Not Interested



If someone is not interested in you, please don’t continuously approach them using different reasons for them to like you. If they liked you, you wouldn’t have to explain who you are, they would just accept you. Every time you go ahead and make up different reasons or explaining why they should be with you, you look desperate every time.

There is no point investing your time, your heart, your sleepless nights wondering why they don’t want to be with you. You are worth more than explanations, reasons and justifications. If they abuse you, move on. If they broke your heart, move on. Stop leaving yourself open for them to take advantage of you because believe me, they will and you will allow them to because you are vulnerable thinking, they will finally love you, which they wont.

Now, if you want to continue going back to that individual, then that is your choice. You can get all the advice in the world and each person will tell you, “Stop doing that! Move on!” And you will more than likely agree but will continue to pursue that individual, this is desperation and you are not desperate for them. You can say it is difficult, I want to so bad but you keep deciding not to. You have given them too much power over you. You need to get a hold of yourself and find yourself going in the direction YOU WANT, which is BEST FOR YOU!

Protect your heart and find someone who is heavily interested in you, as you are to them. That way, you aren’t wasting your time nor are they wasting their time. Marriage can be established this way insha’Allah and you two can be together as often as you like.

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