Don’t Be Bothered By What They Say Of You



Don’t concern yourself with what others say or write about you because that is giving into what they want. Just keep walking and do the best you can every single day of your life. The minute you give in, they’ve won the battle and you’ve lost yourself in anger, concentrating on their words. Pay them no mind and they’ll lose their mind hoping you catch of glimpse of their bitterness, envy, jealousy towards you. They admire your work. They admire your ethic but deep down inside, they can’t deal with what Allah has blessed you with, so they either speak about about you in private, try to destroy what you’ve worked for or create rumours but as long as you have tawakul (trust) in Allah, you tie your camel, trust me don’t worry about a thing. Keep working everyday single day of your life and your rewards and recognition is given to you from Allah and never yourself. Do things for the sake of Allah and be yourself. If they feel you are fake, it is a feeling of bitterness, jealousy and envy, which they created without really knowing the person you really are. At the end of the day, you have your life to live and they have their own but you, concentrate on living yours, while they waste away theirs, concentrating on destroying and wanting yours but never will they be successful because success can never be built on hate.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Bothered By What They Say Of You

  1. You’re hitting some really good topics lately! This one in particular makes me sad, don’t understand why people hate on others. I found that even in the month of Ramadhaan some are still bitter and carry too much hate

    • Ohhhhhhh, I see, the others aren’t good? Im just joking lol

      JazakAllah khair. Doesn’t it suck that people talk about you when you are doing things that are helping others, like they can’t see you be successful but when you aren’t successful, they still talk about you. Crazy mess we live in.

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