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A few days ago, I wrote an article titled “3 Types Of People You Don’t Need In Your Life.” Insha’Allah, I will be doing another one but it’ll be, “3 Types Of People You Need In Your Life.” With this article, I want you all to help me with it and come up with exactly as the title reads, 3 types of people you need in your life. What are the 3 types of people you need in your life? What characteristics should they carry?

Now, if you haven’t read “3 Types Of People You Don’t Need In Your life.” You can read it here:


6 thoughts on “Help Me With This Article/Blog Post

  1. 1) God fearing (ultimate, rely upon Allah swt)
    2)Positive people (recognise the blessings in life)
    3)People willing to learn and change (realise they aren’t perfect)

    sorry i din’t elaborate, but you can do that! 😀

  2. Salam aleykoum!

    1) religious person: obviously lol someone who reminds you of Allah swt and makes you a better person.
    2) People who do not backbit and only speak good: it is a major sin in Islam and unfortunatly too many people get involved in this. Someone with whom you can have a meaningful talk. Such a person is hard to find today.. >_<
    3) people who are not judgemental: we all make mistakes but people can judge so easily. So yeah someone who would help you and advice you instead of judging.

    I hope it was helpful!

  3. Salam,

    1- Religious
    2- People who can increase your knowledge in Deen and can inspire you, being religious is not enough, inspiring is a must.
    3- People who are not shy to correct your mistakes and are sincere with you

  4. I’m going to try my very hardest to be original here but I may fail because there are so many great answers here already.

    1) Peptalkers. When life is crap and you have a person that you can go to with advice and then they’ll not only give you advice but they’ll make you feel a TON better about yourself and your situation, you have been blessed like crazy.

    2) People that listen and care. When someone pays attention to what you say and cares about your well being, they will have earned your trust and you will be encouraged to open up to them when you have problems. A lot of people are God-fearing and good, but if they don’t have these qualities then they won’t have a lot of people opening up to them.

    3) Smiley faces. Literally always smiling, always laughing. Happiness is infectious!

  5. As salamu alai kum,

    1) A friend who will take you closer to Allah subhanah wa ta’ala. Someone who will not only motivate you to do good but also advice you to be on the sunnah when you go astray.

    2) The Experienced ones. There is always someone who has more knowledge and experience with respect to deen as well as matters of dunya. It is important to be around people who have more knowledge and experience so that we can always better ourselves.

    3) The positive. People to whom we can open up, who can be our confidante, with whom we share a positive aspect of life. Enjoying and being happy is important too. One good friend

    I hope it helps!

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