Boxing Corner II: The Fight Of The Century & More


The Fight Of The Century has just passed and not everyone was pleased with the results. Most people… well, a majority of people have solely blamed Floyd Mayweather for the lack of action in the fight. What a lot of people fail to understand is that, Manny Pacquiao, was hyped to dethrone Floyd Mayweather. He was going to knock him out and as Manny said at the weigh-in: “My Lord will deliver him to me.”

What we seen on Saturday night was the same Floyd Mayweather we’ve been accustomed to for several years. The defensive genius of this era and the most accurate puncher of this era. Now, many people will dispute me and say, Floyd had cherry picked his way to the top and he never challenged himself but what happened Saturday night? The only challenge the public had been clamouring for was given a boxing lesson and Floyd walked away with probably the most easiest $200 million dollar payday of his career. All this accomplished in 36 minutes of boxing, which looked extremely easy to the viewers. Floyd had Manny missing and as I expected, Manny would lunge in and walk straight into straight right hands and check left hooks. It was not only Floyd’s ability to make Manny miss but it was also due to Manny’s inability to adapt and correct his mistakes which have been over shadowed by smoke and mirrors, Bob Arum’s ability to match his fighter perfectly against stationary fighters and Freddie Roach being glorified in the media as a top trainer.

Now, I wont take nothing away from Freddie Roach nor Manny Pacquiao but they expected Floyd to lose specific abilities that made him great. What they don’t realize is, Floyd has been boxing since a very young age and he didn’t rely solely on his athleticism like Roy Jones Jr did but he relied on his intelligence and how to out think his opponents. Floyd may not be as quick or as sharp as he once was but, it was his mind that kept him in the game for so long that kept him from taking minimal punishment from his opponents.

Casual fans called it running. Casual fans called it hugging and so did Pacquiao fans but die hard, hardcore boxing fans, who know the sweet science, who know it takes more than just one punch power to win the fight, called it brilliant and a lesson that was being taught to the 4 to 4.5 million projected to watching the fight on PPV. We appreciate the sport of boxing and know, it takes more than one punch and speed to win fights, that’s why we enjoyed watching the fight Saturday night.

With Floyd’s legacy pretty much sealed, soon to be hall of famer and likely ranked with the greatest boxers of all time, there is only one fight left in Floyd’s illustrious career. Fans can nitpick at his resume, say he cherry picked his way to the top, call him a chicken or coward but they’ll never see a fighter that is as brilliant and accurate as Floyd Mayweather Jr again. You may not like him due to personal reasons, due to his image in the media but myself, I watch the boxer inside the ring to show and prove what he is about and Floyd has proven time and time again, why he is the best pound for pound boxer in this era.

Other Mentions:

Leo Santa Cruz once again fought an unknown fighter, who sells insurance for a living. Anyone surprised? Will this set him up against Abner Mares?

Amir Khan Vs Chris Algeri. Yet again, Khan expects a golden ticket to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr by fighting opponents who are either coming off losses, moving up in weight or just simply don’t belong in the ring as a warm up fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Another dull fight for Amir Khan since his knockout loss to Danny Garcia in 2010. When will Khan step up?

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Vs James Kirkland. If casual fans were bored with the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight, they need to tune in this Saturday on HBO to watch fighters who will likely emulate the Rocky movie.

Timothy Bradley Vs Jessie Vargas is set for June 27th. This is definitely going to set fireworks because Bradley and Vargas like to stand toe to toe and exchange punches.

Miguel Cotto Vs Daniel Geale. If you are expecting Cotto to ever fight Gennady Golovkin, don’t hold your breath because it isn’t ever happening. After Cotto beats, yes, beats Geale, expect Saul Alvarez Vs Miguel Cotto to happen.

Thank you for reading and see you next time in The Boxing Corner.

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