there is nothing for me, I’ve tried everything possible, it is impossible but even impossible spells, IM-POSSIBLE. What you are doing now, takes courage. Takes heart. Takes dedication because no one who is as dedicated as you, invests this many hours. This many days. This many years, into being where they want to be in life. This life can be unforgiving at times but it also rewarding if you endure it with beautiful patience. All roads lead some where. Even a dead end, has pathways you can take to escape, only if you are able to create it. Nothing in life is going to be handed to you. You have to go out there and earn it because there are others out there who are competing with you but you are not competing with them. You are an individual who is creating an opportunity with every effort put forth.

Don’t give up now. Actually…… don’t give up, ever. If people don’t appreciate you, know there is someone waiting for the opportunity to show their appreciation to you. If people don’t want to give you an opportunity in life, know they are missing out on something great, that could potentially further their ideas and make it a success. If people weigh you down, get right back up because there is no weight in this world heavy enough to weigh you down.

Life is beautiful and every moment is perfectly crafted, perfectly timed, to reward you with things you could never imagine but only have dreamed. You have to keep trying. You have to keep working at it because success is not easy and successful people are never created overnight. Successful people have been created from the same tears, efforts, drive, and passion you’ve consistently put in everyday.

You’ll get your opportunity, don’t worry about that. Just don’t ever give up because there is someone out there wishing they had the drive, the passion, the energy, the effort, the ideas and brilliance you have but, Allah subhana wata’ala didn’t give it to them. He gave it to you. Use it, create an unforgettable journey because the one you are on now, you’ll look back and be thankful, you were chosen to hold the torch, to be tried and tested by the creator of the heavens and the earth. He elevated you in status by trying you with a calamity and He rewarded you for your patience.

Smile, take a deep breath, it’ll be over soon. Just as the sun eventually has to come up to brighten the day and the rain eventually has to fall to make the flowers grow, your time will come and your hard work isn’t going unnoticed. It’s creating a more efficient, intelligent and more durable individual. You are the chosen one because Allah subhana wata’ala tests those He loves. Never give up. Giving up isn’t in your blood. It isn’t what you are made of. Keep going, in the end, this experience will allow you to see who you are meant to become and I tell you, it will unfold and create something beautiful and amazing.

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