I Love To Cook III

if any of you have liked my Facebook page, then you would know I post pictures of the things I cooked. Since I haven’t done that in a while on my blog, I’m going to share some stuff here. I’ love cooking because it makes me relax and takes my mind away from things. The amount of concentration and effort I put into this food is a lot, as you can see from the presentation in the pictures. Enjoy and don’t drool on your phones or keyboards


Double stuffed apple, banana, cinnamon and honey pancakes.




Stuffed chicken spinach pasta shells with sweet potatoes and asparagus





Cinnamon Crepe with Nutella, bananas and strawberries





Chicken Pineapple Quesadilla with mangos and mixed vegetables





Avocado Chicken Burgers With Sweet Potatoes & Mixed Vegetables





Stuffed chicken breast, Garlic & Alfredo Sauce Pasta & Home made garlic dip…





Mixed Vegetable White Rice & Marinated Chicken Breast



22 thoughts on “I Love To Cook III

    • JazakAllah khair, the presentation is KEY to making food look delicious, as well as making others want to try it too. If it looks sloppy, it’ll look disgusting and people will be turned away.

      • Do it insha’Allah a lot can benefit. There is lots of good one I follow there well more of the baking ones. That pasta and stuffed chicken Breast one please and thank you

      • That is sooooo easy, peassssy! JuSt boil the pasta, cut your veggies, clean the chicken breast, cut in the middle of chicken breast, add your stuffing, marinade your chicken it taste better, either string or toothpick to keep the stuffing in place…put in the oven, for 25mins on I think 350…add veggies and pasta to a pan… cook withe veggies… add sauce.. stir mix… …bammmmn!! done…what is your favourite dish??

      • I need the recipe for the stuffing lol. And I am big on food alhumdullilah so anything goood. I’m more of a baking person lol. The other cooking I do depending on mood but mostly I let my mom handle that cuz MashaAllah she’s an amazing cook 🙂

      • For the stuffing, you can actually try anything, I just used cheese cause it was my first time trying it and it actually turned out AWESOME especially with the dipping sauce. I remember, I tried to make rice krispy squares a few weeks ago for Eid and I massacred it! It turned into rock krispy squares because I over cooked the marshmellows lol I suck at baking but cooking food, food… ill do that any day of the week! My mom is amazing too, masha’Allah but she hates it that I cook cause im a man lol

      • Oh my mom would too LOL we let my brothers experiment with their cooking once in a while but usually I am fixing it at end :/ so mostly they are just sharing recipes or handling BBQ.LOL at rock krispy squares let me know if you need baking recipes 🙂

      • The thing when I cook is that, there is no need to fix because I try to be a perfectionist, as you can see from the presentation and I just put things together so well. Cooking is in my genes. My uncles cook as well, I just take my time, that’s where the perfection comes into play.

        For sure, I’ll definitely ask you lol I need to improve my baking skills, I suck at it!

      • I think everyone should know how to cook because your mother nor your wife or whomever can always cook for you. You have kids and a brain, use it and learn.

        I cook quite often, especially breakfast. Most of my meals I cook are post workout meals or late night meals, as I try to eat more on the healthy side.

      • I mean, you have hands and a brain, not kids lol I love cooking, it makes me relax. It’s another escape for me, just as salah and the gym. Those things, I don’t think I’d ever give up for anything.

        Post workout meals are the BEST cause you are starving and just want to eat but i spend most of my time trying to make it look more presentable after it is done.

      • Hands are moving where the brain doesn’t want it to, happens lol I do take a lot of pictures of my food in order to find the right picture. It’s the perfectionist in me. I need to look appealing to the person looking at it. For them to think… that looks DELICIOUSS! That’s why I’ll take around 10 photos sometimes, just to pick one.

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