Punishments Into A Blessing


Through out my life, I was never a school person. I honestly hated school, every minute of it. If you ask me what was my best memory of elementary? Probably beating up kids and then coming home to getting whooped by my mother. Anything school related, I hated! I would goto school only to cause trouble because I idolized Hulk Hogan who was being an “American hero” by giving atomic leg drops to his opponents while I was being a Cornell Jr Public school terror beating up kids.

I don’t recall a single time where a day would go by and my mother would answer the phone and my teachers telling her, “your son has not completed his homework or any of his assignments please speak to him.” Only for my mother to tell me “wait till you come, I am going to fix you!” only for me to come home pouting, ready to get another whooping because I was worried about when the day I would be able to play nintendo again and that would only be during school holidays instead of concentrating in school. My parents did the best they could in reminding my siblings and I, raising us that school was important but to me, school was just another miserable day, where recess was the best part of those 6 hours there. I never got suspended but got close to being suspended and even then, my mother whooped me.

I was a pretty bad kid. I was always up to no good. Either fighting at home or fighting at school but now-a-days, if that happens, they most likely give your child medication to calm him down. Pretty sad how big pharma will do anything to make an “honest” dollar to “cure” your child when all they needed was to grow. Homework was the last thing on my mind. I can’t recall how many times I had to stay in after school just to catch up, only for me to go home when I was lucky enough to not have a detention because the teachers got tired of me staying in and I would rush home to tune into Power Rangers at 3:30PM and other cartoons. I didn’t care about school, all I was about was having fun and I think that’s what most kids want to do anyway, right?

Eventually, middle school came around, I passed elementary, was never held back, Alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) for that, passed the 7th grade and in the 8th grade, my teacher was Mr. Sweeney. The things you would hear about him in the 7th grade made you fear him. He was like the boogeyman in all of Tecumseh. If you were put into his class, you were more than likely going to be put into a miserable state through out the whole year.

Once again, the 8th grade consisted of me not completing assignments. Not doing projects. Not doing homework, which led to more calls to my mother and more whoopings when I came home. You would think, didn’t this guy ever learn? Not doing homework = butt whooped? My mother never got tired of it, I hope she did cause they hurt a lot and me, I just took them because I had no choice and if I fought back, IF is the big word, which I never did. I would get a whooping that would be even too graphic for the WWF, tag team style by my mother and father.

The process would repeat and this time, it was not me catching up after school but it was me writing pages and pages of essays as to why I never finished my homework or assignments and why I should do them. Did I learn for spending several days, almost the entire school year after school? Nope! But in those pages and pages and pages of essays, probably over hundreds was something I could never dream of.

It was a talent, a skill, being created that I never knew existed. Sometimes, we take the punishments, well, as punishments and not as blessings. Really, who takes them as blessings in the beginning? It’s “hurting” you or making you miserable but here I am today, several years later writing about topics that I could never think of touching. Over 60,000 people and growing in little over a year have read what I’ve written. Been featured on muslim websites and was interviewed by a radio station in South Africa. Hundreds of people have come to me for advice on how I could help them with their problems, simply because they’ve read something I’ve written and in those pieces are and will forever be pieces of me. Dozens of people have emailed me thanking me for helping them through a problem, which still boggles my mind today because I don’t think I did anything. I just helped you see you for who you really are, basically, your own potential that you missed.

Do I regret not paying attention more in school? Not a bit because If I did regret it, then this wouldn’t be the person I am today. This talent would never exist because I would be too busy whining, complaining, worrying about elementary and middle school where I took more butt whoopings than wolves pulling its master on the sled. I still remember, the day I wanted to be a journalist and someone said to me, “you can’t do it.” Wish they knew what they were doing when they said that because in those words, they sparked a mind that would be reaching thousands of people all over the world, over 160 countries, helping them and changing their lives for the better. I did not become a journalist but I have become someone who I have always wanted to become, that is a writer and that is who I am. From rap, to poetry, to motivational and moving words that changes a persons life one day at a time, alhumdulilah.

This is how I found my passion for writing. My love of my life. Well, not really but still a love. It helps me express myself in many ways and also teach lessons to people without them even knowing they are reading a part of my life that I went through or my thoughts that help them become the strongest version of themselves. It is not a brag article but an article that lets you know anything is possible, that sometimes or many times there are blessings in the “punishments” you receive and if anyone tells you anything negative, don’t ever believe it but grow to destroy that negativity as it should be motivation for you to achieve what they failed to believe in you. Don’t ever believe because you have a beard, wear a hijab, niqab, handicap or whatever it may be, that you can’t do something and your talent cannot help others. With the intelligence, brilliance you have been blessed with, do something with it. Change people’s lives. Change the world. It is within you and Allah has blessed with you with it so go for it and be who you always wanted to become.

27 thoughts on “Punishments Into A Blessing

  1. Hey, hey, it’s the doctors who give out the prescriptions to the youngins. Me aspiring to become a pharmacist has nothing to do with this statement! 😛

    Wow, I never expected you to be such a delinquent lol. I agree that you shouldn’t regret not paying attention in school because you are good at what you are passionate about. Anyways, school isn’t the only route in making a living. Skills are no less valuable than academic thought.

    • I was a very bad kid but alhumdulilah, you change for the better. There are many routes for making a living. School or without school, as long as the income is halal.

  2. MashaAllah I can relate so well to this. Punishments turning into blessings def. Alhumdullilah for guidance. What’s funny is that i did my elementary in Scarborough too lol and that’s where it all started

      • I went to donwood park for elementary …close to David and Mary Thompson high school then we moved around ont science center donmills and eglinton thats the area where I grew up at now back around scarb lol. What about you?

      • Oh wicked! I know exactly where that is, that is actually not too far from me.

        I went to Cornell for elementary and then Tecumseh for middle school and then for high school, went Cedarbrae. Im in the Cedarbrae area, so everything is so close by.

    • My friend actually went to Garneau. He hated it cause he was the token black guy. Some what because he said, the majority were brown folks.

      I live right across the street from it. It’s changed so much but it sucks so much! I hate going to it. I only go to No Frills and the gym, that’s it.

      • Yeah it did I went few months back and came out with nothing. And lol yeah garneau :/ I miss the area cuz I grewup there but alhumdullilah glad to be away from it.

      • That one is garbage too lol I haven’t been in that mall in years. Last time I was in thorncliffe was when I used to work at Leaside and would goto Bamiyyan there.

      • Where did you work at leaside? I don’t like going to thorncliffe its a whole different environment there. Never a good idea to live where one large community is gathered.

      • Did you live in those buildings across or near the science centre? Communities like that, everyone is always in your business no matter what! I worked at the barbershop at Leaside. I was a barber for several years, kind still am, on the side.

      • I lived in flemo lol that was my hood hahaha. thank god that area was mixed community. The trouble starts on the other side of the bridge :/ when I hear stories at times all I gotta say is thankgod we never lived in thorncliffe

      • Alhumudlilah! Always keep it that way. Live a drama free life and you’ll enjoy yourself more. Also, mind your own business and you wont worry what others are up to either. Brown folks … always in everyone’s business.

      • I’ve noticed what works best, is enjoying your own company at times. Being around others is great, makes you feel comfortable but having your own space and seeing that you possess a talent or skill or something, is even better, it keeps you company when you have no friends.

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