How Can You Expect Them To Stay Quiet?



Before you come to defend Israel, please do it from a logically thinking perspective and put yourself in the shoes of Palestinians. The land of Palestine has been illegally occupied since the 1940’s and here are these people that are supposed to be calm and just accept that everything they’ve ever owned is being taken away, from the land to their children? Their homes being destroyed all because they, the Zionist think the land belongs to them, so they destroy it and build illegal settlements.

You think the Natives were quiet when their land was taken by the British and Americans? You think the Africans were quiet when their land was taken and they were taken as slaves back to America? None of them were quiet and neither are the Palestinians. The Saharis are not quiet either and their land has been taken by the King of Morocco, they still fight for it till this day. And I’m certain, if your land, home or whatever it is you owned and strived for was taken away, you would not keep quiet. If your family was murdered, you would not keep quiet and neither would I or anyone else in the world. We would fight them with our lives on the line but sadly, the IDF has brutally been massacring the people for decades and taking land bit by bit, as much as they can, so they, the Zionist Israeli Regime can claim it as their own.

The Muslims and Jews can live in peace and it has been done centuries ago and it’s happening around the world. So please, bring a discussion that will actually make sense because what the IDF is doing cannot be defended and will never be defended. Killing innocent people, destroying their homes, arresting innocent people, all for what? These aren’t humans, these are animals with no morals and no beliefs because if they did, they would know what they are doing is wrong.

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