Muslims Inspired – Story #1 – Follow The True Meaning of “La ilaha ilAllah” –


It was just before ramadan was going to begin. My uncle, who was battling cancer at the time, was at the end of his days. I remember everything so vividly, as if it were happening right now. I guess you can say it’s a scary thought, but for me, I say alhamdulilah. Allow me to explain. For me, it wasn’t until I saw what happened right before my eyes, that changed my life from that day forward. It was last year, we rushed to the hospital, and there he was. I never knew a human being could look the way he did, so scrawny, so unbelievably weak. I remember walking in the room slowly and hearing those very words being repeated by everyone in the room. “Can you hear us?? Please, repeat after us! This is your last chance! La ilaha ilAllah!” 4 hours had gone by, and still, he could not say it. Every time he tried to, it was as if there was something holding him back. SubhanAllah. Doctors were rushing in and out, refilling his oxygen tank. Finally, it came to the point where not even doctors were able to save him. And before he was able to say it, he passed away. I thought to myself, those words are so easy to say…all it takes is the movement of your tongue. Then it hit me..anyone can say they are a Muslim, but true actions will always speak louder than words. If you want to have an easy death, follow the meaning of being a Muslim. Follow the true meaning of “La ilaha ilAllah”. Because one day, when all you have is one more shot, you might not even be able to say it. And just those words can be your ticket to jannah.

Do you have an inspiring story that you want to share with people around the world? Been through a lot in your life and learned lessons? Do you think it’ll help others? If so, send me your story and I will share it with others around the world, insha’Allah (if Allah wills)

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