E-Book Contest!!!!

E-Book Contest!! I will be giving away two copies of “The Strongest Version Of Yourself” before it is released next Monday

What do you have to do?

Just answer this question:

What does the strongest version of yourself mean to you?

Two people with the BEST answers, will get a copy of the book a few days before it is released

16 thoughts on “E-Book Contest!!!!

  1. As-Salam Alaikum,

    I wanted to know if a hard copy of your book will be available sometime in the future. I only ask because I know a few people who would benefit from this book and would like to gift it to them. Congratulations on the book and may Allah bless you with more success.

    • Walikhumsalam, Malikah.

      I do plan to make physical copies, depending on how well this book does. Insha’Allah, it does well, I’ll make physical copies and sell them too, insha’Allah

      🙂 Ameen and you too

      • Ok. Thank you. I’m looking forward to reading this Insha Allah. I just realized I put my whole name on display. Lol.

  2. She is the one who, although things in life push her down several times, still holds her own hand and stand. She thrives hard to be better each day while admitting that she is weak, imperfect and vulnerable. It is accepting her flaws, mistakes and failures and using them as tools for her to grow, learn and improve. She is not arrogant but humble and grateful of everything that happens. She has the ability to see beauty in every disaster and shed her own tears when she is in pain. She knows how to appreciate God’s blessings even in times of distress. She trusts the journey even she has no idea where it will lead her. She has the capability to let go of the past, embrace the present and look towards the future with her sincere smile. Lastly, what truly makes her strong is her capability of not comparing her life to others. She appreciate her own beauty. She is grateful of her abilities. She creates her own life story. She makes it unique. She makes it real. And, these are what I want to see in myself – to be the strongest version of myself.

  3. the strongest version of anyone’s self is hard to find. I think my strongest Version of myself is me out and about in my hijab and abaya, skipping, not caring of what people think of me and my outfit. My strongest version of myself is me being comfortable in my own skin, being able to talk and interact with others without worrying that they’d think i’m strange. The Strongest version of myself is me as a Muslim, working to please Our Lord by reading the Quran and following the Sunnah of His Prophet (SAWS). I hope that who ever wins the book, will be able to gain from it and become whole new person. Insha Allah. Congrats to those who win. 🙂

  4. I am the strongest version of myself when I stand up for what I know is true. Even though people say nasty things about Islam and think I may be uncool because I don’t party or drink alcohol I am my strongest self because I think for myself and don’t allow society and what others think is cool change me. I am my strongest self when I help others because there’s nothing I find more satisfying then giving a helping hand. I am my strongest self when I educate myself and strive to be wiser and understanding.
    When I’m discouraged I have the ability to not give up on myself. Sometime the hardest thing to overcome is myself and I feel my strongest when I have been lazy and in a slump and some how I push myself back up.I am my strongest self when I bite my tongue and give my father the utmost respect. No bodies perfect and I can not say that I am my strongest self everyday and but I do strive to be better in every way possible and make this world a better place.

  5. As salaamu alaikum

    Really good question, and since I hardly ever win anything, I’ll give it a shot:

    The strongest version of myself doesn’t mean being completely free of flaws, weaknesses or mistakes. Those are human attributes that none of us can escape.

    Instead, the strongest version of me is someone who regularly critiques his inner thoughts, attitudes, character, words and actions – then compares that to the lofty ambitions he has for himself, all the while keeping this analysis within the framework of Quran and Sunnah – which are the guiding forces as to what ideals to strive for.

    But analysis is merely an intellectual exercise if it’s not followed by action, therefore the strongest version of me makes realistic plans on how to lessen the negatives and increase the positives. He does this always keeping the principle of gradualism in mind – small and consistent change is better than grand but fleeting change.

    He adheres to his plan as much as possible, while being flexible enough to accommodate any unexpected events…without getting pushed off track completely when such surprises arise.

    He strives to live in such a way that, if he died at any moment (which could well happen to any of us), he would die in a state where he is ready to meet his Lord, hopeful that despite his human weakness, his intentions and efforts were sincere enough that he finds acceptance from his Creator…thereby sealing his eternal fate as a happy ending (albeit an ending that never ends).


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