Your Own Poison



Unhealthy relationships are a poison we choose to inject ourselves with everyday, simply because we don’t make a decision to get rid of it. We think and want to get rid of this poison inside of us but we do nothing about it, absolutely nothing. Even when it breaks us down everyday. Even when it takes away from our happiness, we allow the poison to remain! What happens when we get sick? We make a choice by visiting the doctor to prescribe us a medicine that can get rid of this sickness, hoping it works, while knowing the cure is from Allah. You see, we made a choice to change something in our lives. Just as you can change the sickness inside of you that weighs you down. That weighs your life down, you can do the same with the poison that you have been hesitant to get rid of for several years! Change is on the horizon, all it takes is for you take make the step to change your life! Unhealthy relationships are not only with people but it is with yourself as well. With your mind. How you perceive yourself. Your unhealthy relationship with your physical self. Overweight, underweight, skinny, fat, whatever it may be. This is a poison that you’ve wanted to change for years but you don’t want to reach out and get the medicine, which is progress! If you really want to change your life, you will consistently make progress in 3 ways. First one is making an effort. Second is making duaa (supplication) and third is hoping for the best by being consistent every single day to change it. Stop injecting yourself with the poison when the cure has been there all along. If you have to walk away, then walk away. If you have to run, then run. If you have to make a sacrifices then make them but know that nothing will change, that poison will not rid itself until YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU want to rid of it by getting up and removing it.

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