Share Your Inspiring Stories



Everyday, I will share a story from either one of my subscribers or someone random who decides to share it. Your story can be about anything. How you reverted to Islam, how you became a practicing Muslim, how you overcame things in your life, how you became a better person, things that will help others from what you’ve been through in your life. These stories will, insha’Allah, inspire people around the world and help them with what they are going through and relate, as we are all humans and we can always relate to one another.

These are the rules:

1. No cursing or swearing

2. No exposing of your sins 

3. Send a picture that describes you or a picture that describes your story

4. 300 words or less 

Why no pictures of yourself? Due to sihr (magic) and ayn (evil eye) we thought it be best to protect people from harm but the best protection is salah, Quran and reading your daily adkhars (supplications)

Insha’Allah, I will do my best to share every single one of your stories as long as you follow the rules.  If, I do forget, please don’t hesitate to remind me because I am only human and I forget.

If you ever need advice, you can always email me

Now, do you have a story? Want to share it?

Email me at:

Also follow the account on Instagram, as I will be posting the stories on there and asking Islamic related questions, so we can be stronger in our deen (religion).

Instagram: Muslims_Inspired

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