Your Excuses


If your excuses would have made your dreams come true by now, we all would have completed them today. Reality is, your excuses have done nothing for you, except a dig a hole of comfort, allowing you accept that you can’t do something in your life. I want you to read and pay attention to what is written next. No one in this world is going to come to your door and remind you of your goals. No one in this world is going to come and take your hand and say “Your goals still need to be completed.” Because we are all selfish in our own ways. We all are concentrating on something that needs to be accomplished and defeated, whether it is our eternal struggles or our external struggles, so the only person in this world that is going to accomplish things… that’s right, is yourself! You need to understand, as long as you pile up your excuses, as long as you make them comfortable in your life, you will always be where you don’t want to be in life.

Maybe, you enjoy being no where but the truth is, you actually don’t, so you need to stop making excuses for all things that aren’t going your way because you’ve tried once. You think, if you tried only once to walk, you would have been walking by now? Just look at a baby as it begins to take its first steps, climbing everything in its way and using the edges of a sofa or table to make its way, how eager it is to walk with the permission of Allah subhana watallah! Falls down, gets back up and continuously spends hours trying, every single day until it finally can. You can’t just try once in your life and then make an excuse for yourself. You aren’t expected to succeed in everything you do but what is expected from those failures, is a lesson that is going to be vital in making other things successful for you!

If you really want things to start happening in your life, you need firstly have faith in Allah subhana watallah first and then be proactive about it. As I told a young muslim woman at the gym, you need to stop making excuses that the gym is too far, that I can’t do this or that. If you really want this as bad as you want, which you do, you will not find an excuse to make it to the gym and change your life. Whatever it is you want to do in life, stop making excuses for yourself because it is not going to make things happen for you. Every time you make an excuse, you allow yourself to accept that you aren’t capable of whatever it may be. Stop that and go and make an effort. Failures are apart of life and apart of your growth process.

Helping you overcome the negative thoughts and how to stop making excuses for yourself is one of the topics I cover in my book. You can purchase it here: ($4.99 – More reviews on this link) ($4.99)

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