You A What? A Muslim Now? A Practicing Muslim? WHAT!!!

Think & Be Positive


Asalamwalikhum (Peace Be Upon You). You are now a Muslim or a practicing Muslim and the people that are in your life are either in support of your new found spiritual form of happiness, that is by turning to tawheed (oneness of Allah) and doing the acts of worship, ibadah, coming closer to Allah SWT or just confused as to why, you’ve turned your life around? In many situations when people do turn their life around, there is always going to be pro’s and cons for it. People will either support you or not support you and their reasons for not supporting you has to do with their own whims and desires not being allowed to be fulfilled as you also give them dawah (invitation) to coming closer to Allah SWT or accepting there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah SWT.

Through this journey of coming closer to…

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