Live With Your Head In the Clouds


Live with your head in the clouds, always be optimistic. The moment you spend worrying, thinking negatively, is nothing but life being wasted. Optimism will always take you far, while being negative, will only drown you along the way. You are supposed to have your boat carry you to the shore, not drown you half way. Don’t listen to those who put you down and don’t listen to those who tell you not to dream. It is the dreamers who make dreams come true, while those who doubt themselves give up on theirs and settle for mediocrity. Live life hoping for a better tomorrow and preparing for the worst, rather than giving up on tomorrow and enduring a life time of misery. Tomorrow is not promised, so live it without the mental barriers and always hope for the best. You don’t know what is to come along way, so never give up. What you may be going through is only a test, which is preparing you for success. Continue to be optimistic, hold on and chase your dreams. It may seem like forever but it’ll happen when you least expect it. Don’t ever settle for mediocre, you were created to be something great. You have too much potential, don’t throw it away just because someone told you, you couldn’t but learn to make things happen by planting a seed of success and making it grow. They say the sky is the limit but there are foot prints on the moon, so don’t ever listen to those who tell you how far you can’t go when this universe has so much room.

2 thoughts on “Live With Your Head In the Clouds

  1. Assalamu aleykum wr wb Dear brother you hit main tips that lead us to failing in our goals. Jezakallahu keyr. as addition from my archives: Negative feelings: The one who sets goals is in the battle-field of emotion. The battlefield between his mind and goals. Mind says “You can’t do this. Because it is difficult. Don’t you see how many people failed? Why do you exert your efforts for the thing you can’t do? Its time is too long.” and other thousand negative feelings drift in our mind. Not only battle of our mind, but also there are battle of people around us. They try to look down upon us. They ridicule us and our goals. This may arise from their jealousy and thinking downward. Unless we resist these ill feelings, we fail in our goals in a short time. By reading books and listening to scholars that kindle the desire for our goals, we can resist it.

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