Do I Write For Money? To Be Famous? To Be Praised?


Several times in my life, I’ve heard many people say that I write for money, to become famous, to pick up chicks or to be praised. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing for money because people pay for talent and skills but on the other hand, being praised for my writing cannot be done because it doesn’t come from me. Allah subhana wata’ala has blessed me with this talent so the person that should be praised in this is Allah subhana wata’ala.

I don’t write for recognition nor do I write to become famous. Im passionate about spreading positivity and helping others. I’ve written over 300 articles in less than 2 years on this blog and not once did I ask for a penny from someone. I’ve given away over 100 copies of my book. When someone emails me for advice, I picture myself in their position and how I’d handle it. Money is not my motivation. Recognition, being famous or being praised is not my motivation. I do this because I want good for others just as I want good for myself.

Money is infinite, while time is limited so I put an effort towards benefiting others. When you are in service to others and helping them, it is the most valuable currency there is because the feeling is irreplaceable, while money is replaceable. Im committed to wanting better for others despite someone thinking Im getting nothing in return. I know Allah’s rewards are greater than anything in this world so Im happy with that. I look towards the future and hope to change more people’s lives InshaAllah.

I will never stop because there is more work to be done. An expression, a smile, a positive change in attitude, confidence is something money cannot buy and it is Alhumdulilah what my talent offers the world. Im not a superhero, Im just a regular person who believes good can be accomplished with the talent we are blessed with. I don’t mean bad for others, I just hold a vision and view life is more than just what money can buy and how rich you can get. You can be rich but can’t buy happiness, while happiness can be taught and appreciated with the life, lessons and the people you’ve been given. Im for a better world, a better tomorrow so I hold onto positivity and am optimistic about absolutely everything.People say I get excited too quickly but I’d rather that then to be sad and disappointed quickly.

Life is the most beautiful thing we have been blessed with so why not smile more and appreciate life? We all are chasing the so called bigger things. Mansions, luxury cars, jewelry but these are actually the smaller things in life. The bigger things in life, we forget and that is ourselves. We become occupied with what the world will think of us and how they will praise us when we earn materialistic things while we are never happy. Im happy with my simple life and white t-shirts and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Im one of the most approachable people you’ll ever come across. Im sarcastic and my nephews and my entire family think Im weird but that is who I am. I’d rather offer people a memory of a smile and a laugh, instead of something bought off the shelves. The shelves are not filled with unique items but you, yourself are and what you offer others is something no individual can build and sell. Im just a regular person who has battled depression, overcame negativity and turns it all into gold, a lesson to make people’s lives better, Alhumdulilah. I could never thank Allah subhana wata’ala enough for everything He has given me. Everything the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) has taught us is the best of blueprints to living a happy and simple life.

No matter what happens in life, I don’t let things deter me away from my goals and spreading positivity because I know what it feels like to hear the negative things and how much it broke me down over the years. I used to write to escape a world that would hurt me but now I write for people like me or those who need a voice to remind them to keep going in life, that nothing is impossible and everything is within your capabilities as long as you believe in yourself. Allah subhana wata’ala will always help you find a way, as long as you help yourself while turning to Him. Im not an idle Muslim, I am just a Muslim living to the best of my abilities and tapping within my skills and abilities to help others in life. It may come with nothing like money, praise, awards, but it comes with happiness, relief and escape for others reading my work.

My name is Malik Shabazz. Well………. not really I keep my identity hidden like Batman but this is what I’m about and why I do what I do. This is for the sake of Allah subhana wata’ala and for you.

5 thoughts on “Do I Write For Money? To Be Famous? To Be Praised?

  1. Craving for the wealth and status is among our worst diseases. Especially craving for status. For status the person may reject the truth. Making sincere our deeds whether writing or other deeds is our first success both in this world and Hereafter. To tell openly what I am facing while writing articles every day is question of sincerity. I tell my soul be sincere. But it responds me unclear answer. The answer which mixed with sincerity and insincerity. As Imam Gazalı said “Don’t stop doing good deeds out of insincerity. Because this is target of Sheytan. It is to stop you from doing good deeds.” Insha Allah through seeking more knowledge and making Dua, sincerity will be cleaned from insincerity. May Allah grant us sincerity in all our deeds.

    • It is and it never brings you happiness because you’ll always want more in the end. A simple life always keep people content and I think why. It’s because you appreciate what you have and you don’t seek much more. When you begin to appreciating all that you have, you just feel happier.

      Actions are by intention, so intentions have to be pure and one thing that has helped me is always saying bismillah and always renewing my intention anytime I get some egotistic thought.


  2. Great post with a great message, the part: “We all are chasing the so called bigger things. Mansions, luxury cars, jewelry but these are actually the smaller things in life. The bigger things in life, we forget and that is ourselves.” is so true, I wish more people would realize that

    • JazakAllah khair. I think a lot of people realize it but are so fascinated with the smaller things, that they forget about the bigger things and forget making themselves happy

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