5 Ways To Be A Successful Muslim

Magnified illustration with the word success on white background.

1. Plan Your Day Around Your Salaah

You want to be successful in life, with your marriage, your kids, your businesses and other things you have planned in the future. Just as the maudhan, the person who calls to prayer, who makes the adhan says: “hay ya alal falaah, hay ya alal falaah” meaning come to success, come to success, you have to come towards the success which is the hands of the creator of the heavens and the earth. You will be continuously chasing this life and may become successful with materialistic things but true success is in the heart, connected to the brain. Whatever way your heart feels, your mind will react and salaah, prayer has been the way to having a positive and content heart which will lead you being successful with everything else.

2. Surround Yourself With People Who Have Goals

Many of us want to accomplish our goals but have not surrounded ourselves with like minded individuals who strive for similar things. You have surrounded yourself with people who lack ambition, who are negative towards their own success and eventually lead towards their own demise. Do you ever see successful entrepreneurs, business owners, surrounding themselves with people who lack ambition? Who have no vision? More than likely you don’t. Successful people surrounded themselves with liked minded individuals who share a similar vision and want to be successful in the end.

3. Appreciate Life

There are so many things we may feel we lack in life or need in our lives but Allah subhana wata’ala has given us everything we currently need in our life to be successful. I want you to re-read that. That’s right, you currently have everything in your life, at this current moment which is beneficial for you and is not there to destroy you but rather help you come closer to the giver of success, Allah subhana wata’ala. You need to appreciate this because there many others who don’t have the life you have and wish they could have it. Appreciating your life is being thankful to Allah subhana wata’ala and being patient towards other things that will come your way insha’Allah. Be positive and optimistic.

4. Write Your Goals Down

Most of us plan our life goals in our head. We dream of everything we could achieve, hoping we could accomplish it some day. Do you know that many of the successful people in this world have written their goals down on a sheet of paper and constantly reflect on it? I’ve noticed that everything I’ve wanted to achieve so far in my life, never came from something I’ve planned in my head but from things I’ve written down on a piece of paper. Then a few months later or years later, I go back to that sheet and to my surprise I have completed a few of them already, Alhumdulilah. Don’t just plan your goals in your head but write them down, look at them everyday and go and achieve it. Insha’Allah, you will accomplish it.

5. Power Of Duaa

Constantly make duaa (supplication) to Allah subhana wata’ala. He is the one who is Al-Mu’ti (the giver). Shaytaan will hope that you fail in making duaa and divert you away, making you believe that your duaa is not being answered and that leads you away from being close to having your duaa’s being answered. It is the weapon of the believer and it constantly keeps you connected to Al-Mu’ti and insha’Allah, it’ll be answered. Be patient and never give up.

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