Change Takes Time



Changing oneself is not easy, it takes a lot of time. People are not like cars where there is a mechanic who is able to piece the broken parts together in a matter of hours or days and give you an improved version. We all have taken years to be who we wanted to become and even then, we are not fully improved in the areas we want to be.

Just as we are taking time to improve who we are, you should expect the same from others. Everyone improves at their own time, through their own experiences, so we should do our best to be patient with them. We should also advise them to the best of our abilities and not grow impatient with their progress. We don’t know what types of battles they have going on within themselves, that we don’t see on the surface. The more you are a thorn in their side, the more battles they face and the longer it may take for them to improve in the areas they want. You may in fact become the hurdle in their process which you want to see so badly.

Change takes time but we should not change or improve what we want when it is too late. The boat will leave the dock and may never return. Just as death may arrive and you may never be prepared. As long as you are making progress and trying to change to the best of your abilities, insha’Allah, it’ll happen. Cities were not built in a day and Arnold never built his physique after one workout. Everything takes time.

4 thoughts on “Change Takes Time

  1. Very good reminder masha’Allah. Allah does not change the condition until we change what is within ourselves and that doesn’t happen in one day its a continuous improvement.

  2. Very true. Though it is also important to point out to people that are very lax with their change *cough*LAZINESS*cough*, speaking from personal experience, that you have to actively make the effort. Just because change takes time, it doesn’t justify one delaying Qur’an reading, knowledge seeking and overall worshipping to do useless stuff. Because then your strive for change goes nowhere and you’re stuck and then you’re left wondering why you’re stuck.

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