Judging Those Striving For The Deen (Religion)



Before you judge others about how they are striving for the deen (religion) remember, you were at one point where they were too. You know the struggle, you know the effort every single day and your eman (faith) got better each and every single time. Instead of judging others how they are striving, look to give them a hand and support. You didn’t become pious over night, while you were spending most of your nights else where. You didn’t become pious through the day, while you were spending your day else where. Everyone starts some where, just as you did. Make it easy for others as you know how hard it was for you. Give sincere advice, not judgemental criticism. Encouraging them to strive, instead of saying, “It’s only a temporary thing” because those same words were probably uttered to you, while they didn’t know your intention and it hurt you bad. We are all one ummah (nation) so lets help each other get closer to the deen, instead of dragging them away from it, by being judgemental and negative. Just because your actions are pious, doesn’t mean your heart isn’t black with the things you say and think about others.

6 thoughts on “Judging Those Striving For The Deen (Religion)

  1. Such true words! MashAllah we should always encourage and support no matter the struggle whether salat, hijab, etc. Thanks In Shaa Allah hope you don’t mind if I share this : )

  2. I read a quote once: wouldn’t it be funny if God forgave you for the sins that society has judged you on… Or something of that nature lol. I have been judged upon countless number of times that I have come to a point where I literally don’t care anymore. At times it’s stopped me from being good, and other times I felt so guilty about myself. However, Allah made me witness that same person who judged me on the sins that I done, to commit the exact same sins. Alhumdullilah our intention should only be for Allah and He will do the rest for us 🙂

    • Yeah, it sucks to be judged while you strive. Worst thing ever, it really discourages you. That’s why I wrote this so insha’Allah, others don’t do that because they were once where they were, you know?

      You are right, Allah will do the rest. Tawakul in Allah, all day, errrrrydaaay!

  3. Good reminder. It’s funny how when we’re sinning we make every excuse for ourselves, and when we grow out of it, we reprimand people for the same sin. There are no guarantees on whether or not someone will always be on the right path.

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