Why People Walk All Over You


We’ve all several times in our lives had people walk all over us and we think, what gives? What did we do wrong? So we sit there and think over things we possibly did wrong and cannot come up with a single thing, which obviously leaves us very confused. We are extremely nice, generous, sincere and then people take advantage of us, just wipe their feet all over us as if, we are a mat for the dirt on their shoes.

I’ll tell you why people walk all over you. It’s because you have given them each and every single opportunity to so they do it as often as possible. You are afraid of what they might say when you stand up for yourself. You are afraid of how they may react when you say no, so you never say a single thing, instead you follow their lead like a robot hoping to please them, when they’ll never be pleased by what you’ve done for them.

Don’t you think, if they were happy with you, they would appreciate what you’ve done, instead of taking advantage of you? Of course but that’s not how life and some people work. No matter what you could do for some individuals, they’ll only take as much as they can from you and leave you in the dirt, especially in times when you need them.

You need to stand up for yourself. You need to speak your mind and you need to say no when it is most fitting. When you say yes every single time, they know this person is easy, let me do whatever I want to them, so you end up getting hurt, putting yourself aside for their needs. You have to understand, you are also important and trying to please everyone in this whole world will never be possible and some people can never be pleased no matter how much effort and kindness shown to them.

Want to stop people from walking all over you? Learn to say no. Stand your ground. Speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to lose people like this because they do not add value to your life. Walk away when you have to and don’t be a candle that lights others but extinguishes yourself.