Muslims Inspired – Story #2 – “The only time in my life I felt loved was when I turned to Allah”


One day I met someone that changed my life. For a moment in time I felt peace. I was more than happy. This one person made me see I had my whole life ahead of me. What I didn’t know was that empty promises will eventually wear. I was misguided by his words and the waswasa of Shaytan. I felt good with him because no matter what was going on, we’d talk about it. But, due to several events we were no longer able to. We’d fight and we were no longer so forgiving towards one another. Everything was happening so fast. Surprisingly when that individual walked out of my life, I cried for less than 5 minutes. I realized that maybe the only way to not have your heart broken is to give it to the one who’d never break it. The one to whom your heart really belongs to. I never prayed to Allah or asked Him for help and yet He still loved me enough to turn me back to Him. Somehow I knew that it was because of Allah’s love and mercy that I was even able to realize what exactly I was missing from my life. How I’ve never had someone who had loved me unconditionally. I was ungrateful for everything. You can’t expect people to never leave you. That one individual I spoke about earlier really made me feel like he was here to stay. I was left baffled by this idea that all my life I kept turning to things. The only time in my life I felt loved was when I turned to Allah. It was no doubt from Allah.” – A.K.

Do you have an inspiring story that you want to share with people around the world? Been through a lot in your life and learned lessons? Do you think it’ll help others? If so, send me your story and I will share it with others around the world, insha’Allah (if Allah wills)

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