While You Invest & Consume



Celebrity dies
Candles get lit up, people cry
Media reports where and when the funeral will be
Hundreds to thousands show up, tributes are made
Syrians oppressed
Burmese oppressed
Palestinians oppressed
Thousands evicted
Homes bulldozed
Missiles land, people injured and die
Medical aid blocked
Food blocked
Internet shut down
Media silence, where is the outcry?
Starbucks investing
McDonalds investing
Coca-Cola investing
While you consuming, while investing into the deaths and evictions
You want action but steadily invest into these products
You may be 1 but it’s better than 0
Zionist control, you engage and invest
More money, more problems, more homicide
More evictions, corruption and silence
Land stolen (USA) but you celebrate “Thanks”
Giving is what you say but shoes on the other feet
And fight back is what you’ll say
Love for yourself what you love for others
One ummah (nation), one God

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