Malik Shabazz’s Boxing Corner


Every month I will be discussing my thoughts on the current events in boxing. As a die hard boxing, who is willing to miss out his wedding in the future to watch a fight, I will do my best to bring you content that we can discuss about the current state of boxing.

Guillermo Rigondeaux Vs Leo Santa Cruz – I do believe it is time now that Leo Santa Cruz steps up his competition of fighting nothing but stiffs. If we look at his recent opposition, you could not find anyone who is probably in the top 10. While, Rigondeaux who has called out every single person and beat everyone put in front of him and even travelling to Japan beating hometown favourite, Hisashi Amagasa. After giving a boxing lesson to Nonito Donaire, it seems people have been afraid to to fight Rigondeaux and even pricing themselves out by asking for ridiculous amount of money. Leo Santa Cruz has said, he is willing to fight Rigondeaux for $3 million dollars, while his highest purse has been $750,000. Either, Leo wants insurance for the beating and schooling he will receive by the hands of the Cuban gold medalist or he is just pricing himself out to avoid a fight.

Bryant Jennings Vs Wladimir Klitsckho – As the heavyweight division heats up again, Bryant Jennings & Wladimir Klitsckho have agreed to fight on April 25th in Madison Square Garden. I personally don’t think, Bryant Jennings or any current heavyweight poses a threat Wladimir Klitsckho, not even newly crowned, WBC Heavyweight Champion, Deontay Wilder.

Al Haymon Brings Back Boxing To Cable Television (NBC) – Who is excited for this? Boxing will finally be back on cable television starting March 7th with John Molina Vs Adrian Broner and in the main event, Guerrero Vs Thurman. Then on April 11th, Danny Garcia Vs Lamont Peterson will happen at a catchweight of 143lbs. We thought, it would unify the junior welterweight division but I guess not, it is still a good fight. Im looking forward to the cards.

Will Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Ever Happen? – I do wish this fight would happen and get over with, so as boxing fans can move onto new and refreshing fights. Im tired of the back forth which has spilled into the media, especially with Team Pacquiao. There have been more wars in the media, than there has been in the ring when it comes to these two. There has been nothing but back and forth bickering between boxing fans, on who will win but nothing has been decided in the ring. Hopefully, by SuperBowl weekend, we will hear some news about this and the Pactards Vs Flomos war ends come May 3rd or it wont?

That is all I got for now. If you are a you are a boxing fan discuss boxing with me below in the comment section.

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7 thoughts on “Malik Shabazz’s Boxing Corner

    • Easily but most casual fans don’t know this. Pacquiao leaves himself open every time he throws combination and Mayweather is the best counter puncher out there. It’s an easy fight for Floyd, it just needs to happen and go away.

      • I don’t think it’ll be a fight of a life time, since it is easily seen on paper as one sided. Most trainers and fighters pick Mayweather to win. A fight of a life time to me is something even. Mayweather Vs Pacquiao is not even close

      • I agree, in skill Mayweather is of a higher calibre. I mean a fight of a life time in the sense that we’ve been waiting so long for this, it’s been years in the making. Time to give the fans what they want, even though we know who’s going to win hands down.

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