Readers Choice


9 thoughts on “Readers Choice

  1. Any suggested topic will be written about, eh? I will hold you to that.

    1. In light of the Gaza attacks, what do you think ummah can do to improve the situations in countries where Muslims are severely oppressed, in the long run? So instead of solutions that will only be beneficial now, or in the next couple of years, what can we do that will still help in 20, 30, 40 years from now?

    2. What do you think of cheese and why does it have holes in cartoon?

    • No, not any suggested topics. The best ones would be written about it, that’s what I wrote lol

      2. I love cheese, cheese is awesome and cartoons are the best, that’s why they have holes in it.

  2. Why Islamic extremist are blowing up Mosques? Telling people to use this ramadan to invite neighbors for Iftar.

    • That could be a good one. Inviting people to iftar is good, as it is shows unity within the ummah. It is especially welcoming for reverts who don’t have or may not have other muslims to break their fast with.

  3. Lack of commitment when it comes to Islamic activism/da’wah. Mobilizing people is difficult- at the beginning when there is hype you find large numbers. But as time goes on, these numbers start dwindling. How do you deal with this when you want to make change but those around you are unmotivated and uncommitted?

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