You Can Be So Much More


I want you all to help me understand something. This current trend that is happening around the world today. I just simply can’t understand why people are taking this route? Do people want to be remembered simply because of this?

I am talking about the current trend of women, particularly Muslim women either aspiring to be hijab fashion experts or make up artists. I never understood why there seems to be a growing trend of this? Don’t you women want to be remembered for more than just that? I understand, women love beauty and want look beautiful either for themselves or their husband but ask yourself what are you really teaching these women or young women on the other side watching your videos?

If all they are are seeing is a glamoured up woman or soon to be through out the video, what message are you sending them? They are not learning anything that benefits the soul. Tomorrow when they decide to follow your instructions, all they have fixed is the flaws in the physical, while the eternal is still broken. They have not learned how to fix their self esteem. They have not learned anything about the deen (religion) except to wear the hijab in a more trendy way. They have not learned how to accept the person they are. All they have learned is how to look beautiful and how to fit in with the trendy hijab fashions.

Ask yourself, years from now do you want to be remembered just for that? A woman on youtube along with millions of others on there showing other women how to look beautiful? What about wanting others how to feel beautiful? Is that too much to ask? What about teaching women about their deen (religion)? You do know that Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) one of the prophets wives taught many of the shahabas (companions) about the deen? You can be so much more! I know you can be but for some odd reason you choose to only show women how to be beautiful or how to tie your hijab in a different way.

Ladies. My sisters in Islam, I have nothing against you. I only write this because I am worried of this growing trend, which does not benefit the soul. It does not shape or a mould a positive image. A positive image is not one who looks beautiful but one who accepts themselves and feels beautiful regardless whether they wear make up or not. Teach these women to accept themselves. Teach these women about the Qur’an and Sunnah. Teach these women how to be leaders and not followers. Teach these women how not to fall into the traps of men who just want to dog them. Teach these women how to aspire to be more than just what others tell them to be. Teach them they are capable of anything they put their mind to. Teach them negativity destroys the soul. Teach them that make up will not solve your issues no matter how much of it you put on. Teach them how to find a good husband. Teach them how to be a good wife. Teach them how to be better Muslims. Teach them something that will affect and change their lives forever. Not something that will change the colour of their lips, eyelids and cheeks. All this is temporary because you know once that is washed off, they are still broken eternally and have not learned not to accept themselves.

I know, I’ll get hate for this. I don’t care. You can write hateful comments to me. You can call me a hater. You can call me ugly. You can say, brother, why do you care what women do, lower your gaze. Say it, write it, it comes with the territory I’m walking into. I just wanted to speak my mind about this topic and this growing trend that seems to affect a lot of people but does not change the condition of their souls. Benefit society at the same time. Benefit others at the same time and still show women how to look beautiful. Share a positive message with others, not just how to look beautiful and how to wear the hijab. You can be so much more and you can teach so much more. I know you can. You come from the best lineage of women and you can be amongst and remembered for one of the best of women. Affect the soul, mind and heart because after beauty fades, that is the only thing that will remain.

9 thoughts on “You Can Be So Much More

  1. An interesting -possibly controversial for some- post. I somewhat agree that there is a growing trend which places emphasis on outer beauty. To me, it seems to link to a Western culture… just look to all the media attention magazines receive about their models, photoshopping and promoting specific ‘beauty’ traits…

    However,at the same time, I think there is some merit in teaching some girls how to wear the actual hijab in ways that will stay put! I know from personal experience, that when you’re out and about and your hijab is coming lose you may want to learn a method where it more ‘secure’.

    jzk, Miss A

  2. Salam Aleykoum!
    To me I don’t see how this could be controversial since you are only telling the truth; but that’s only my opinion.
    Yes as a sister I agree with you! I am not really against hijab tutorial, because this is how I learned how to wear my hijab. But just like you, I have a problem with make up tutorials. A video is usually around 10 minutes let say, and they could use it to talk about so many important things instead of just applying make up. If I need a make tutorial for a certain event, there are a bunch of non-muslim girls who make wonderful tutorials. May Allah swt guide us!
    Thank you for this article!

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