Don’t Be Discouraged


Feeling discouraged about your blog?


Well, stop!


If you are a writer on wordpress, tumblr, blogspot and whatever else exists, please don’t stop writing if a lot of people aren’t visiting your page or liking what you have written. It’s not about likes or a lot of visits but it is how many people are reading your stuff and how it is changing their lives and what they have learned. You have the power to change people’s lives through the words you have written on these pages. Your writing will evolve, people will come, read and learn. Don’t be discouraged because it’s not happening as fast as you want it to. Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth is in control of who actually comes to your page. People come because it is Allah that led them towards you. Just as people come into your life as lessons or blessings, people are coming to your page for the same reasons. Because you are a blessing for their struggles and a lesson for their struggles or whatever it may be.

Everything takes time and if it this is what you love to do, that is writing, keep going and write as often as you can. I suffer from writers block too, quite often actually but that has never stopped me from sitting here or walking around and then hours later i’ll come up with a topic. I’ll sit here, write something and delete it several times before I actually come up with something. A lot of times, I won’t even enjoy what I’ve written because I am my toughest critique but I still publish it either on WordPress or Facebook.

You are of benefit to others whether you know it or not. That 1 visitor that has read a certain topic on your blog has benefited from it, whether you know it or not. It has left an impression on their mind, their struggle, whatever it is they’ve come looking for. Just because they haven’t told you doesn’t mean you haven’t made an impact. Keep striving and keep writing.

You are changing someone’s life one day at a time. One visit at a time. Once again, it’s not about the amount of visits or likes your posts/entries receive but it is about how that post/entry has changed the person that has read it, in a positive way. Not everyone will agree with what you have written but don’t let that be a reason for you to stop or get intimidated by someone’s opinion. This blog is your world, so control it and write freely, passionately and with tons of positive energy. Even if you are writing something that has taken you years to speak about, write it but don’t expose your sins. Leave impressions on people in a positive way. Also, one important tip, use words everyone can understand. Anyone can use “big”, “fancy” words but if the reader does not understand them, then they are missing the essence. It’s not because they are dumber than you but it is because your words, your work, should reach as many people as possible, so use words that are common. Also, tag your work according to what you have written. Tagging is extremely crucial in reaching out to the viewers you actually want to reach out to.

Now, you’ve made your mark in the blogging world, continue with it. You’ve done what others aren’t courageous enough to do, that is to express themselves in a world where expression seems to be caged behind entertainment and being occupied with less resourceful things. Just tie your camel and leave the rest to Allah. Meaning, you’ve made the effort, now leave the rest to the creator of the heavens and the earth.

I hope this helps and encourages anyone that has not made their mark in the blogging world because they are afraid of what others think. Who cares what others think. Take control of your freedom and express yourself. Change someones life. Change your life by expressing what you’ve hidden inside for so long, that is a beautiful talent, a gift, a rizq (sustenance) Allah SWT has given to you.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Discouraged

  1. Awesome advice, mashaAllah. When I first started my blog I used to really obsess about readers and who came to like or comment on my stuff. But now alhamdulillah I’ve grown more patient with it because I honestly love my blog posts, some more than others. So it doesn’t ,matter who really likes them or not, because I love them.

    P.S I hate those freaking wordpress bots that like your posts. So much. So much.

    • JazakAllah khair.

      In due time, people will come. Just keep putting out excellent work and genuine work that people can relate to. That why people can come and understand.

      I rarely get wordpress bots pressing like.

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