While You Cheer – They Cry



While you cheer and scream for your favourite team

There is a family screaming and crying losing their child who was their dream

While you raise a countries flag in support

The other country is fighting for existence and support

You cheer and celebrate a victory

While they cry and bury their memories

Innocent lives lost

While your team lives another day after a loss

One is eliminated but still exists

The other is being wiped out, removed with military assistance

True genocide being inflicted

Millions tune in to either celebrate or mourn a loss of their countries prides

While a mother or father cries holding in their arms their dead joy and pride

Genocide since 1946 and not a victory scored

A sport funded to keep you confused

You occupy your television sets

While the other is being occupied or instant death

Millions earned for entertainment value

Millions evicted and death for land value

No moral victory, just tears and misery

4 years till another world cup where your country tries again and may reign supreme

While a country hopes for peace and prays rockets don’t rain and ruin their dreams

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