Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts



You always say, I can’t, I won’t be able to, it’s not possible, just look at me, Im dumb, Im stupid, this life isn’t working out for me, they are doing better than me, I’m fat, I can’t lose weight, Im too tired, I didn’t get enough sleep, this world is against me and the excuses go on.

Do you notice that every single excuse made was about defeating yourself and not the world really defeating you? Do you know why you’ve always made these excuses? It’s because of the lack of belief inside of yourself. There is no one else telling you these things. Ask yourself how often you’ve heard people tell you those things to you? If you did, it is not as often as you told yourself. I can guarantee you, 95% of your self-esteem issues are from yourself. From what you’ve thought about yourself and not what others have told you.

If you started telling yourself positive things on a daily basis, instead of telling yourself negative, self defeating things, you would be a much better person. I can almost guarantee you that but you need to guarantee speaking to yourself and thinking of yourself in a much better way. You need to have a better approach in your life about yourself. Of course, you are going to worry about the world around you and how the latest trends are in dire need of boosting your self-esteem but ask yourself, has it ever fixed it? Maybe for a few hours, a day or whenever you’ve decided to wear that item but after that, you’ve gone back into not liking yourself.

Stop putting everything, your beliefs, your heart, into a single item, into a belief that doesn’t uplift you. That reflection in the mirror doesn’t define you because it is only there temporarily, while your soul, how you feel about yourself on a daily basis is something you will live forever with. This does not mean, you need to let yourself go, eat everything and then say, it is in the inside that only matters, when that is not true because what you eat makes you feel a certain way.

Im sure, most of us has had McDonalds at some point in our lives, just to fill ourselves temporarily but what had happened after that? Did we feel good? How did our body react? Didn’t you feel lazy? Why would you put something into your body that doesn’t give you something positive back? Just as you feed your body good food, positive food, you need to feed your mind positive thoughts, in order for you to have positive energy.

Boosting your self-esteem isn’t in nobodies hands nor in anybodies book but it is within yourself. There are books and people out there that can tell you how to achieve it but they are only reminding you how you are limiting yourself and how you can go beyond what you think of yourself. You need to make that effort and not only think positively about yourself but feel that way as well. There isn’t something you can’t do unless you tell yourself and once you’ve begun to tell yourself, you begin to accept it slowly, only to eventually believe it for it to become. But if you tell yourself you can do something and you are adamant, consistently believing you are able to, insha’Allah (if Allah wills) you will be able to.

A better life begins with you believing in yourself. Believing you are beautiful despite your flaws. Believing you are amazing. Believing you are capable. Believing that not everything given to others was by mere luck but by hard work, patience and by the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. By also believing they can. By believing in themselves when no one else in the world did. You can have that same feeling and same belief but it needs to begin with you working on yourself, accepting yourself and allowing time, patience and consistency to work a way for you.

Insha’Allah, this article has helped you feel better about yourself and has helped enable you to understand that you are limiting yourself and only way to break those limitations is by believing in yourself. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala created you for a purpose and one of them was not to put yourself down and think of yourself as low as possible but to be optimistic about tomorrow, about yourself, about your goals and insha’Allah, one of them is definitely jannah (heaven).

If you know someone who is dealing with self-esteem issues, share it with them so they can benefit and break themselves free from a feeling that is destroying them and a feeling that will replace and encourage them to be better for themselves.

I’ve also written a book which covers many topics of positivity which will help you on your journey to being “The Strongest Version Of Yourself.” (Pay What You Want – PDF Version) ($4.99 – Kindle Version)

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JazakAllah khair for reading.

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