In the book, I cover a variety of different topics. Some of the topics I cover in the book are:

Accepting Your Blessings
The Past
Dealing With Negative People
A Hard Heart
Choosing The Right Spouse

And many other topics that you may be dealing with on a daily basis and may need answers for. I don’t think you’ll regret reading this book because it can be a life changer for you and help you see life in a very different but very positive perspective and help you overcome many things.


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Book Review

After reading ‘The strongest version of yourself’ I realized that I could be doing much more to reach my full potential. I think it’s a really good book for anyone who is looking for motivation of any kind, particularly those of us who are limiting ourselves. It definitely made me think further about the things I could do to help achieve my goals, and definitely made me appreciate the life that Allah has bestowed upon me. I also appreciate the fact that the author took verses out of the Quran and elaborated on them to suit the chapter and assist in getting the point across.

Derya Keles – Melbourne, Australia


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A Piece Of Me


I was always told quite a lot through out my younger years that I would amount to nothing. People closest to me, always compared me to others and what they have achieved academically, while I was struggling in school. I wasn’t struggling because I was dumb or slow but because I was lazy, as I didn’t care what went on in class. I didn’t have the highest self-esteem growing up nor did I have a positive influence in my life. The biggest influence in my life, to be honest with you all was WWF. I went through depression, I went to very low points in my life. I made extremely bad decisions following my whims and desires. I used to give up on things very easily and anytime something became challenging, I would give up.

But, there was always something inside of me, a fire, a desire to prove people wrong, that I wasn’t going to be as they said I am. I wasn’t going to be compared to people and that there is something about me through hours of writing I used to do. Pages and books filled with poetry and lyrics I used to write, that there was a gift there, a potential that wasn’t explored properly. I didn’t want to be like others. I didn’t care to be a doctor, a lawyer, a pharmacist. I didn’t care about numbers. I didn’t care about sitting behind a desk all day and make money the easy way. I had a problem with authority and I never liked it from the beginning because I always found myself to myself, creating things in my head and then writing them down or drawing things on a piece of paper.

I wasn’t going to let the people of this world decide who I should be and what I should do with my time. I wasn’t going to let heart breaks make me bitter towards other people I don’t know. i wasn’t going to let anything stop me from being who I am.

As I grew older, I began to take risk. I began to to get my feet wet and If I was going to drown, by all means, I would drown but I wasn’t going to let the negativity I grew up around prevent me from exploring the gifts I had. I knew, as soon as I got my feet wet and stopped caring what others thought of me, I would eventually find a piece of my purpose in this world, that it is to inspire people. It is to motivate people. I wasn’t created to fear people. I wasn’t created to worry what others had to say about me. I was created for my own purpose and I didn’t allow myself to see that because I listened to everyone. Because I thought they knew what was best for me, so I let them choose what was best. I thought I was going to end up a failure in life. I thought I wasn’t going to amount to nothing. And all of that just made me desire more in my life. It made me search inside of myself and find happiness that cannot be replaced.

I know, Allah SWT didn’t create you and I to be followers, except to be followers of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him). There is a beautiful message we can learn from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him), if you read his biography. He never gave up in life and no matter how people treated him, no matter how people were with him or against him, he never gave up on his purpose in this world, that was to spread the message of tawheed (oneness) in Islam and he lived to do just that, moving hearts and people in a direction closer to Allah SWT. His purpose has been fulfilled in this world and it continues to spread amongst billions of people and thousands are converting everyday. We can learn from this and it shows that, no matter what your purpose in life is, which should be firstly to worship Allah SWT, after that, go towards it. Don’t ever give up and no matter what people say to you, how they say it. They give you pain, they make you cry, don’t stop going towards your own purpose. Be a leader in this life and continuously follow your heart by having complete faith in Allah SWT. Don’t be a copy but be an original.

If you never take risk and you always worry what others will or might say, you may never be who you are supposed to become. I am who I am today because I stopped caring what the world had to say to me, in a negative way, to put me down and I looked at it as a push in a direction to find myself. I am who I am today because I took risks and challenged myself and when things became challenging, I never gave up. I am who I am today because I put Allah SWT first, have complete trust in Him with everything I do and follow through with it. I am…. insha’Allah, what Allah SWT created me to be. A person who is going to inspire, motivate and change people’s lives with the best of my ability.

E-Book Contest Winners!!

All of you have that participated in the blog post below, had beautiful answers, masha’Allah. If I could pick all of you as winners, I really would. In reality, all of you that participated gave something of yourself, an effort, showed growth in what you wrote and showed, you want to achieve something beautiful in life, despite the hardships you all are going through, despite the flaws you all have. Keep with that mentality, that mind set and don’t stop. Insha’Allah, you will be successful!!

The winners are

Yacoob & Najmah Bint Nasr

I have sent your email accounts associated with your blog accounts the book.

I can’t wait to release my book!!! Im really excited for everyone to read it and give me positive and negative reviews.

JazakAllah khair to all those that participated 🙂

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“The Strongest Version Of Yourself” E-Book Release Date (November 3rd)

For several weeks, I have been writing a book titled “The Strongest Version Of Yourself” and on Monday, November 3rd, I will be releasing it and it’ll be on sale for the 2 weeks (November 3rd to November 17th) for $1.99! It will be a PDF file, so you can read it on your computer or smartphone. Over 15,000 words have been written and hundreds of hours were invested into it. It is 14 chapters and It is a self-help book, which just as the title states, it is about being “The Strongest Version Of Yourself” Im excited to release it and I can’t wait to release it and have people read it and give me negative and positive reviews. Something is better than nothing and I take the bad with the good and that’s life. The link to purchase the book will be available on my blog

My Book

I’ve always planned to write a book as this has been one my goals in life. I’d like to let you all know that I am currently working on a book and insha’Allah, it’ll be either released this year or early next year. I’ve written several chapters and it’ll be a self-help book, as many of the articles I’ve written are self-help articles, that help you become the strongest version of yourselves. Here is the book cover. I can’t wait to release it in the near future, insha’Allah


Allah SWT Is Guiding You To Better


I think a lot of us get caught up when an individual does not remain in our life. No matter how hard we try to convince them. No matter how good we are to them. No matter what we do for them, things never seem to workout. But we fail to realize that Allah SWT has set us up with the people we need in our life, that will help us become successful, that will help us become better people and also help us learn lessons in our lives. We continuously think to ourselves, how come? Why not? Why me? But it is Allah SWT protecting you from a greater evil and doing His best to guide you away from it. Your heart may be inclined to decline the on going things but each situation has painted a clear image that shows that situation is just not what you hoped it to be and what you once dreamed of as there are better things to come forth in your life to replace it. You may not understand what is going on but not everything is clear in the beginning and eventually, you understand that this situation that is happening now, years later, was actually better for me. Life will never be one straight road. There will bumps, there will be holes and there will twist and turns to protect you from several things that are for the greater good of your soul, mind and heart. To guide you a better life and to make you the strongest version of yourself. Do your best not to hold on to what was never meant to be but look forward to all the things that have been meant to be and all the things that will be in the future. Be optimistic and smile. You only have one life and you only have 24 hours in a day. Don’t waste it thinking of what was never meant to be but spend in thinking positive of your situation and how it is protecting you and leading you to better things.

Dealing With Rejection



Rejection is apart of life and not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to hate you and not everyone is going to want to fall in love with you. There is no such thing as “love at first sight” because that isn’t actually love at all, that is lust. Lust is a temporary feeling, a desire that appears and gives you a feeling or a sensation you think is love. Love will never appear at first sight, nor will it appear through several sights. Love develops through time.

Being rejected sucks and it is one of the worst feelings but you have to understand, we all are attracted to each other differently. Your beauty, your looks may not be attractive to that one individual but will be attractive to many other individuals but you are thinking, that doesn’t matter, I only want that person but guess what? The reality is, it’s not going to happen. Now, you can attempt to force them to like you but you are looking extremely desperate when you are doing that. If someone is genuinely interested in you, there is no need to force someone to get your attention because they already have it. Don’t force them to like you because if they see you are desperate, you can be taken advantage of and that is worse than being rejected. You are going to get played and end up with a bigger broken heart.

Just because you were rejected doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It’ll obviously hurt you a bit but there is nothing wrong with you. You aren’t ugly, you aren’t stupid, you aren’t whatever you think you are because it is not true. You just aren’t for them and they aren’t for you. You belong in someone else’s life that is why it didn’t happen between the two of you. You are going to be beautiful/handsome to someone else and they wont find another person as attractive as you.

You will be rejected several times in your life. Look at all the jobs you were rejected from but you didn’t give up and feel hopeless did you? No, you didn’t because you wanted to either make money or start a job in your career. It is apart of life and not everyone is going to apart of it, especially the person you want. That’s the harsh reality and don’t expect me to sugar coat it for you but really and truly, there is going to be someone else who is going to fall in love with you for 30 or 40 years and probably more longer than that depending on how long Allah SWT gives you two a life for and end up in Jannah together. Take it as something good and not as something bad. You’ll be fine…seriously, you’ll be fine.