Food For Thought IV


Learn to let go of the world around you and you’ll see yourself in a totally different light. Find yourself invisible standing in front of world and you’ll conquer fears that have held you back. Let go of what the world thinks of you and you’ll learn to be yourself. Let pain be strength and let your sujood (prostration) be peace. Mend your heart by loving yourself and letting go of everything that was never meant to be. Look towards the future by learning from your past, for everything in it was a lesson, a creation of who you are today. Nothing was meant to harm you, except to prepare you and protect you from things that were no good for you. At times let your tears flow to escape this difficult life at times but turn to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala for it is through Him where the hearts find rest. Take care of your body as it’ll age with you. For what you put in it, is an investment and the return will insha’Allah, will help you live a better life. Stay away from negative people for they will destroy you, just as they are destroying themselves. Stay away from those who constantly complain, for they have not learned nor understood the blessings of life. Find positive people for they will encourage you, brighten your day and will help you see your blessings in life. This life is temporary, so find a good spouse who will help you strengthen your eman (faith) and will encourage you to get closer to your Lord. Look to remember your happy times when in misery and when in happy times, remember your where you once were, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has blessed you with good.

Be a voice when there is injustice and learn to speak your mind. A trapped voice is a prisoner in your body that you’ve held captive. Go towards what makes you happy and let go of other people’s dreams. Let them achieve theirs and you achieve your own. Money doesn’t mean success and money is not happiness, do what you love and the money will come. You will become successful for not following the crowd and following your heart. There is not a single soul like you in the world but there is a soul created for you, so be patient when seeking, knowing they are destined to be in your life. Learn to make better choices and learn not to regret on the choices you’ve made, if you didn’t make bad choices, you would not know how to make better choices. This life is simple but you make it difficult by wasting your energy on things that have not existed yet, you need to allow things to happen by taking steps in those directions. Let go of the words I can’t and I’ll fail because failures are apart of life’s growth process and I can’t is only an obstacle of the mind and your failures will lead to you to success.

This life is temporary so don’t waste it away. Live good, be kind, advise others as if you are in their position, help others and seek rewards only from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.  Be patient with what you are striving for, It’ll come when it is time. Just keep working and eventually it’ll come. Whatever is meant to come your way is already written and what is not is already written. Live everyday as it is your last, stop worrying what others think of you and be yourself, it is the key to success.

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